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sometimes you read a book that you just can't put down how do you like it and other times you find an author whose books you can't stop reading welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 most popular fiction authors for this list we've looked at a combination of market performance and artistic merit in order to determine the best popular fiction authors thank you for the Hello for lists looking more specifically at classic English or international writers be sure to check out our videos on those topics all right now what do you do to try my hand at writing a riddle it stupendously long narrative number 10 george RR martin in tears winters cooling in the modern world there seems to exist two groups of people those who read Game of Thrones before watching the TV series and those who tuned in to the show before getting their hands on the original inspiration I am the sword in the darkness i Watcher on the walls I am the shield that guards either way a lot of us have read george RR martin my opinion has always been that the battle between good and evil is fought within the individual human heart all of us have the capacity for good all of us have the capacity for evil writer of a Song of Ice and Fire the fantasy novel series that inspired the show Martyn seen his fictional imaginings translated to the screen quite successfully when you play the game of Thrones you win will you die so successfully in fact he's been labelled the American Tolkien it's sex it's violence it's a very good read number nine philip pullman behavior of these particles is quite unmistakable dust is flowing into this man through his demon from a city in another world well much like ours in a parallel universe coexisting with our own to be a popular writer you naturally have to please a lot of people and there are few with a demographic as wide reaching as Philip Pullman's there are all sorts of reasons why fairytales are important and interesting and valuable to us one is that they engage with really deep human themes the British Ward Smith employs his own self explained brand of stark realism most famously in the His Dark Materials trilogy this trio of titles is aimed predominantly at the young adult market but it's invariably picked up by kids and grownups as well his reimagining of reality with generous helpings of unreality has many hooked and hankering for a demon of their very own just let them try to stop us number eight Tom Clancy after Grozny mr. Ryan an author first and a political critic second Tom Clancy saw his public profile rise in parallel to the popularity of his books I tell people the most important talent in writing his persistence that's probably the most important talent in anything his persistence sticking with it seeing it through not giving up his more than 100 million books sold attest to how strong that popularity is the Russians will stop at nothing to prevent Rania's from defecting they are desperate they've invented this story that he's crazy because they need our help to sink him before we can safely contact us closely associated with novels and stories tackling military life the Cold War the post Cold War era and espionage klancy appeals strongly to a male audience the author passed away in 2013 but his books remain strong sellers as do his video games that in addition to the film versions featuring his Jack Ryan character promised to keep that popularity alive for years to come anyway you can get that voice cut on a field trip look off your face not a chance that's what I like about you number seven Dan Brown one of the 21st century's greatest literary success stories Dan Brown has had readers waiting on his every word ever since Digital fortress was published in 1998 I wasn't under the impression that episode had endeared me to the Vatican oh it didn't but he did make you it was forma formidable a formidable rounds books about Harvard professor of religious I cannot sin balaji robert langdon including 2,000 angels and demons and 2003's The Da Vinci Code have propelled him to massive success thank you readers have been 2nd and 3rd guessing the author and his creation as they've followed the intricate clues that form the treasure hunts in these novels 5 dives each with 26 letters that's 12 million possibilities I've never met a girl who knew that much Brown has brought highbrow topics to the masses with healthy doses of conspiracy theories and thrills and he's built an impressive and loyal fan base as a result when you're a creative person whether you're a writer and artist a musician all you have is your own taste and you write to that taste and then you just hope people share your tastes number six Robert Ludlum what's your name what's your name all four of our writers leading up to this point have seen their works adapted for film and TV but few books have been brought to the screen as successfully as those of Robert Ludlum The Bourne Identity The Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum have all been brought to life with Matt Damon as the main man Jason Bourne is dead you hear me he drank two weeks ago the films did awesomely well but there's no smoke without fire Ludlum unfortunately passed away before the first film was made but his legacy lives on look at us look at what they make you give with an estimated 292 500 million books in print that's quite a legacy number five Michael Crichton another author who sadly no longer with us Michael Crichton's crowning glory in terms of his career as a writer was surely Jurassic Park can it happen because I know you've done a lot of research on this I wouldn't worry about it I think dinosaurs have been dead for a long time in there and they'll stay that way for quite a while the 1990 novel became a 93 Steven Spielberg super film and crichton's 95 follow-up heaped more Hollywood royalties at the authors door with an impressive educational background in medicine which allowed him to create the massively popular TV hospital drama ER Crichton's works would often carry a scientific and technological theme running alongside mankind's struggle to advance further he was brilliant at outside of the box thinking leave him alone he leaves us alone maybe he does my solution for 300 years number 4 John Grisham an old adage says that you should write about what you know and John Grisham knows a lot about law saying about 25 Bob you need not kill those kids for 10 years before becoming an author he worked within the courtroom when I wrote a time to kill 30 years ago was very autobiographical I was that small-town lawyer trying to you know survive and dream another big trial ever since his authorial debut in 1989 with a time to kill he has been relaying his experiences back to us in books like the firm the Pelican brief the client and the Rainmaker we've responded by buying 275 million copies of his books this is Jack Elam antics actual senior claims manual and within it there is an executive memorandum in title section you Grisham is one of only three authors to sell 2 million copies on a first printing the other two Tom Clancy and our next lady of modern literature you take my breath away number three JK rowling if you've never heard of Harry Potter then you've had your head in some seriously dense sand the boy wizard is world-famous and his creator is heralded by many as one of the great authors of the 21st century I don't think I had ever felt so excited I thought I'd love to write that I didn't ever thought about writing for children I'd never thought about aiming anything at that age group and yet it was the thing I was meant to write JK Rowling has seen her seven strong book series translate into eight box-office smashing blockbuster movies wielding its magic all over the globe from Transfiguration class to professor Trelawney from birdie bot tuba tilda back shot rawlings magical world has become as familiar as our own as a result she's had muggles of all ages transfixed for years you're a wizard Harry I'm a what a wizard and a thumpin good and I'd wager once you trade up a little number to j.r.r tolkien one page of this particular paper was left blank glorious nothing to read so I scribbled on his eye counting but in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit while Harry Potter is an undoubted hero within the fantasy genre his story is but one in a long list of fantastical epics a list topped and trail blazed by Tolkien one the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit the two most well-known adventuress set within the English writers magical realm of middle-earth set the standard for all fantasy based novels which have followed what has most captured the imagination for generations is the phenomenal attention to detail Tolkien leaves no stone unturned no Hobbit whole unexplored and no reader unimpressed the immensely popular film series based on his work have only added two tokens popularity in recent years before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions would you kill another partner you're not my partner I will design Cortlandt you'll put your name on it you will keep all the fees but you will guarantee that it will be built exactly as I design was actually worn by Queen Victoria when she was a little girl make sure that my eyes I'm blessing blood but not human I haven't been human for 200 years number 1 Stephen King there's Johnny thrilling his way into first place Stephen King is about as prolific a writer as the world has ever seen and he's maintained his popularity throughout his lengthy publishing career opening his authorial account with kerry in 1974 before following up with Salem's Lot and The Shining King very much started as he meant to go on continually reinventing the contemporary horror genre his books have often been made into movies helping to keep his name constantly before the public the result an estimated 300 to 350 million books sold in a variety of genres King is King today I've written some pretty awful things in my time if they can't differentiate I mean hey guys I'm alright you know I'm but of course I'd say that one night do you agree with our list which author do you like to read for more fashionably fictional top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to remember you're tradecraft you

47 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Popular Modern Authors

  1. I have read some or all of each of the listed authors except Rowlings(seen the movies, never read the books). They are not all amongst my favorites. I would put Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams in my list, as I have read everything they have written.

  2. How can someone be so stupid to put George RR Martin on #10. Instead he is so famous that they put his image on the thumbnail in the middle so that people will get attracted.

  3. Here's the question (notwithstanding Tolkien): which of these writers will be remembered 100 years from now: I say Rowling, King and Grisham.

  4. Danielle Steele and Ayn Rand in a dead heat. That's about right, whether one looks at it from the standpoint of quantity of books sold or quality of books written.

  5. where are Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko and Aaron Ehasz for making avatar the last airbender and legend of korra and Aaron that write the dragon prince

  6. I'm a brilliant and God gifted writer when it comes to the art of storytelling, imagination, and learning the wonders of make-believe and express in a whole different universe called,' fictional reality.' Truth, there's nobody else like me when it comes to the art of imagination and storytelling. '' It's important to wonder and believe the brilliant ideas of mastering your intelligence towards the idea of vivid-existence by building your world with childhood dreams and experience the world of writing books for dreamers and believers of magic..'

  7. So an author’s works have to be made into films before that author is considered successful? Are any women on the list? Five in a row listed and no women? Seriously??????

  8. Tolkien wrote the Hobbit in 1937 and L.O.T.R. in 1954 and people still put him in tops and lists of modern authors.That's when in know you are much ahead of your age…

  9. Unfortunate that you need to show a movie or tv clip to demonstrate who these authors are. Just the world we live in, unfortunately, I guess. I’ll just take my broken heart over here . But I certainly won’t argue about #1. If you have read everything he’s published and still think King is awful, then let’s talk about it, I want to hear your arguments. But if you dislike him after just a few of his novels, then please go away and read some more. I promise it won’t hurt and you will return better person. Yours truly, Constant Reader

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