Top 10 Difference Between the Harry Potter Books & Movies Part 2

As good as the Harry Potter films are they cut a lot of detail from the books I already made a top ten differences between the books and the movies which I’ll link below what that only scratched the surface There’s so many more differences. So let’s count down another ten Number ten peeves the poltergeist peeves is a troublemaker who pops up countless times in every book. It causes trouble everywhere He goes from throwing water balloons at kids knocking down cabinets smashing vases up bending potions singing loudly and so on He’s the arch enemy of the hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch who desperately tries to get rid of him in the films However, he was never mentioned He was actually cast and they shot a scene with him in the first film but director Chris Columbus Cut it not only from the film but the deleted scenes as well This is because he was unhappy with the special effects of the ghosts and poltergeists It’s a real shame because the school just seems too peaceful without the poltergeist his presence Number nine the opening scene in the films the story opens with Dumbledore McGonagall and Hagrid delivering Harry to number four privet drive here We started out with The Wizarding World, but in the books, we actually started out with the muggle world specifically with Vernon Dursley We follow him throughout his day and see the wizarding world from a muggle Perspective this changes everything because just like Vernon We’re clueless about the Wizarding World all there both Vernon and the audience knows is that Harry Potter is a wizard We don’t know anything about the Wizarding World itself, and we see strange things start to happen it really draws you in and makes you want to read more the first chapter might be one of the most important parts of the Book especially in a big series like this. How’d the first chapters started out? How the film’s did? It might not have been able to draw so many people in and the series might not have been as successful number eight Draco’s dark mark in the films We see Draco’s dark mark It’s plain and simple that he was branded with the mark of the Death Eaters. “I was chosen”. in the books However, it’s never shown nor stated that Draco was branded It was hinted at like in borgin and Burkes when he threatened Borgan But Rowling has stated that she purposefully never showed his mark She wanted to leave it up to the audience’s imagination you are Brilliant number seven ages those that have only seen the film’s would be shocked at how young James Lilly Snape Lupin Sirius Peter Pettigrew and petunia Dursley were in the films. They look like they’re in their mid to late 40s in the books however Lily and James died when they were only 21 this would also make Snape Lupin Sirius Pettigrew and petunia and their early to mid thirties during the series. This is a huge difference, especially for Lily and James It makes their deaths so much more tragic as they died. So young It’s also crazy to think that Harry was only four years younger than they were when they died during the events of the deathly hallows Number six the Battle of the Department of mysteries the films did a top-notch job with the scene But most of what we saw in the films was very different from the book. In the books We explored the department of mystery So much more and learned so many more secrets When they first enter there are many identical doors and behind each is a different division of the Department of mysteries This includes prophecies love death space brains and time We see Dumbledore’s Army interact with these sections and even see Ron get attacked by one of the brains I actually made a video about the Department of mysteries that goes into more detail if you’re interested Which I’ll link below number five the Elder Wand. In both the books and the film as we learn that the Elder Wand is the most powerful wand ever made and One of the three Deathly Hallows its allegiance bounces from person to person throughout the last two books But ultimately it ends up being loyal to Harry after the Battle of Hogwarts ends however This is where the movies and books differ in the movies Harry snaps the wand and throws it over the edge of the castle in The books however, Harry does not do this He instead uses it to fix his own wand which was snapped earlier in the book then after talking with Dumbledore’s portrait, he decides to place the Elder Wand back in Dumbledore tomb where Voldemort had taken it in the first place this way when Harry died a natural Death the wands power would be broken as Dumbledore had originally intended it to do to be honest This is one of the few times I like the movie better than the book with it. Still being out there there are so many flaws if anyone simply disarmed Harry they would be the true master of the Wands and when you have a job like being an auror, constantly fighting dark wizards No matter how good you are You’re bound to be disarmed and I know most fans don’t consider the cursed child to be cannon, but Rowling says it is So this makes an even bigger flaw Delfy Voldemort and Bellatrix’s daughter disarms Harry in the ends Which would mean she the daughter of Voldemort is the true master of the Elder Wand? No No. number four Hagrid being a giant the films did a great job with Hagrid but they cut so much out the biggest thing being that Hagrid is A half giant it’s very briefly mentioned if at all Hagrid says that he takes after his mom and that she left when he was around the age of three he then mentions how small His dad was so we hardly got anything and anyone who hadn’t read the books Probably would not have picked up on that in the books. It goes into much more detail Hagrid, being publicly humiliated when Rita Skeeter wrote an article about it There’s also a whole nother arc where Dumbledore sent Hagrid and Maxim another half giant to go up in the mountains to recruit other Giants for the order of the Phoenix after Voldemort returned We saw a tiny glimpse of this arc when he came back with his half-brother Grawp But again, I feel as though those that have only seen the movies might not put together that Hagrid actually is a giant himself It’s only those that have read the books that will understand that I’ve seen this countless time too my comments section on my Hagrid video Many people that had only seen the movies didn’t put together that because Grawp was his half-brother He himself is a giant because it was never specifically said in the film’s number three Ariana Dumbledore This was a huge thing left out in the movies in the books Aberforth told Harry Ron and Hermione the story of how she died during a duel between himself Dumbledore and Grindelwald we learned more about her past and even more about Dumbledore and Grindelwald relationship This is an even bigger thing to leave out Now that we’re covering the fantastic beast era those that have only seen the movies only have a brief mention of her character. “That’s your sister Ariana, isn’t it? she died very young didn’t she?” not only does fantastic beasts reveal that she was an obscurial with this flashback also plays a huge part in the Relationship and downfall of Dumbledore and Grindelwald which is arguably the biggest part of the fantastic beasts films It’s a real shame that they cut this part out I think had they known that fantastic beast was going to be made they would have made sure to incorporate Ariana’s whole backstory number two Neville the film’s did an excellent job Transitioning Neville from a dorky scared boy to a straight-up hero But in the films they cut out a huge part of his character the prophecy that was ultimately about Harry and Voldemort Was very close to being about Neville Instead of Harry both were born as the seventh month dies or at the end of July and both had parents that defied Voldemort three times just as the prophecy says Neville was very close to becoming the chosen one the only reason that he was in was because Voldemort decided to mark Harry as his equal rather than Neville when he went to Godric’s Hollow to try and kill Harry imagine if the series was called Neville Longbottom and the Philosopher’s Stone Neville Longbottom and the Goblet of Fire or Neville Longbottom and the Deathly Hallows and finally number one the final fight between Harry and Voldemort the film’s won all over the place with this fight from up in a castle transitioning to a fistfight Falling off the side of the castle flying and finally ending up in the courtyard Then when Harry finally defeats Voldemort, he blows away into a thousand pieces This is truly awful and one of the worst things that the film’s messed up in the books The fight was simple They fought in the Great Hall with everyone watching and then when Voldemort was beaten his dead body toppled over and laid on the ground motionless this is how it should always be he should have died a mortal and simple death because ultimately That’s all he was no matter how hard he tried to fight it He was just like everyone else Butum are falling apart into a thousand pieces makes him seem like he was different and like he was special it completely Contradicts what Rowling was trying to convey also the whole point of him being in the Great Hall for his final downfall Is that everyone watches him die. He’s humiliated in his last few seconds of life. Whereas in the films he dies with no one watching He isn’t humiliated It’s a real shame that they made him die like a god Rather than in the simple mortal way and what she was supposed to happen Thank you so much for watching guys You can follow me on social media links for that will be down below if you liked this video Make sure you press that subscribe button to help grow the channel I want to give a huge shout out to all my patrons listed below If you want to be featured on the next video plus get a bunch of other rewards check out my patreon again. Thank you So much for watching and look out for more great videos on the way

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Difference Between the Harry Potter Books & Movies Part 2

  1. I first watch some parts of the movies that show the characters then read the book.
    I imagine the characters in every scene.
    Also,I thinK in the movies Thanos snapped his fingers.


  3. It is actually really confusing for the parents’ ages because in the cursed child, petunia is dead. But if she was maybe 2-4 years older than lily, she would be 22-24 when lily died. Then in the nineteen years later part, at most she would be 58-60 years old when she died which doesn’t really make sense because it is such an early age to die at. Most muggles live for 60-90 years old. So they should have kept petunia alive in the cursed child but maybe she could be sick in hospital with cancer or something so that she was about to die. It would also make the cursed child a bit more interesting if it could show Harry seeing his aunt for the last time with dudley and maybe his uncle would be there too (if he was still alive). But then again, Harry wasn’t the best character in the book because he kept on getting angry and was rude to people that he respected. But if he wasn’t like that, then it would be interesting to see his final moment with the person who he knew all his life. Sorry this was so long, I just had to say that!

  4. " imagine if the books were called Neville longbottom and the philosephers stone, Neville longbottom and the goblet of fire and neville longbottom and the deathly hallows"

  5. today i was watching a cartoon called the adventures of kid danger. kid danger and captin man had an invisible motorbike so captin man left kid danger on the bike while he returned a CD and this is wat happened: a man who talked really slowly passed by kid danger and said
    man: do you like books
    Kid d: uuuuuuhhhh
    man: look at my book. its called willie potter(takes out a book with a wizard on it and the words 'willie potter and the wizard world' on the cover) may i read it for u?
    Kid d: NO
    man: Chapter one. once upon a time there was a boy named willie potter. he had a mark that showed that he conquered a dark wizard..and that mark was-
    Kid d: DONT TELL ME
    man: on his left butt cheek.

    then man continued the story until
    .."and every one thought willie potter was dead which they were right.
    I AM NEVER WATCHING THE ADVENTURES OF KID DANGER EVER AGAIN!!!😠😠 (i never even liked it anyway)
    the episode was called flying spiders

  6. How is James 21 and lupin and Sirius and pettigrew 30-35 years old? They all went to hogwarts at the same time in the same grade it was said in the books when it describes the history of the marauders

  7. The biggest difference is that in goblet of fire during the second task dobby is the one who gives harry the gillyweed

  8. Personally, the marauders + Lily + Severus not being the proper ages seriously annoyed me. I think it takes away from how impactful all their sacrifices were because James and Lily were barely out of their teenage years (21) and the other 3 marauders plus Severus all died in their late 30s. They were so incredibly young and their bravery would’ve been so much stronger and eye opening had it shown their actual ages.

    Though I loved who they chose to pick Remus, Sirius, and Severus. Those actors are marvelous but they simply didn’t match the ages

  9. I also get annoyed because in the movies they dress like muggles and in the books they always have cloaks on

  10. In the books Neville had witnessed death so he was able see what carried the carriage to Hogwarts but not in the movies

  11. also there was a difference in prisoner of askaban book and in the film during the part in the womping willow i think

  12. You know what i think the top 10 ridiculous differences between the books and movies should be? Allow me to say
    In the movies:
    1.they never told how sirius managed to escape Azkaban when he was a good wizard and never used dark maguc in his life
    2. They left out barty crouch jr's whole backstory about how he had escaped Azkaban years ago and what he did to bertha jorkins' memory after she found about him and how she died….i mean voldemorts bot getting dreams that barty is still alive now is he ?
    3. They left out more than half of voldemorts back story in half blood prince whucb was totally awful
    4. They never described how harry felt when he first started liking ginny and his mixed feelings about rons reaction and ginnys acceptance
    5. They totally skiped that neville can also be the person whom tghe prophecy was reffering to

  13. Another bit that is different about the final battle is how the elves, centaurs, Buckweak and other magical creates join the fight after Harry "comes back to life". Especially how Kreacher and leading the elves charge and calling to elves to defeat the Dark Lord. I though this was awesome.
    Also if I remember correctly, Voldy put the hat on Neville's head and set it on fire.

  14. For me Voldemort's death in the Deathly Hallows is better because it really shows what Tom was like. I mean death in the book is still good but in the movie it just shows us that Tom has no humanity in him. The reason he died like that because he had no soul (7 horcruxes) and didn't show any sort of regret. He was just a person who had emotions but had no soul because in the Philosopher's stone Hagrid said "There isn't any humanity that You-Know-Who could die" and so Tom didn't die as "god" he died as a person who wasn't loved and a person who just did the same thing as Hitler. For that this is the best way that Tom should die in the movie.

  15. The HP movies have some great casting, but I always wondered what it would be like to see more age-accurate castings for the Marauder's generation.
    Funnily enough, it sort of works in the films if you imagine them set in the years they were shot and not the original timeline of the books (1991~1998.) Lily, James, Sirius, Lupin, Snape, et al were born in 1960, making them in their 30s, but if you move forward 10 years or so to when the movies were shot, the characters can maintain their original birthdates (and they do, as '1960' is shown on Lily and James' graves in the movies of ..Deathly Hallows) and have them be in their 40s–still older than many of the actors at the time, but closer to the mark.

  16. here is a difference

    books:"Harry, did you put your name in the goblet of fire?" DUmbledore asked him calmly


  17. Modern version of Harry Potter
    Hp 1:read
    Hp 2:haven't got
    Hp 3:haven't got
    Hp 4:reading
    Hp 5:haven't got
    Hp 6:haven't got
    Hp 7:haven't got

  18. I wonder if the series would’ve been successful if Neville was the main protagonist. Or if like the movie, they started with introduction of dumbledore, mcgongall and Hagrid.

  19. I love how the whole hp fandom just agree on 2 things

    Umbrige is the worse


    We don’t believe in the cursed child 😂

  20. I liked Voldemort’s death in the book because they probably yeeted his body off the bridge we don’t know the name too.

  21. 7:46 well he did split his soul so much that there was nothing left of him…He was less voldemort than the horcruxes which includes Harry himself which means that Harry was more voldemort than the voldemort himself(the film theorist explains it much better check out his video)
    That's why I think that the death in the movies was better.

  22. i for one liked voldemort flaking away because it looked epic and idc about it "not being the point" CHANGE MEH MIND

  23. Oh look its potty wee potter I'm peeves potter you better look out for me Young potter you're ugly but what can we do everyone says you belong in a zoo If you look in a mirror it surely will crack best thing to do is wear a nice sack hahahahaha
    Plz like my comment cause it took a while to learn and type out

  24. In the last book Voldemort throws harry all over the place after Narcissa confirms that he is dead, harry doesn’t feel anything and doesn’t get hurt. I realllllyyyy wanted to see that in the movies and was really looking forward to it but they didn’t even add it in!

  25. I’ve only seen the movies and I’m working through one of the book and I knew the story of Ariana’s death before I read any of the books. It’s called the power of the internet. Same thing goes with Hagrid.

  26. We learn earlier that wands are in a way alive so by breaking the wand he is killing it.
    So harry’s decision makes sense.

  27. I think Ash from What Culture (or another one of the team) pointed out a HUGE flaw with the Elder Wand. In Fantastic Beasts, Tina Goldstein disarmed Percival Graves (Grindelwald) while he had control of the wand. So shouldn't SHE be the master? But then again, how can Harry be the master even if he did disarm Draco, because Draco never used the wand or even had it on him.

  28. They should have picked different actors to play lily and James because the actors who played them weren’t even in their twenties it’s very unaccurate because in the books they die when they are only 21 years old making their death more tragic

  29. Jk Rowling can say that the cursed child is canon but it isn’t to me it’s horrible and it takes away from the original story

  30. I hated the final
    Fight scene between Harry and Voldemort I prefer the fight scene in the books the fight scene in the movie was all over the place

  31. You forgot one thing in the department of misteries! Harry was still bad at divination in the books! Nothing was heard when he was holding the prophecy! But he couldnt hear it when the prophecy broke!

  32. What i realy mis in the movie was the death of Dobby, in the book it was so more dieper then in the movie… In the book Harry, Ron and Dean dig the grave not Harry, Ron and Hermione…Luna close Dobby's eyes after they dig the grave, in the movie they where still on the beach..

  33. I was always curious about the Veil in the Department of Mysteries death room, When Sirius Black is killed by Bellatrix LeStrange, Sirius falls through the Veil as he dies but does a healthy person who passes through the veil die as well or does it not affect them?
    They never mention about Rita Skeeter being an animagus or how Hermione blackmailed her into writing the only 100% true story she's ever written, Harry's account on the return of Voldemort

  34. The main thing I noticed was in the movies that the actors who played Lily and James Potter were older then the characters in the book. In the book Harry's parents were 21 years old when Voldermort killed them. In the movies James and Lily looked like they were in their 30s. And I know for sure that Alan Rickman was much older then his character. In the books Snape was in his 30s the same age as James and Lily would've been had they not been murdered.

  35. If the elder wand was so simple to destroy then why Dumbledore kept it instead of destroying it why did he told snape to kill him (there is another reason but still ……)

  36. I thought voldemort died into pieces because of the unicorn blood, you know, a cursed life. But i haven't finished the books so i don't know

  37. Not only should Peeves have been in the films, but he especially should’ve been featured in Order of The Phoenix harassing Umbridge lol 😂

  38. The points you're addressing in these videos are always so great. As a huge potterhead myself, I really value the fact that you can be critical in a very logical way, while being a top HP fan (this is something I can't find with @CherryWallis' videos for instance). So thank you for your truly appreciated work 🙂

  39. They're super inconsistent with the disarm rule tho. Nobody remembers Neville accidentally disarms harry in the ministry so guess the famous holly wand isnt Harry's now whoops new chosen one

  40. I think the ending of the film was better,l for Voldemort just being killed is embarrassing enough, and it's cooler than just dropping dead

  41. I disagree with you on the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. I actually think that the movie did better than the book on this one, Voldemort's body disintegrating makes much more sense as we learned in the first book that Voldemort didn't have a mortal body anymore after the night at Godric's hollow. That's why he had to use Quirrell's body and drink unicorn blood. Of course this becomes irrelevant from The Goblet of fire onwards, but in my mind, Voldemort never gets his real body back, the ritual performed in the fourth book only gives him a shell of a body if I might say. So anyway, to me it makes sense that when all of the horcruxes are destroyed, because there's no soul or any magical force left in it, the 'fake body' should disappear as well. And esthetically speaking, the way the movie makers portrayed the disintegration of the body is actually beautiful.

  42. Did you know that the original "sevent'h month" was September?
    Septem = seven (in Latin)
    Octo = eight
    Novem = nine
    Decem = ten

    So basically, the prophecy is talking about someone who was born in the end of September.

  43. And this is you can never enjoy the movies.
    They care more about imagry, and action and just can't make it right.
    And as soon as one scene changes it can nolonger count as Canon

  44. I knew the first time I saw the sorcerors stone I figured out right away that hagrid was a half giant. Also voldamorts death is better in the movie

  45. Sorry, but Point no.1 does not make much sense.I think it's brilliant to see Voldemort breaking into thousand pieces..

  46. Do you have a video on wand lore? People get disarmed throughout the series all the time and the wand still works against there new masters, doesn't really make sense

  47. Guys, who is sweeping up the leftovers of Voldemort when he dies, most of it is blown by the wind but like, whtmat about the remainder on the floor? Like, who is going to sweep off pieces of Voldemort? The death in the books is much cleaner and if the films incoperated that I wouldn't ask this question.

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