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hey guys Jess repeat supposed to tame here with a requested video that I've been wanting to film for so long now and I finally have decided to film it because that one person comment and said you should do this video and I was like you pretty much read my mind I'm definitely in this video and I have time right now and I am so excited so it's gonna be my top 5 books by Colleen Hoover Colleen Hoover has been my favorite author pretty much since she started writing so my sister actually discovered Colleen Hoover before me we were on vacation and she had download this book called slam and she was like I just decided I wanted to read it and she read it she's like you should read it's really good I read it it was really good and then I have literally read all Colleen Hoover's books since then I actually I think I have read all her books and novellas except for the third slam book and her Wattpad story because I don't have Wattpad an account on Wattpad I haven't gotten on there yet to read it I definitely want to I've heard is really good but I have read every other thing she has written including her book that doesn't come out until obviously because I was able to get an arc at ala and I devoured that book in a day almost all of her books I've devoured in a day because I need to pick it up and I can't put it down because they're so good she is literally my favorite author she's you know one of the only authors that I will pre-order books from I hate spending money on books I normally who I mean I'll spend money on books but I won't buy them full price I always want them beef at a deal or from like half-price books or something like that and for hers I'll just preorder them no questions asked and I already pre-ordered it ends with us even though I have an art copy I need to finish copy of that book so I have my top 5 books by Colleen Hoover so if you're interested in reading her book you should definitely start with these I'll start from my number 5 all the way to number 1 these should come as no surprise I talk about her all the time my channel and I talk about my favorite ones all the time but I'll go ahead and get to the books the first one is a novella it's one of her novellas but it's seriously so good that it's going to count because it is so good so it is finding Cinderella by Colleen over and this is actually it kind of a spin-off of hopeless and that is Skye's best friend sixes in this one and six is in hopeless so this is about Daniel who is actually holder's best friend from hopeless and he the whole point is he's trying to find this girl he calls Cinderella because he spends a couple days in the janitor's closet during a pier during school with this girl that keeps the lights off they just like talk and it's like really true talk no lies just put it all out there and then the last day in the closet they do something don't say what it is and he sees her as Cinderella they never get to see each other in person and she says she's leaving and so that was literally the last day together and he spends the whole next day the whole recei here going back to the closet during that period because he's never signed a class during that period he never finds her and so then fast forward I think maybe a year to the next school year and he meets he's best went to the holder like I said and he's hanging out with his guy and meet 6 because 6 is Sky's best friend and he was like who are you and he's immediately attracted to her but holder is like stay away from my girlfriend's best friend so he can ruin everything and so he obviously wants her more and their relationship is a whirlwind it is so funny 6 is such like an in-your-face character she takes no BS and she is just a load of fun with Daniel and it's really great watching them fall for each other of course in Colleen Hoover fashion there's a huge secret at the end that one of the characters has and it's heartbreaking and then ends and I'm like I need this to be a full-length novel because it is amazing such great romance I love it how the characters kind of like bicker with each other just have fun that's not really normal in her books just like I don't know just like they have a lot of fun together and I really love that so I definitely check out finding Cinderella if you have a chance number 4 on my list is ugly love and this is at 8 in miles Archer and miles is an air pilot he is he flies planes for a living and he has a very tragic past this is told of alternating chapters between the present and his past and you don't know what's gonna happen in his past until the end so it's like started getting of his past and it starts through the being of his present and then you get to see how he's doing in the present but then you get to slowly see his secrets from the past and you don't know what's gonna happen at the end of his past because you know that he's really damaged from something but you don't know what it is that really did image him until like the end where his past was finally revealed and I really like that it is told more like poetically for his past chapters so some people are put off by that I really liked it but this is very very emotional it's going to be a movie sometime in the near future I don't think they started calling me it yet but they do have a Miles Archer and they have not revealed who Tate is but I'm very for that and it's just I don't know what else to say so Tate is a nurse and she's staying with her brother and her brother lives across the hall for miles and it's really funny how they meet and that's all I can really remember this book I read it so long ago when it first came out I went to the signing for his book and fangirled the whole time about this book it is signed to me from Colleen Hoover I love her so much and it's just a very emotional book and its really unique with the whole aspect of her writing kind of like poetic form of his past and so it I mean it could be a little cheesy to some people not putting but I really did it so as always check out ugly love number three is a more recent read because it took me forever to read this I also got to see her for this book release launch and got it signed from her to me and that is November 9 by Colleen Hoover so this actually um some people think it's like one day and she even says in the book this is not like one day which by David Nicholls dis Dave Nichols I'm good yeah so it's about a girl named Fallon and she is moving across the country to pursue acting but she there's a reason why that a lot of people think that she shouldn't be acting you don't wanna give it away but it's pretty prominent from the beginning the book I really enjoy that as a character with that kind of thing about her she always writes such neat characters like seriously and the guy is Ben who is a writer and I'm a sucker for any book has to be a writer but I loved it so much how he was a writer and he is still trying to figure out like what to write what he's doing when they meet it's like boom instant chemistry they saw in the entire day together on November 9th and you're like you know what we should only meet again on November 9th and she's like you should use as a novel idea and he's like huh maybe I should and he's like but I don't write romance isn't she's like what romance is amazing and so he goes and reads a ton of romances bother apart and so this actually shows every November 9th that they're together so they grow so much because we see them only once a year their growth is so obvious and prominent you see how much they changed and how much their feelings have changed their life path is change and it's pretty obvious from the start of the the new day that what has changed about them because some throughout it's hard you're citing without giving anything away but like as the years move forward their lives really do change and they're like we have a whole year to in love with someone else but we all want might want to wait for each other I don't know and so they block each other on social media they don't give each other their cell phone numbers and it's crazy how they'd like try to get no contact with each other on those days how much they change how much they really change each other and push each other to be better people huge secrets again revealed at the end calling two loves to thrown those twists of like their lives and I just can't ruin anything but it was so good and I loved it so much and it's so like aware that it's a romance novel which I love they keep on talking about like insta love and alpha males and romance novels and what you should do in a romance novel and so I loved it so much if you like books about books and about readers you'll love this it's great romance of course great twist at the end typical Colleen Hoover so definitely check out November 9 number 2 is used to be my number 1 but it's been moved down to number 2 so you probably guess what number one is but number 2 is maybe someday become Hever again this is a very unique set of characters Ridge is deaf he's a deaf character I've never rarely read a book about a deaf character before especially a romance with a deaf character Sydney is in college and her she figured out her boyfriend's cheating on her best friends she was like I gotta move somewhere else I can't live with these two people and so she ends up kind of on the street and runs into Ridge who she knows has lived across but I like quad from her of her apartment complex and she always sees him playing music and she so she always sits outside he's always playing music and so she runs into heaven ends up staying with him and his roommate is so funny there's maybe not which is the novella for his roommate I love their character so much he SES two roommates and she just like starts to get to know them and obviously the connection between her and bridge she plays music she helps write some songs with him and just like the whole aspect of making music and this is beautiful if you love these you're going to love this book but there's a reason why they can't be together and there's a reason why bridge can't be with her and it's super annoying because you like I really want you to be gether but I completely understand why you can't but it's still really bothering me that you're not together right now and so if you want a book like that that you're really invested into it but you understand and it's just frustrating and amazing and you love it so much that you really need to read this book so good and again like the music aspect is amazing in this book I really need to give this a reread because it's been a while since I've read it but I just remember falling in love with it so if you love a good romance and you want a unique character you want to read about someone who is deaf and it's just such beautiful writing how Colleen Hoover just describes Ridge and what he's going through and how he makes music you definitely need read this book number one by Colleen Hoover she comes as no surprise if you read my if you watched my wrap-up and that is it ends with us this comes out on August 2nd I got an arc of it ala read it in a day it is beautiful I can't really say a lot about this book because it would spoil what it's about it is calling Hoover's most emotionally written book she put a lot of herself in there and she said it's really hard to write it she hated the way she was making the character she's like I just wanted to make them perfect no so hard to give them their flaws because it's so easy as a writer to just write what you want and make people who you want to be but it's sometimes not who they should be for the storyline and so she made them very flawed and it's about a girl she her name's Lily I love her name is so funny and she has ambitions but she doesn't if she wants to do it but then she finally does start her own business she meets a guy named rile and he's a neurosurgeon so he is like pretty darn good off but he is works a lot and he's like you know what I want success I don't want to be tied down I just am fine just like fine and girls and not really settling down with anyone but then of course they have instant chemistry and they really connect and so he kind of breaks his rule for her but then she realized as soon that there's a reason why he has that rule she gets so invested into him and her his life and his family and then she realized what it really means to put yourself in a relationship giving and taking in a relationship and it's just so good she reads parts of her diary about her past so you really do learn about her past and what she went through in her past and how that's affecting her future and it is just so good so good I cried in this book I haven't cried in any calling duper books and I cried in this book I when I was talking about in my wrap-up because it was like a couple days after I read it I literally wanted to cry just thinking about this book I almost didn't start crying on camera I just so good so good like it's a very big emotional journey on this book so if you want a very very very very emotional book that you have no idea where it's going because that's all I can tell you what it's about that's all I knew what it was about going in then definitely go into this blind definitely read it because it is the best in your book ever and those are my top five Colleen Hoover books I hope you enjoyed this video let me know down below what Colleen Hoover books you have read and which ones you've loved if you agree with me if you don't agree with me I almost included helpless in this but it's been years since I read that book and I just love these books so much more maybe because these are older audiences because hopeless is more why a and these are definitely in the new adult range as always thank you so much for watching every day bye

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Colleen Hoover Novels

  1. Love your channel because of you I’ve recently purchased scarred souls so excited to read it and I loved November 9

  2. It ends with us is my favorite. Colleen Hoover is such a talented writer, I could literally reread her books over and over again.

  3. I read it ends with us and i wasn't that into it. So im scared to start november 9 even though i own it lol

  4. I read "It ends with us" and I totally agree with you. I couldn't put it down and this book set me on a roller coaster of emotions 😭

  5. I'm totally CoHo fan.. I read all of her novel, and I love all f her books.. November 9 and It Ends With Us is my most favorite

  6. I read "It Ends With Us" and am now reading "November 9" ,and i don't know which Colleen Hoover's book should i read next

  7. The WattPad book, Too Late, is dark but so frikin good!!! You gotta read it. But my top 5 are:
    5. Ugly Love
    4. November 9
    3. Maybe Someday
    2. Hopeless
    1. Confess

  8. Too late is one of my favorites by Colleen Hoover! It was so good and it's free!! You can get through it super fast too I would check it out (:

  9. The books that I have read so far by Colleen Hoover are Hopeless, Confess, Maybe Someday, and Too Late… Which I just finished like 20 mins ago. But I do have Ugly Love and November 9 in my shelf so those are next. And I plan on getting the rest. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Omg…. You seriously need to download wattpad I just read her book on there it's called Too Late… And it is so so good!!!! If you have read it go now and read it!!!!

  11. I've recently have labeled Colleen Hoover as my FAVORITE author and by 'recently' I mean yesterday ☺️. Unfortunately, I've only read 3 books from her and EACH ONE was so amazing. If I were to order the books from Spectacular to Amazing(Let's be honest, she has not written a bad book) it would be
    2.Maybe Someday
    3.Ugly Love

  12. Great video Jessica! I have read two books by Colleen Hoover–Slammed and Maybe Someday. I find that I cannot read her books too close together because of how emotionally draining they can be! Lol 🙂 I'm excited for her new release and I definitely want to read Ugly Love before the end of the year. Love your videos!

  13. I adore all of your videos. I recently started reading Colleen Hoover. I started in May and I've read three novels now. I started with Confess which I disliked. Then I read Ugly Love. So good! And then I read Maybe Someday. WOW. One of my favourite books ever. Definitely reading more of her work.

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