Top 10 Scary Mysterious Books With No Author

what's up top-ten farm hope you're having an awesome day I'm your host Eamonn Hassan and welcome back to another video I'm a huge bookworm and proud honestly I've always loved reading I even got the most books read award in primary school knowing one day I'd be able to flex that fact and stunt on all these hoes and that's what I'm doing right now but books aside if you like an author you'll probably like most books they write I'm pretty sure I've read every year old doll Jacqueline Wilson book ever written even when I read The Fault in Our Stars I loved it so much I read like five John Green books after that but what if there is no notable author in the equation these are the top ten scary mysterious books with no authors signing a software number 10 is the incest diary I told you guys that can appear in any video always be prepared for it published in 1999 the book goes into excruciating detail about a girl's incestuous relationship with her dad the abuse of began when she was 14 and lasted till her late twenties Wow the woman even tried going to the police to file charges against her dad but the officer said it had been too long and that she just write her story down justice the police it's nothing he said and so she did she wrote a book the book goes from flashbacks to her childhood to adulthood as her inner monologues that contradict themselves constantly her manic fixations are clear in the book and she goes into detail about how it informed every single thing she ever did how she sought the abuse and re-enacted it in other relationships how if anything she cited craving the abuse the book sold more than 70,000 copies in France in the first three months after its release I mean it's dark it's graphic and it's anonymous coming in at number nine is a woman in Berlin this one came out in English in 1954 and it's set to be memoirs of an anonymous German woman it covers April to June 1945 when the Red Army occupied Berlin the woman is a journalist and she goes on to describe really dark subject matter like getting gang-raped by Russian soldiers and trying to survive in the situation by dating a Soviet officer and how other girls had to make similar decisions women literally had no protection from anyone at that time so it really was eat or be eaten when I was first published in Germany it was met with a lot of disgust since it was just too soon to talk about the Germans suffering but two years after Hitler died the book was republished and I was on the best sellers list for more than 20 weeks the author was actually revealed in 2003 posthumously by Jen's Biscay a literary editor she identified the author to be Marta Hellas and Marta's publisher was absolutely livid at the invasion of privacy that had caused I don't get why people can't just let other people remain anonymous like can everyone just live their lives and stop interfering in other people's lives that'd be great activate we have go ask alice now this book was published anonymously in 1971 and it revolves around the Diary of a girl who gets addicted to drugs at fifteen and then runs away from home it's funny when I saw this book in a bookshop a few years ago I really wanted to read it but I had way too many unread books at the time on my shelf so I didn't get it but it's ironic it's popped up into my life once again but anyway the book follows the scar she goes through heartbreak intense drug use Rea body image social acceptance etc it's sort of a coming-of-age story if anything but laser-focused on drugs she basically moved City due to her dad's job and goes home one summer to stay with her grandparents she attends a party she tries a drink laced with LSD unknowingly and so begins the journey of drugs if you're interested in the title of the book it's actually referencing a song called the white rabbit which is alluding to Alice in Wonderland Alice eats and drinks a bunch of things that change her size so they're kind of linking that to a drug experience but there is a twist and it's not the books ending controversy sparked in the 70s because of Beatrice spots and people thinking she was the author of the bug she was initially credited as the editor but then records showed she was the sole author and then apparently was the diary of a deceased teenager I mean it's really all over the place but the book does look amazing but also scarily real filling and on the seventh floor is Diary of an oxygen thief and I've heard of this one too and the title alone is just hilarious on me all just low key oxygen thieves Rudy either way published in 2006 the book is a Dutch novel also written in the style of a memoir that's four books in a row now I've been memoirs and anonymous honestly people want to reveal they dicey secrets but not want to reveal themselves is what it is guys either way the book is about an Irish man who is an alcoholic and who takes pleasure in emotionally abusing women what a catch the man regrets his past relationships as the book goes on and as he changes jobs he moves the us where culture shock happens addiction and paranoia happens love happens everything just goes down and the book isn't even that long self-deprecating humor is the books Forte I mean oxygen thief the narrator doesn't even think he's worth the air he breathes so I mean is he or isn't he guess we'll have to read it to find out now and number six is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the part of this Loki sounds really good like it could be the next historical film starring Saoirse Ronan for sure published sometime in the 14th century even novel if you couldn't tell from the Arthurian title is a Middle English chivalric romance the plot is actually late you guys that follow circa waiting in one of King Arthur's knights who basically agrees to a challenge from a mysterious Green Knight the challenge is for any knight to cut the Green Knight with his axe and he then gets to ax the knight back one year and one day later Sir Gawain beheads the dude and he picks up his head and then reminds him he'll be back on the scheduled date and so starts the story of Gawain trying to stay loyal and chivalrous and courageous about the agreement and the trials and tribulations along with thighs basically hero goes on quest and gets tested and plot that's like Dungeons & Dragons right there the book itself is written in stanzas and each one ends in a rhyme so I know it may be a bit hard to read but for those who are willing do you coming in and the five is might is right and this one is definitely gonna anger all our feminists out there so here's to hoping this seems problematic to everyone watching hopefully fingers crossed publish in 1890 this non-fiction book is a lot to take in it focuses mostly on social Darwinism which applies natural selection and the whole survival of the fittest science to human society and politics he emphasizes how humans are motivated by our own selfish ones and we base our decisions on the consequences of them relevant if they're morally right or not he claims only physical strength can lead to moral right and actively bashes democracy and Christianity he says BS like weakness should be viewed with hatred and that women and families are the property of man since they are more superior it was even dubbed as proto-fascist white power manifesto which I'm inclined to agree with the author went by the pseudonym Ragnar red beard so that's clearly not a real name but interestingly enough a white supremacist publisher and the Church of Satan founder both think Jack London wrote the book and if he didn't that's a really brutal accusation by some pretty questionable people at number four is the autobiography of an ex-colored man what it titled the title itself literally had me I was like X colored man what does I even mean order on Amazon right now but anyway published in 1912 the book is a fictional account of a biracial man whose name we never find out since he's always just called the ex-colored man the story follows his life living in America at the end of the 19th century when things like lynchings were very much still happening his dream is to glorify black people through ragtime music but after seeing the way society worked he sighed passing as white to make his life easier and safer he forms a friendship with a character called the rich white gentleman and despite being a free man there were aspects of slave master dynamics within this relationship it was originally published anonymously since the author was a diplomat and wasn't sure how controversial the book could be his issues of race and discrimination weren't really discussed in books back then when it was republished 15 years later and it did moderately well the author decided to be credited and so the book's anonymity died in 1927 James Weldon Johnson is the man of the hour and if you don't know what that means that just means he's the author filling a number three slot is lothario the thermos now this one is actually a Spanish novella that was first published in 1554 probably the oldest book on the celeste no doubt the author chose to remain anonymous because of all the anti-clerical content the author was living Spade I'm sure he had beef with religious authority interfering in political matters and wanted to publicize it but also not get hung for it so fair enough the book followed an impoverished boy called Lazaro who goes from master to master he gets more cunning and smart as he changes masses while simultaneously trying to take over his father's practice the reason this book is so high up on the list is because it's sort of iconic in many ways it was credited with inventing the picaresque genre which basically means The Adventures of a slightly rogue hero of lower-class who uses his wits to survive in a corrupt society and surprisingly enough the book got behind by the Spanish crown for dissing the Catholic Church and all aristocracy and only got unbanned in the 19th century now number two is Frankenstein I know I know Mary Shelley we know she wrote said don't come for me she started writing it at 18 and published it at 20 can you imagine publishing one of the most renowned pieces of gothic fiction of the age of 20 what were we doing at 20 freaking twiddling our thumbs and playing temple run on our iPads probably that's why I was doing it 20 she know it wasn't cut that out editor when it was originally published in 1818 it was done so anonymously for many reasons probably I mean she was 24 one who's gonna take a 20 year old seriously her dad was a very famous author so maybe it was also the pressure of living up to that so that she didn't want or maybe if it didn't do well she just didn't want anything to do with it many actually thought her husband Percy rotor's since he's the one who wrote the introduction for it when its second edition was published in 1823 that's actually when she appeared as the author the novel was met with great success which left the family moved to Italy and getting literally as she no it wasn't lit her life was very tragic yeah here's her mary shelley and finally after the one is novel with cocaine or cocaine romance this one weirdly caught my attention because it's so vague I was trying to gather as much info about it as I could but it was actually quite hard published in 1934 it's a Russian psychological novel which explores ideology and I mean it was Russian communism ideology was important at the time it exposed philosophy and ecology all through the veil of a teens cocaine addiction we followed him through school his experiences with women or his life is like where he thinks of everything pre cocaine and then obviously after when I was published the author was M Agee EV and that's meant to be the pseudonym for Russian author mark Levi but this has never been confirmed and so it still remains anonymous to this day and that's it for today's video guys there's honestly a lot of books on this list I'd read I mean I've read Frankenstein already but all the memoirs are the start of the video sounded interesting as hell soloqueue very tempted let me know which books you'd want to read from the list in the comments below and as always guys I'm your host Ayman Hassan and I'll see you in the next one bye

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  2. I don't see why someone couldn't be named Ragnar Redbeard. And I feel you owe us three books. They have author credits on Three. Though I get two were Originally uncredited. I would really enjoy books with completely unknown authors.

    And Mary Shelley's mother was also fairly well known. Though a bit hard to read unless you're in the right mindset.

  3. Mary Shelly publish under her Auther husband Percy Shelly. She a women wouldn't have been excepted as legit especially with the kind of book it was ,in the early 1900's.

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