Top 10 WTF Romance Novel Covers

they say not to judge a book by its cover we'll try welcome to Ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 WTF romance novel covers before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we won't be commenting on the plots and we're not saying that the stories in these books are bad we're not even trying to knock the artists but we can't deny that these covers left us scratching our heads or holding back a laugh come on we're only human also some of this is not safe for work but we figured you knew that already number 10 Tender is the storm Johanna Lindsey guys hate to tell you this but you two are doing that all wrong you're gonna have to talk me through this this is why sex education is important you can tell they both know something isn't quite working because despite the nudity and ripped dresses this has embarrassed virgins written all over it the collapsing damsel seems to have the most reservations like she's pretty sure there is a better way to do this meanwhile her naked muscular companion is trying to play it cool but it's obvious he's never sexed it up before regardless of what he's been telling her then again maybe we've caught them between acts oh dear at least no one is getting pregnant good this is over number nine bushwhacked groom Eugenia Reilly like many beautifully what the f thing's discovered bakes more questions than answers why on earth did she just offload that gun in her bedroom and why the doofus grin shirtless wonder even if that is some kind of foreplay that's just irresponsible gun ownership maybe she was trying to scare him off realizing she had just accidentally married Mike from the room even if she was she must have known he wouldn't get very far seeing as he's missing his left foot and no that is not an intriguing twist in plot just a straight-up blunder number eight discrete young gentleman MJ Pearson what's another word for engorged I'll look it up come on guys your little tryst is really not that discreet Oh B first of all you left your Lantern on second the moon is more full of itself than Kanye and third your coach is sitting right there the driver we assume brought at least one of you there and he can damn sure see what's up are you even going to tip that poor man it's the middle of the damn night surely he has to get up in the morning for his day job maybe has to bring his kid to the dentist or maybe he wanted to join in but did you even think about poor Jeeves no you just thought of yourselves number seven spellbound in Seattle Garcia Anderson while plots are irrelevant for today's list we think it's important for you to know that mr. Sorcerer's name is for adore because what else could he possibly be called right we know he's busy seducing a rubber spine young Heather Locklear but perhaps someone should tell the Warlock slash pierce brosnan look like that what they're doing is really dangerous there is lightning bora door and you are holding a long metal object sexytimes can wait even if they don't get struck the oncoming brain will definitely ruin her hair and her velour dress and what a shame that would be number six spirit intervention Margaret West nothing says supernatural romance like your mother leering over your shoulder what we can gather a young woman and her duck lipped lover start to take things to the mild side somewhere in London and somehow her mother knows we can't tell who is supposed to be the spirit here but the title alerts us to the fact that mom is going to intervene but does she have to look so into it with her glasses down in that knowing smirk smoky mom has been watching for some time and she just doesn't care if she gets caught there are no rules in this house not like a regular mom I'm a cool mom number five a witch's beauty Joie W Hill no one will want to miss the burning passion between the utterly disinterested angel and the daughter of Cthulhu who is unable to figure out how buttons work but really if she's a sea creature does she even need clothes would that hold up after years in salt water as for board angel man does a semi omnipotent immortal being even have hang-ups about nudity it's possible he might be naked we can only see his Intercontinental Championship belt there's a lot going on here and a lot of logistic questions like how can this possibly work yeah I'm a little confused too how do I you know with the tail and all number four riders Jilly Cooper this may be pretty tame compared to some of the entries on this list but for some reason that just makes it even funnier this cover was enough to make riders a classic bestseller and has been reproduced faithfully over the years it is a settle as a hand on a breach yes the best thing is the position of the hand it's more appreciative than exploratory here is a man who knows the quality but when he sees one you expect that above the shot he is not giving the lady a creepy leer but a knowing nod of approval with their full consent of course number three let me come in Linda Jones this man is deeply ashamed of something let's hope it's only because he was just caught sleeping in someone's garden by the looks of things party night at the farm got a little wild and doodsen magrilov he ran off and passed it with some piggies the little fairy girl in the foreground is so embarrassed and disappointed she can't even look at him yes sir you likely have something to feel guilty about perhaps it's that small butterfly tattoo on your elbow perhaps it's something worse no you can't come in just find your shirt go home and reevaluate your life choices that was the moment I asked myself how did it come to this where did I go wrong number two ghost of a chance Jane and Krentz the cover has been since redesigned but Wow the original as mr. fantastic makes out with young Kathy Ireland's belly button on a rocky harbour in Maine the ghost of his dead wife we presume uncomfortably wishes she a was anywhere else be died in a time period with better hair is that ghost supposed to be a guide of some sort or is this her hell because this would be hell for just about anyone oh the man I loved is making out with a hotter younger alive version of me and I have to wear this bib bring on the fire and brimstone this is so much worse before we uncover our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions number one Fabio multiple covers sure this is cheating but how could we just pick one Fabio cover come on he actually improved any cover he was on kind of and there were dozens the fantasy man of lonely housewives and college girls and boys around the world the name the pecs the hair this guy knew his brand before branding was even a thing often portrayed as either a tender gallant over-the-top fantasy protector type a brooding soulful loner or a shirtless lusting Beast there was a Fabio for everyone while he started off as the eye candy he eventually wrote his own Fabio line publishers knew what their audience wanted and he did – do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from is mojo and subscribe for new videos every day

43 thoughts on “Top 10 WTF Romance Novel Covers

  1. OMG, I never laughed so loud at a video. I stopped reading them at 15 when I realised they take the same characters, and locations, put them in a glass, shake them like dice, and let's see what story we can write for the next one.

  2. Johanna Lindsey has some questionable covers, that is for sure; but I love her work. It's wonderful. I especially loved Silver Angel. I just finished reading it before I saw this video. Lol. Though personally, I always thought Fabio was ugly.

  3. The amount of yaoi fans here or those that appreciate gay relationships, just warms my heart 🙂 So this is where the rest have been hiding!

  4. That first one could've been a titty-fuck. It still looked silly but it's possible that's what would get his rocks off.

  5. I worked at a publishing house once. Don't think any came from it, but I did talk to Ms. Krentz a few times. Lol.

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