Top 10 Leadership Books to Read

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Leadership Books to Read

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  2. Everybody is talking about the video but nobody talks about whether they have read any of the book or not! Read any of the book and shear your experience with us. So, we could easily refer to best out of it.

  3. thank you so much for this video.. i was searching for leadership content from so many days and at last i found something here… love you valuetainment

  4. I'm reading Organizational Culture by Schein.. it's a great read so far… by the way, subscribed you because of the work ethic video.. thanks for the lessons, patrick

    Edit: Schein's book is a good resource to readers of Mastery by Greene. there's a specific in Greene that relates to Schein's but Schein's on a deeper level wherein Greene only broadly stated

  5. All great books that I will add to my reading list. Thanks for sharing. Have you guys heard about Culture Code from Coyle (A detailed review here:, 3 big things that I got are: Building team safety, showing vulnerability and establishing team purpose, those are really helpful to build effective team management. Highly recommended for all leader and manager. 🙂

  6. Hi. I've read some books that you mention before I heard you talk about them. On your recommendation I bought Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Great book! I was wondering if you know of a good book, that is about or covers in detail, value systems?

  7. This video is very important, listing of books is so practical for me for my current stage, it makes leadership concepts material, solid,visible,and cases

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