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  1. Having just played through the first 3 halo games again it is puzzling that Marty O Donnell isn't on this list. People always just focus on the halo theme which is amazing but the music throughout the games is simply phenomenal.

  2. Great video! I find the lack of mention of the composers in the gaming industry saddening, so it is great to see a list like that! Keiki Kobayashi though…

  3. Akira Yamaoka only at #9?!? BURN, YOU BASTARDS!!! BUUUUURN!!!!!

    This was an impossible list to do, though. Should have made it a top 20 or 30.

  4. One of my favourites is Masafumi Takada who did the Killer 7 and No More Heroes soundtracks as well as many others such as God Hand and Vanquish.

  5. I interviewed Jessica Curry a few years ago. Lovely lady, and striking, singular work – her pastoral Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture score (which, coincidentally, I was listening to at work today) is particularly remarkable…

  6. Honorable mention to Paul Romero, the composer of the Heroes of Might and Magic Games. some of the best OST ever.

  7. Pleasantly surprised (and not surprised) that Meguro made the cut. He's such a pro at establishing mood, and is pretty much loved by everyone that knows of him. Just too bad that SMT is still quite niche otherwise he'd be as big here as he is in Japan 😀

  8. Great list. Felt a bit rushed at the end, with not giving at leats a taste of the other Final Fantasy OST's, apart from the fanfare. VI in particular.

    I imagine it would be harder to edit, or they don't want to make the video longer than it needs to be.

  9. Since seeing the top ten top ten numbers, all I can say is, Koji Kondo is in the right spot on this list.

  10. Can’t argue with the top 4. Could swap maybe 1 and 2. Think shadow of the colossus should of got a mention though.

  11. What? WHAT? I know this is matter of taste, but no Jesper Kyd????? Really? I like you guys but you play waaaaay too much Nintendo and japenese games…

  12. I generally don’t watch top ten videos due to the inherent subjectivity of biases and preferences… however, this video was very well made and I agree with the choices and variety made with this list. I also appreciate that each composer got a chance to allow their music to play without commentary for those that may not recognize their music. Curious to know who your honorable mentions would have been, but great job nonetheless 🙂

  13. I'm a classical guitarist workin on my master's degree and it's literally all because of video game scores. I started playing fingerstyle to learn zelda music on guitar and the rest is history!

    edit: Also Akira Yamaoka! silent hill 2 ost is easily one of the best

  14. Wow, I'm honored to be here. Thank you so much Easy Allies!!! (PS, fwiw, I think this list can't not include Peter McConnell!!)

  15. Starting the video: "If there is no Keiichi Okabe and Yasunori Mitsuda, I am going to be angry!"

    After the video: "You did half right, video."

  16. About time EZA celebrate what is a very underated element to game design, the soundtrack to a game is just as important as any other aspect. The top two were very predictable, I don't mean that as a slight on them, it's because they are incredible composers n have contributed to gaming much more than any of the other composers on the list. Kondo and uematsu are in the DNA of gaming Imo.

  17. Paul Anthony Romero is my number 1.
    He is the one who made the music for Heroes Might and Magic. No other music has stopped me from playing the game more than he did. But I’ve also never played a FF game. So I am not one to judge.

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