Top 10 Powerful Comic Book Characters

power everybody wants it some people got it in spades welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most powerful comic book characters for this list we’re focusing on the pure brute strength physical power and awesome abilities of our favorite comic book characters and not on their cunning wealth or other advantages gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind however if they have cool weapons or tools that offer them physical advantages well more power to them number 10 the Hulk now those are words to live by and when you’re the Hulk a massive green or occasionally gray skin muscle you’ve got plenty of power for Smashing overflowing with gamma radiation the matter Hulk gets the stronger he gets the mr. hyde to Bruce banners dr. Jekyll Hulk is one mean green fighting machine number nine Thanos together we can appreciate the truest expression of my love my elation some aliens get up on the wrong side of the bed every morning take vanos for example he used his special infinity gems to wipe out almost all life in the universe and he still wasn’t satisfied with his own power and those of the gems his supreme intelligence and an ability to just take matter and energy and manipulate them to his own purposes he’s almost unstoppable almost number eight Thor Thor the Norse god of thunder it’s his massive strength from his parents Odin the father of the gods and Gaia who’s basically the earth herself he also has a magic hammer that controls the weather and a special belt that doubles his strength if that’s not enough Thor goes into this weird warriors madness trance that makes him ten times as strong warning though it ain’t called warriors madness for nothing number seven Darkseid coming in Darkseid the godlike ruler of the hellish world known as apocalypse the granite faced Darkseid is bent on ruling the universe and he’s got the chops to do it to awesome strength immortality cunning and control over Omega energy which can cut down just about anything it comes into contact with Darkseid also doesn’t waste his powers he prefers to act more as a general and let others do its fighting saving himself for the truly worthy opponents impressive under my guidance you could have become the most powerful being in the universe your life here will be nothing in comparison number 6 Jean Grey Phoenix when Jean Grae first appeared as Marvel Girl her powers were telepathy and telekinesis pool but not outstandingly powerful however when she accessed the Phoenix force and became Phoenix her abilities multiplied exponentially as Phoenix she basically has control over matter itself as well as over electromagnetic and cosmic energies making her one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel or any other universe and she can resurrect herself and other people god complex anyway number-5 doomsday doomsday doomsday is the dude that killed Superman is it any wonder he makes this list created by one of those alien scientists that just shouldn’t be let near a test-tube he’s the embodiment of savagery rage and hate the guy practically wiped out the Justice League with one hand tied behind his back literally he also has the annoying ability to come back to life if you see this killing machine give him a wide berth number four apocalypse the first mutant on earth apocalypse is drunk with power guy is a strong believer in survival of the fittest and thinks no one is fitter than he not gonna argue with him hey he’s got super strength flight can grow or shrink and is almost invulnerable and immortal if it weren’t for the fact that he’s weaker when regenerating he’d be unbeatable number three dr. Manhattan I’m disappointed in you Adrian very disappointed physicist Jon Osterman was disintegrated in an experiment gone wrong but his atoms reassembled into the blue-skinned being known as dr. Manhattan this creature has immense strength can create duplicates of himself teleport items control matter on a subatomic level and even has knowledge of future events dr. Manhattan eventually lost touch with his own humanity now godlike he departed earth why to go create life somewhere else of course now that’s power number two Superman by Krypton of course we included the Man of Steel on this list he’s the guy who started it all and he still about the most powerful being in comics with his array of powers super-strength speed flight invulnerability supervision and even yes super breath he’s pretty much got it all covered amazingly he’s never tempted to use his powers for anything even slightly off face boy what we can do with x-ray vision this planner must be made of leather before we unmask our top pick we’re gonna list a few honorable mentions and hope they don’t beat us up for not including them on the list number one Galactus a god-like creature imbued with the power cosmic Galactus goes around devouring yes devouring entire planets literally for breakfast the Duke can do just about anything including teleporting an entire galaxy from one side of the universe to another and creating pocket dimensions with the ability to crush our meaningless little lives with a twitch of his pinky do you think we’re gonna tick him off by not naming him number one in all the universities I cannot review do you agree with our picks what others super-powered entities should we have considered for this list for more enthralling top 10s published daily be sure to subscribe to

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Powerful Comic Book Characters

  1. 1. (Tied) The one above all
    1. (Tied) The presence
    2. Thanos (with heart of universe)
    3. The beyonder (pre retcon)
    4. The living Tribunal
    5. Thanos (With all 6 stones)
    6. Eternity, Infinity, and the rest multiversal beings
    7. Galactus

  2. There is no way any of these characters even come close to Thanos…read Thanos quest …he fights omnipotent being's like nothing..

  3. This maybe the worst list I have ever seen. When I saw the Hulk at 10, I knew the list was going to be shit. I love Hulk, but he wouldn't even make top ten in just Marvel. In just heroes alone, you missed Sentry, Captain Atom, Silver Surfer, Dr Fate, Starbrand, Shazam, Dr Strange, Zatanna, Hyperion, Flash, Blue Marvel, Icon, Spawn, Ghost Rider, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Orion, Adam Warlock, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator and others. All of whom are more powerful than the Hulk. If we add villains and cosmic entities, he doesn't make the top fifty. Even the ones on your list aren't in the correct order.

  4. So we all gonna ignore the fact that these guys think that The beyonder, TOAA, The presence, Lucifer morningstar, Eternity, MoM dont even deserve to be in the honorable mentions? Also for the love of god STOP SUCKING OFF SUPES SO MUCH

  5. really watchmojo? there are so many characters you left out such as the one above all , the presence , franklin Richards and many more

  6. Franklin richards. He has made galactus his servant. Can create pocket universes at his will and can manipulate reality itself. Yes, he can just make any wish and it becomes reality.

  7. For all those saying that Thanos should be higher than Darkseid because Thanos has the infinity gauntlet well If you save Thanos the gauntlet then you would have to give Darkseid the Anti-life equation which gives him complete control over all beings of the universe so he could just will Thanos to give him the gauntlet and then kill him with the gauntlet.

  8. Seriously hulk Thor Thanos or galactus couldn't hold a candle to the one above all side note you know the infinity stones Thanos destroyed half the universe with yeah those little trinkets the one above all created those with out even swatting a finger

  9. Hulk number ten are you high? Hulk makes everyone on this list else except thor runaway like little girls crying for mommy just my opinion.

  10. Well The Flash can travel back in time and kill the kid version of every superhero and Deadpool also killed the Marvel Universe twice.

  11. Beyonder,Living Tribunal,One Above All ,The Presence,Anti Monitor,Odin,White Lanterns,Silver Surfer,Dr Strange and Dr Fate.
    But then again this would always be a hard list cause
    The Flash can kill anyone time traveling in past when victim was a kid.
    Theres no way you can kill Wolverine and Deadpool.Deadpool also killed the Marvel universe twice.
    Batman kinda beats everyone with prep time.
    Doctor Strange and Thanos can also manipulate time and Thanos can also manipulate reality,space,souls and minds.
    Darkseid could could control anyone with anti-life equation.
    We never know how Powerful the guardians of the universe are.
    And there's no one who could beat The One Above All and The Presence.
    Ben 10 is immortal with the omnitrix .
    And Goku,Superman,Thor,Martian Manhunter are always overpowered by the writers.
    Hulk is as strong as his anger and the Doomsday can't be hurt by the same power all time cause his always becoming immune to thoose.
    So exept for The One Above All and The Presence the other picks are beyond hu an calculation so maybe an AI can do it in the future which is also made by humans.

  12. how is galactic stronger than the one above all who im pretty sure created him Frederick douglas who tamed him and the presence who is literally god

  13. If it was based on overall power.. batman with his gadgets and mind can beat all of them…but if we consider brute force he is among the weakest

  14. This list is bad. This is my list.
    1. The one above all and the presence (tied)
    2. The beyonder
    3. Thanos (HOTU)
    4. Lucifer Morningstar
    5. Cosmic Armor superman
    6. The living Tribunal
    7. COIE anti monitor
    8. Franklin Richards
    9. Rune king Thor
    10. Molecule man

  15. You missed one. He who is above all. Marvel’s version of God. Personally I think that Stan Lee is Marvel’s He who is above all. Also you missed Eternity and Lady Death from Marvel. They should have been on the list for obvious reasons.

  16. Terrible list. Here is mine

    1)The One Above All
    2)The Presence
    3)The Writer
    4)The Beyonder
    5)The Living Tribunal
    6)Elanie Belloc
    7)Man Of Miracles
    8)Michael Demurigos
    9)Lucifer Morningstar

  17. Electro,
    The Thing,
    Ghost Rider,
    Solomon Grundy,
    Luke Cage,
    Dr. Doom
    and Captain Marvel.

  18. This list is a joke. Marvel has a character named Above-All-Else. He's Marvel's version of God. That and a list of other cosmic beings that are all more powerful than any of the characters on here make this list absurd. I knew it was going to be bad when they started with the Hulk and gave Wolverine an honorable mention. LMAO

  19. This list is pretty bad. If you're talking characters in general, there shouldn't be any regular heroes on the list. It should be nothing but cosmic entities. There are so many omissions and the order is all wrong. They should have went with most powerful heroes and then villains.

  20. Galacta needs to be on the list because she can do everything that her father-Galactus can do even if she is only half as strong but still.

  21. Theres MANY problems with this list. 1sr off how the fuck is Thanos below Thor when Thanos basically wiped the whole Avengers without all of the stones? Also how is Galactus #1 when Thanos can snap him out of existence and Iron man almost defeated him by himself. Thanos is top 3 for sure, Iron man should be on the list, and Galactus would fall more along the lines of bottom 5 of the top 10. I guess base thanos without stones would be 9th but other than that that dude is insanely strong plus there's many comic book characters that could arguably make it onto this list. Superman #2 anyone with teleportation can get some kryptonite and make him about as useful as an unplugged toaster.

  22. I don't think sooooo……………..thor killed galactus in his comic….and worrier madness known for its distruction……i think thor is most powerfull character in comic universe because of its god strength and powers…..and……he forgot about beyonder and one above all

  23. Out of these characters this should be the list:

    3:dr manhattan
    1:thanos(with gauntlet)

  24. Is this a list of the strongest or most powerful? The line is blurred here. If the latter, most of the candidates don't belong on this list. If it's the strongest, Hulk and Thor should be MUCH higher on the list.

  25. hulk at no 10 and thanos at no9 completly wrong hulk has has the potential to overpower thor or anybody in strength

  26. From the list, something more accurate would be.

    Doctor Manhattan > Darkseid > Phoenix > Galactus > Thanos > Thor > Doomsday > Superman > Apocalypse > Hulk

    An actual list would be

    0. Rita farr (milk wars) / Milkman man (milk wars) / Harley Quinn (New 52) (at peak, Harley Quinn #50 destroys DC continuity)
    1. The Over Monitor / Empty hand / The writer
    2. The Presence / the man of Miracles / Elaine belloc / God spawn
    3. Lucifer morningstar / Michael demiurgos / Gabriel Hornblower / Synnar (Demiurge)
    4. The 7 endless / God swamp thing
    5. The source / The source wall / Soul fire Darkseid / The great evil beast
    6. The Divine creator / Oblivion (post retcon) / Regulator Thanos / Spiderman (power of love)
    7. TOAA (at peak) / Fully fed Galactus (Theoretical)
    8. Man thing
    9. The heart of the universe
    10. Beyonder (pre retcon) / Molecule man (Pre retcon) / God emperor doom

    Honorable mentions: Thought robot, Mandrakk, The anti life Entity, Classical Living tribunal, The infinity gauntlet

  27. Out of these ten it should have been like this

    1:dr manhattan

  28. This list is wrong because in Infinity War and Endgame Thanos beats Thor with ease including the rest of the Avengers trying to kill him at the same time

  29. Wait so.. thanos is lower than thor? Um.. I'm confused this can't be in order. Base thanos without stones still beats any of the avengers. With stones he can destroy the universe super easily.. no Dr.Doom? compared to this list he'd easily be 1st

  30. Superman #2, with Doc M at 3???!?!!? ROFLMFAO. I cannot wait to see what is #1….Galactus deserves to be on this list, but #1?

  31. Beyond we can beat someone who can destroy billions of universe and is omnipotent in is dimension and the devil mifisto can’t defeat him and he beat death by put a prostion if his power a cup don’t ask and still had enough power to defeat everyone in the marvel and dc universes combined and he also at one point was one of the 2 gods in the marvel universe but the writers weaken him so there is only one god left that is one above all oh yea the one above all is omnipotent omniscient and is every where at the same time in the future in the past in the present I ended the case ppl he is a true god

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