Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Writers Make

Ah, writing! Such a beautiful talent. So
magnificent and magical! Hey, guys! I’m author Nour Zikra. Welcome to my
channel. I’m here to share the top 5 mistakes newbie writers make. So let’s get started. Number one: Think your first draft is a
final draft. Oh hey, I just finished this story. Let’s publish it!
I didn’t revise, but it’s okay, let’s publish it! It’s ready.
I swear, guys. It’s ready! Obviously, if you just finish your first draft, chances are
it’s not perfect. And there is no such thing as the perfect draft, because
writing is subjective and someone out there will always think there’s a flaw
in your book whether it’s characters or your plot or
whatever it is, but you should always revise. So before you just decide to
publish something, make sure it has gone through several revisions and you’ve had
people read it and actually critique. Number two: Assume all words on paper make a story. “Hi, Sharon,” she said. Sharon coughed. “Hi,” she answered. Obviously, just having filler in your
story does not make it an actual story. You need to have content that relates to
everything else, whether it’s dialogue or backstory. Anything has to be meaningful
in your book. Don’t just write random words just to add word count. Number three: Not planning your work. You should always have some sort of idea for your
story, which means that you should either outline or just create some sort of plan
for your book. Otherwise, chances are you’re going to mess up a lot and drift
throughout the story, and it’s gonna have a lot of flaws. Number four: Create flat
characters. So when you’re writing your story you want your characters to be
like any real person. They have to be well-rounded, which means that they have
their quirks, their fears, what makes them happy, people they love, and you want to
make that obvious. You don’t want to just create an evil character who’s just evil
for the sake of being evil and we don’t know anything about his past or why he’s
evil or why he does what he does, he just kills people because he kills people. So
make sure that they have feelings, and even if they’re bad let us know why or
at least hint at it. Make them believable. Everybody has a
personality. Number five: Making your writing too flowery. “The flamboyant
paperboy fastidiously launched the newspaper across the vivid, green,
immaculate lawn, catapulting it towards it’s awesome target.” That’s exhausting.
Don’t make your writing so flowery that the reader just hates what they’re
reading. No one thinks this way, no one reads this way, and it’s just not natural.
We know the lawn is green unless it is otherwise, but just don’t make it so
flowery. Don’t be like Joey from friends. What was
this sentence originally? Oh, “They are warm nice people with big hearts.” And
that became, “Their humid pre-possessing Homo sapiens with full-sized aortic
pumps.” Of course you should describe things in your story, but don’t go
overboard. Just describe what’s necessary so that it creates an emphasis on
whatever you’re trying to say. So there you have it. The top 5 mistakes newbie
writers make. Please subscribe. I am a new and growing channel, and I would love to
see you next time. Be sure to tune in for my other awesome
videos. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Writers Make

  1. I agree with what you said on making your writing too flowery, that is one of the reasons I give up reading some of books bc I just become disinterested and I feel like it's too much!
    I loved the video, you did a wonderful job! And loved the editing too! Keep going Nouro! Number one fan

  2. Hi! I was wondering if you would make a video on blurbs. I am struggling with mine and this is what I have so far
    Thanks! How does this sound?

    It has been five desperate centuries since the savagery of the Great Mayhem, yet not one Gifted has been able to break the curse that imprisons Devia's inhabitants.

    Evalin Kaur, the future of Ungifted Rithinia's gangs to some, the devil incarnate to others has her life set out for her, but when a shocking betrayal hits her home, Evalin and her roomate Lena are thrust past the barriers of Devia. Unable to escape, Eva learns the extent and rarity of her gifts and work with the insane Devian Royal Family that will stop at nothing to save their people.

    Meanwhile, the Reghimians are determined to keep Devians trapped. Queen Cleophasia only desires to protect her legacy, but when a vital piece of information regarding her sister's death reaches her doorstep, Cleo will stop at nothing to understand the reason behind it, and the disaster she left behind.

    In this tale of betrayal, desperation, ruthlessness, love, loss, and magic, everyone must ask themselves at what point is manipulation and deception justified, and at what cost?

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