Top 10 Differences Between Bird Box Movie & Book

a good adaptation knows what to leave in and what to change but it's always fun to see the differences welcome to Ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten differences between Byrd box movie and book Charlie research for the book okay before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're taking our blindfolds off to look at the differences between Josh malar moons 2014 novel Byrd box and Netflix's 2018 adaptation spoilers for both the book and the movie ahead number 10 the House of survivors in the book Malory remains in hiding with her sister for three months before meeting other survivors when her sisters succumbs to the creatures Mallory drives to a house that she knows is taking in survivors thanks to an ad in the local paper with the apocalypse of well underway the House already has established rules such as using broomsticks to make sure that creatures don't slip inside with survivors there's also a dog Victor who becomes Mallory's much-needed support buddy in the adaptation Mallory and a random group are thrown together at the same time they have to figure out what works and what doesn't together and they don't have the same team dynamic number 9 character changes not every character made it from print to screen and others were made up for the movie Mallory's sister Shannon made the cut as Jessica and they're still an Olympia Gary and Tom Felix and Cheryl were also adapted but housemates Don and Jules were axed instead we got to meet John Malkovich's Douglas a new character although his cynicism vaguely recalls Don's I'm sure they'll send someone soon no the only thing that will happen soon is we're all gonna die soon Lucy Charlie and Greg are also exclusive to the adaptation with Greg's fate inspired by a character mentioned but never actually encountered in the novel overall however it's the survivors dynamic that changes the most as in the book they spend around half a year together rather than several weeks number 8 Mallory sister as well as a new name Mallory sister also got a different timeline and final fate for the movie in the novel Shannon is an early believer that the strange incidents being reported should be taken seriously just things seem serious bow you literally have no food what what the thing what thing are you serious I'm serious turn on the news dum-dum her attention to the story at last convinces Mallory that they should cover the windows and try to ride it out she dies however when she glimpses the outside through one of the window coverings in the adaptation on the other hand her time with Mallory during the crisis is much briefer driving Mallory back from a check-up at the hospital as all hell breaks loose she sees something horrible and quickly ends her life number 7 Tom book tom is the clear leader of the house always coming up with new ideas and planning for the future while he and Mallory have implied interest in one another it never gets physical in contrast movie Tom enters the house at the same time as Mallory and while he's clearly very brave he's just another member of the group cover your eyes what I'm like in the novel he survives Gary's plan kills Gary and helps Mallory raise the kids for the next five years during which time they become a couple his death on-screen is a heroic sacrifice in Mallory's final prompt to start the journey downriver number 6 the problem versus monsters in Malheur man's novel a lot of time is dedicated to different theories about what's going on is it atmospheric a gas a warp in reality or monsters of some kind furthermore during the event known as the problem people don't only kill themselves but also viciously attack anyone nearby the movie however establishes early on that there are creatures of some kind running around and that something about them is so horrible that people are driven to suicide was almost no control over when and how number 5 the timeline in the book Mallory and Shannon live in hiding together as the problem engulfs the world city by car as witnesses report unexplained mass suicides additionally Mallory is much earlier along in her pregnancy she seeks out Tom's house when she's a little over three months pregnant and is the only survivor from the original group when Gary infiltrates the house then disappears never to be seen again she remains there for four years raising the children alone in the film of course Malory is very pregnant to begin with and only in the house for what seems like several weeks she raises the children with Tom for another five years until more crazies like Gary make their appearances I don't think so friend we can help you though number four the birds surprisingly for such a titular feature the birds in the book are less central Tom finds the birds while out scouting the neighborhood and leaves them outside the door as a rudimentary way to detect if someone or something is approaching the house in the movie it's Mallory who finds the birds in a grocery store and she brings them with her when she takes to the river by releasing them when she and the children arrive at the safety of the school for the blind they become a more overt symbol of hope number three Mallory bird boxes heroine has a much larger character arc in the book in the beginning she is riddled with doubt both about her pregnancy and the crisis occurring around her it's different with the baby it's an immediate love affair it's not gonna be that way for me yes it will no ma'am she's less self-reliant and often defers to Tom in matters of survival however although she starts out weaker we also get to watch her increasing resilience as she becomes stronger and more confident the Mallory of the movie on the other hand seems a lot tougher from the get-go she doesn't take BS from anyone and is able to take charge and make decisions quickly when needed you have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it understand number 2 the fall of the house Gary's rampage through the house is terrifying enough in the movie but it's arguably even more horrifying in the book as dawn who's become Gary's protege sabotages the house Mallory and Olympia go into labor in the Attic and can only listen in horror as their friends turn on one another this includes Tom who dies with everyone else in the bloodbath downstairs Olympia still jumps out the window but then hangs by her own umbilical cord most horribly of all there's someone else besides Gary in the room with Mallory a creature which has entered the house and who she feels right next to her face before it's links away with Gary on its heels give me the children or I'll take them number one the ending in the book Mallory hones the children's sense of hearing for four years upon their arrival at the school for the blind they learned that many there have doubt their eyes and Mallory almost leaves until Rick explains it's not mandatory overcome with emotion Mallory cries and the books last pages are bittersweet in the adaptation Mallory Tom and the kids live as normally as they can until Tom's death and their journey to the school is action-packed a madman tries to tear off their blindfolds and the creatures using a new strategy almost get them all on the homestretch but at the safe haven Mallory seems hopeful for the first time in years your name is Olivia yeah named after this sweetest girl I ever met in your name your name is Tong do you agree with our pics check out these other great clips from ms mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos you

28 thoughts on “Top 10 Differences Between Bird Box Movie & Book

  1. Just finished the movie. Was not expecting it to make up literally half of the story. So many major differences it really bugs me when movies do that. This movie wasn’t an adaptation of the book; it was based on the book.

  2. The novel does establish near the end of the that they are creatures. At least that's what I took from it.

  3. In the movie don is based off on Douglas in the book and I think it’s funny how in the movie everyone should have just listen to Don while in the book it’s basically Douglas fault Gary killed everyone except for Mallory and the kids

  4. THEROY:
    Okay so the monster feeds off yours biggest fears. So if you look at the monster, you see your biggest fears. Like, if your biggest fear is losing a loved one, you’ll see that?

  5. So if, in the movie, not sure if it was in the book, the children care support worker wasn't there, would they still be called Boy and Girl?

  6. am i the only one that thinks girl looks exactly like olympia like they ant related in real life lol

  7. am I the only one who noticed "Based on a book / Novel" at the start of the movie? Cos usually i am.

  8. The only thing I liked better the movie over the book was the use of the birds. The book shouldn't be called birdbox considering the actual birds play such a small role in the book.

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