Top 5 Jules Verne Novels [BestBooksEver#8]

at 1 Hertz the Perkins once again and the next is fomenting the best books ever series should have been a video on Madame Bovary by Flaubert but I'm not going to give you that because one I already talked about Madame Bovary a bit see in the past and especially my video on the Don Quixote and shoe because fuck it everybody knows Madame Bovary is one of the best books of all times do read it it's fucking masterpiece I still own France one video but also because it's one of my favorite countries best kitchen in the world shit's delicious so I'm going to give you my 5 favorite jouvert novels one of the best offers in history because in a video like this one on important literature that kind of stuff it's possibly like it's very easy once you study literature on a serious level to forget why you read it lots of people nowadays especially lots of people in America but it's catching up in Europe to are going to tell you that we read literature not to feel alone to connect with people and to like you know feel some empathy with other human beings and to be together throughout the pages on a book and although I think that there's some truth in it and I'm not going to discuss this are trolling this video on Joel Vernon adventures I think that if you read fiction to connect with other people you should probably like join a church or find friends like made of flesh I'd read fiction because I like stories I like like stories yeah not plot necessarily I also like stories with not much blood hello a bit never earths but I fucking like stories I'm with shaven on this Michael Chabon once more who says that he reads and writes for entertainment period and as far as entertainment goes jouvert is are really beatable in your own history those of you already are familiar with these major works should probably check out Michael strogoff and from the earth-moon which are not exactly is a least read novels at all but are not I think as widely famous as it is other some of the others Michael saga features one of the most amazing and exciting plot twists in which or sure it really like my month the first time I read the book and from the earth to the moon is one of those beautiful examples of science fiction in which the technology in the book actually is kind of correct in ways that are really baffling and it's really like foresee many of the signs to come although we don't go to the moon on guns other stuff in the book is quite correct both around the world in 80 days and journey to the centre of the earth are two of the most important most epic most unforgettable stories you are going to read in your life they are going to stay with you forever and the feeling of excitement out of epicness you get from these kind of stories is sheer entertainment factor of it it's amazing the fact that like literature fiction can do that can make you want to experience the same kind of adventure moving your humble everyday life and on a greater scale it's surely like breathtaking and we get to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which joins I mean one of the most epic adventures I've ever read with an incredible example and exercise in telegraphy because the story of Captain Nemo the character of Captain Nemo the fate of his family what happened to him and when you get to emphasize with him you get to admire him really shows you how fucking beautifully literature entertaining which adventure can make you connect with human beings fictional ability fictional human beings can make you understand people can make you relate to people and I think I just went back all the way to that part on you know literature joining the distance between people and make you feel less alone so yeah once you think about it that way I think I'm a little hypocrite whatever do read for the fucking stories during adventure novels do it good entertaining literature which can be jewel Byrne can be Tom Clancy can be Stephen King singing it actually like really also on the non entertaining also on the heavy factories rather good and I mean I think is one of the best writers of our general you know of the world in general do read fucking literature it's great for you and it doesn't have to be fucking Madame Bovary to be uplifting and to be among the very best now that memory is also among the very best read that – thank you so much for watching guys thank you for watching this kind of rambling video but I really wanted to talk about some offers that other people might not put in the condom but I would I'm probably going to talk about HG Wells – in the future because he's another fucking genius and let me know what else I should talk about in the best books ever series and in general in my other videos thank you for watching once again guys I will see in our next one bye guys

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Jules Verne Novels [BestBooksEver#8]

  1. For me "in search of the castaways" (les enfants du capitaine grant) is definetely in my Verne's top 5 books I have read. Incredible journey that made me want to travel so bad when I was a kid. Cant rate the english translations though(and I know there are a few) as I am french hence read it in its original form.

  2. I love 20.000 leagues under the sea XD

    That was the novel that made me start reading everyday. It’s amazing!


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  4. I would love to see a H.G. Wells video. I have been on a Wells binge this week. I've read "Invisible Man," "Time Machine," "War of the Worlds" & "Island of Dr. Moreau" in less than a week. I have "First Men in the Moon" on order. They're full of adventure & compelling and quick reads, but also very well written.
    I read "Around the World in 80 Days" when I was a child; this video is inspiring an immediate library run to check out "From the Earth to the Moon," "Journey to the Center of the Earth" & "20,000 Leagues." Thank you!

  5. Awesome video dude. I don't think I've seen anyone else talk about Jules Verne on booktube haha. I only read 20,000 leagues under the sea a few months back but absolutely loved it. Have you read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? It's awesome cause Captain Nemo shows up in it 🙂

  6. cool video, by the way, do you read russian literature? like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov or another good classical russian authors?

  7. I have always liked The Book Chemist. He is high brow, has extensive opinions, and has a real passion for reading. Many of these book blogs on Youtube have to do with people wanting attention, trying to create a brand for themselves. This guy is the real deal. Keep making videos!

  8. I read because I love story as well (or lack thereof) but it's primarily my love of language which amplifies my interest in literature, as well as the altered states of consciousness which occur because of story, character, language, etc. I just love the shit out of books, period. lol.

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