Top 10 Tips For Writing Romance

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  1. i love writing romance aaaaa. just the feeels man. i love it so much. romance is also the genre i get the most support in. my bro reads all my stories and even he's said that i'm really good at writing romance. i just try to make the characters and their development as realistic as possible.

  2. Do I have to include a romantic sub-plot in my novel?

    Yes, I do! Because my wife said she would absolutely refuse to read my novel otherwise.

    Yes … that's blackmail … but she is my wife after all!!! 😂

  3. I didn’t really feel like these were tips on how to write romance or romantic sub plots. More of 10 points of what a romance is. Still good info but not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for a list of “you could do this, but beware of that”.

  4. Romance might be the most popular book genre but most popular genre in fiction? I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Most of the highest grossing films and TV series’s are drama or SciFi (Avatar And Endgame being prime examples at the box office rn)
    I don’t think there’s that many romance movies that came close to breaking those types of records (no Titanic doesn’t count)
    And as for most popular book genre, it may sell well but what’s really talked about more in the long run? I see it more as a trend than something that will be a long running thing. I don’t dislike romance or anything but it’s still hard to say that it’s the most popular genre of fiction outside of book sales.

  5. Have you ever readed "Gone with the wind"? I love this book because of slowburn and the way characters talk to each other, but I also think that relationship in that book is toxic… I mean I readed it when I was 13 and now I started to see the whole picture…

  6. Love these videos! I am currently writing a romance book and I’m stuck on writing the first date. Can you please make a writing dates video? Thx!

  7. Romeo and Juliet will, for me, always be a comedy, not a real tragedy. Not a romance either, though. But its a comedy. Its funny when they died. Like if Bella and Edward kicked the bucket at the end of Twilight for some silly reason.

  8. I'm so late, but I hope you're feeling better now. You're hilarious and you are loved ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I appreciate you mentioning polyamory respectfully, as it’s a real and potentially healthy thing. As well as understanding the difference between sex and love. very important. 💕

  10. You have some good information but the title and content don’t match. It should’ve been called something along the lines of “Top 10 Romance Writing Questions Answered” or something like that. There weren’t really tips. It’s not that you made a bad video, just the disconnect between content and title.

  11. What are good reasons for two characters, who WANT to be together, but choose not to be? Or are scared to be? I'm thinking about altering an already-established relationship so that they're pining for one another but for some reason can't get together, but I don't want it to be convoluted or forced.

  12. Thank God! I'll credit you on my upcoming unique romance book. Those fangirls back at Wattpad just won't stop.

    EDIT: Damnit. Question 2 forced me to change the ending. Screw it, I'm keeping the one in my head anyway.

    Edit 2: I knew it. And that's how I got the idea for unique romance.

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