Top 10 Things Publishers Need to STOP Doing!

35 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Publishers Need to STOP Doing!

  1. One thing I wish publishers would do more of: Examples. State a rule. If it's complex or unusual: give an example, or two! of how it works in play. Please! One good example can be worth hundreds of words, or precious time wondering "what the heck is this?"

    (This goes double for Role Playing Games. And give examples of good, playable characters, not weak putzes that no one in their right mind would use. Not one, or two, give a dozen.)

  2. Large overproduced first player marker. If people playing the game is not able to know who's turn it is then your game have other issues that should be fixed.

  3. Same #5 is my #1. When I find a game has some stuff I will never get, I never play it. Widower's Wood, and Boss Monster had characters and story elements that are exclusive. My friends and I will check kickstarter to see if we get a complete game, or move into something else.

  4. Stop making quirky/funny ways to determine the first player. Just use "Randomly determine the first player" and be done with it. None of this "Person who most recently pooped, or scratched their butt, of the oldest/youngest player" stuff, already!

  5. Very similar to Zee's number two, but stop releasing "standalone expansions" that don't really stand alone. I'm looking at you, DoW: The Long Night. It would have been better if they just waited a little bit, put out a second edition with the improved components, and sold the new characters and modules as separate purchases.

  6. Zee's #9 — Coup: Rebellion G54. I could fit EIGHTY more roles in there WITH their tokens, and the entire box would still only be HALF FULL!!!! Infuriating to keep on the shelf

  7. Some excellent points. Also: stop using colors that are impossible to distinguish from each other! While having red, blue, yellow, and green tokens may be a bit boring, it's infinitely better than having beige, light brown, grey, and off-white tokens.

  8. The thing that drives me insane the most is when games are Kickstarter only. After massive sucess they simply never reprint and never go to retail. Why do this? Sell it to other publishers than if you don't want to take the risk.

  9. 1) Reserve one page in the rulebook that lists or even better shows all of the components.

    2) Don't make the rulebook index be made based on category. We don't necessary categorize things in the same way. Just stick with the alphabetical order.

    3) Don't have 5 books if you can fit it all in less

    Looking at you Sword and Sorcery.

  10. Why would you need an image of the game? Just watch a review of it before purchase, I usually watch Dice Tow…Oh.

  11. The stop putting mediocre art in games comment is absurd. I have seen both Sam and Tom both describe good artwork as bad and vice versa. Honestly, unless those two want to go out and actually get an education in aesthetics and design, they should just shut it because they have no clue.

  12. I don’t think anything’s coming into the public domain for a while. Disney effectively made it so the public domain doesn’t grow anymore. So Sherlock is here to stay.

  13. 52:30 Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia | Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor. Buyer beware, two completely unrelated game mechanics.

  14. I agree with 95% of this, but it definitely doesn't cost anywhere near $40 to sleeve the cards for a game. 1000 servicable transparent entry-level ultrapro card sleeves currently costs $10.50 on amazon. More durable card sleeves exist and those are more expensive but it is incredibly rare for a board game to see enough play for that to make a difference, and most games barring deckbuilders contain nowhere near 1000 cards.

  15. If you make a card game, STOP printing the name of the game on the back of the cards! Odds are, if we're playing, we know the name of the game. Put a nice design instead. Please.

  16. I hate boxes that are too small WAY WAY WAY more than if they are too big, I hate setting up a game 5 minutes, play game 45 minutes, then spend 1hr trying to get the pieces to fit back in the box. Also things not fitting sleeved cards, or in baggies, or expansions etc.

  17. Hah hah. Tom's #8: Flying Frog Productions does this almost in every game. There are always tokens that are not used or needed. Sometimes those are referenced in the way of "use these for your own scenarios or future expansions" or something.

  18. Out of all of them, the promo and Kickstarter-related ones are the most frustrating. The exclusives that disappear into the aether after a few months, the expansions which should be part of the base game, etcetera. Thank you for bringing them up. They remind me of everything I've come to hate about the video game industry. It's just not how you treat the people who actually love your product, as opposed to those who just want to be at the lead of every fad.

  19. I was actually quite shocked to discover some of the Kickstarter practices in the modern board game industry. I have very limited modern board game experience, as I'm mostly a video gamer, but I enjoy board games, having grown up with many of the classics. I recently walked into a local board game shop, and fell in love with Rising Sun. So I went home, did some research, and found out there were Kickstarter exclusives. Okay, cool, I'm all for that. Those people backed the game way early, and deserve some kind of reward. The premium components especially make a lot of sense as backer rewards. However, what really bugs me is that there are entire factions, monsters, etc. as Kickstarter exclusives. Why? Those are core gameplay components. I mean sure, put them in expansions, but those need to be available for purchase. Like here I am, someone who is genuinely interested in spending good money on the game, and I am a potential purchaser of the base game as well as the expansions. Why are they not willing to take my money and give me the missing content? I never even heard of the game until after it hit retail shelves. Why does my version of the base game support a lower player count than a Kickstarter backer? That would be like selling a single-player linear story-driven video game, but with the final mission as a Kickstarter exclusive. It's just bizarre.

  20. on black borders… I would prefer something along the lines of FFG LCG's that don't really even have a border, but the black border is also an aesthetic thing. Black frames images better and makes colour look sharper. The white border, though this is just an illusion, tends to make the colour look paler and more washed out. It's one of the reasons a lot of picture frames are black, makes the photo pop a bit more.

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