Top 10 Writers Who Disowned Their Own Work

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Writers Who Disowned Their Own Work

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  2. +Top Tenz; I don't know whether to hold host/figurehead of Top Tenz (Mr Whistler) guilty, or the actual author (Mr Anderson) of the script from which he reads, but in every one of these I've seen (and I used to have your Top Tenz iOS app years ago) there's always some minute but, still glaring faux pas – which are actually quite inaccurate, and the fact that they're not noticed before filming and then get past editing, is scary.

    In this one, Mr Whistler says 'only 2 Russian authors (9:00) you've heard of', and one of the is 'Nabokov' – that's Vladimir Nabokov.

    Though it IS true Mr Nabokov was Russian-born, he was American, and did much of his work in English.

    This is like referring to American blacks as (all being) 'African-Americans – when most people have never been to any African country, or referring to anyone else who's only relation to one or more countries is this at best ( I'm a 'mutt', personally, but I don't regret to myself as being anything. I'm not defined by where I'm from, nor where others THINK in from (or should be from), just add I sunny define myself but my handedness or sexuality, but any other irrelevant metric. They're irrelevant.

    Mr Nabokov was an American author or, at least a Russian-American author – your can verify this with ANY source you choose (and I DO MEAN exactly that; you SHOULD CHECK YOUR FACTS – FIRST – then RE-CHECK!!!)

    I just saw another one of you're videos – misunderstood literary works, where the author of Valley of The Dolls – Ms Jacqueline Susann (who's last name is pronounced; 'soo-ZANN') Mr Whistler calls her 'SOO-suhn').
    No, it had nothing to do with Mr Whistler being British (I'm not from the states, but I do try to correctly pronounce a person's name), it's laziness – a lack of fact-checking. Had you simply looked at any footage of Ms Susann – who did appear on UK television, to see the people interviewing her say her name correctly.

    Do the WORK.

    One can't pose as an arbiter of correct facts, when they, themselves make many little gaffes

  3. Alice Cooper wrote an autobiography titled, “Me, Alice” when he was only 27. Now that he is a born-again Christian, golf fanatic, and elder statesmen of rock, he finds the book’s tales of drunken antics embarrassing. He buys up copies of the book and destroys them.

  4. This is by far the most informative channel on YouTube. Thank you Simon for the endless hours of interesting information!

  5. I'm a simple man… I see someone put Tintin in the thumbnail, I click. The author and comic have a fascinating history and Tintin will always be my favorite series.

  6. I managed to read The Anarchists Cookbook in between stacking cans of ammunition in the fallout shelter below my mountaintop redoubt, and as an expert on firearms, explosives and generally sketchy stuff, I consider TACB as an excellent, highly practical guide in disappointing your friends and family, blowing off ones own fingers, poisoning oneself, destroying or rendering permanently uninhabitable a workshop and/or home.

    TACB is a supremely dangerous work, not because it teaches dangerous things to unstable people, but because the entire work is essentially plagiarized, material shamelessly copied from other sources, and paraphrased by the author who has absolutely no education, training or practical experience in the subjects he describes.

    At the very best, it's recipes result in nothing worse than a waste of time and resources, and at worst pose a grave risk to the chef and any unlucky soul in the immediate vicinity.

  7. Ian Fleming was spot on with his quote about what many (maybe not all) women want. It's the remnants of Victorian prudishness and puritanism that forces us to look at women as asexual, angelic beings. Women do have agency and fantasies. Amazing that she of those fantasies may complement the fantasies of men. Funny how that works.

    For further proof, and I'm sure an author who isn't about denying her own works – the 50 Shades of Gray books.

    This is inline with Mark Twain's 1601 – he's embarrassed because it would be too ribald for proper company. Yet most people, in real life, throughout history, have loved fart jokes.

  8. mark twain was a worthless racist. his despicable bigoted statements on everyone that wasn't white should have had him tortured in the most evil, painful ways imaginable. that's the only way to match his words.

  9. Glad to see Ian Fleming's original version of The Spy Who Loved Me made the list- still, despite his request, paperback reprints of this James Bond novel are still on hand.
    Surprised Herge disavowed Tintin in the Land of the Soviet. It seemed out of step given the Cold War at the time.

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