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  1. This game with all its flaws is still one of my favourites of all time. Although the story was missing large chunks I still thoroughly loved it. This just makes me sad, the game could’ve been a masterpiece if not for corporate rushing

  2. in this deleted scene Iedolas aldercapt looked like Ian McKellen…
    hopefully he will be casted someday as another DLC

  3. It's not a Luna x Noct backstory in 2:35. It's actually Stella x Noctis. She's an entirely different character and the "you see the light too" is proof of this. Stella and Noct can see the light and have the same powers.

  4. The whole snowy area was supposed to be fully explorable.

    Luna was supposed to be dead earlier in the game killed by Noctis and that's why Ravus was pissed at noctis and co. In that base. But since the reason why Ravus would be pissed at noctis is cut it explains why Ravus had inconsistency in his personality and character.

    King Regis was supposed to have a horn growing out of his head. There was a good and an evil crystal.
    Stella as a character and major plot influencing character on versus 13 got scrapped completely.

    The emporer was supposed to be a boss you were supposed to fight.

    Lots of cutscenes/story elements cut regarding Luna and noctis.

    As you saw, Leviathan fight was practically cut to nothing and became that atrocious boss fight.

    Tenebrae was also supposed to be area you should have had access to.

    Etc etc I could go on but you can look up all these informations from the anonymous employees that left square enix in Reddit or random Google searches.

  5. 4:52 That right there proves how Insomnia invasion is cut. It's not "It could be that it was never intended to be in the game", not "It might've been a showcase only", and definitely not "we get Insomnia in the last chapter". It should've been epic, it was cut and we'll never get a chance to play that scene ever, the invasion, the entire game or combat system. I'm probably one of the few who actually don't enjoy the final game, not just disappointed but also dislike the actual game. Everything is all over the place, the pacing, the world, the characters. And contrary to all the praises for Ardyn, I also don't like him as a main antagonist. His design is terrible and not suited for a last boss, main villain, and whatever he portrayed as. You can clearly see they even ignored the wing on his arm and his hat completely but brought it up in the crystal scene for whatever reason because he is made the main villain in a rush. The companions which also everyone praises to me only shows their lights in the DLCs, there's only cheesy cheap anime-ish dialogues and interactions in the main game. It was just a total mess that I have to force my way through because of the hope and faith that I had for the game.

  6. Seriously 10 YEARS in development and all we got was 10% main story with little to no CGI and dialogue scenes thar made sense and rushed, and 90% side quests. Hell I spent more time hunting monsters and exploring dungeons (yes including Pitioss and the Secret Vaults) than caring about any of the characters, with the exception of Ardyn the tragic villain :/ the idea for the game would have been on the same level of EPIC as God of War or even Skyrim or Witcher 3 but they messed ip big time by cutting out all these amazing scenes

  7. why did they cut these scenes out? what was the purpose? they hold so much good material it's absurd that they weren't put into the game

  8. I loved it and I hated it… this means that’s an unfinished game. Sad, because it could have been THE game with 3 more years of development

  9. chapters 1-9 were great, i had so much fun with those, but pretty much after that the game is just fucking boring, boring, boring, and BORING. especially chapter 13…

  10. "it's normal for a game to have quite alot of cut content" true.. but…

    It's NOT normal to show content in trailers and then when the game is out, all that content from the trailers is gone… FF XV since 2013 showed sooo much stuff in trailers that weren't in the game… that is NOT normal!!

    Cut content usually happens behind the scenes.

  11. Content being cut from games is not at all what annoys me.

    It's why they were cut that annoy the hell out of me.

  12. the king Regis deep in thought for Noct's future made me cry man, as a parent that is just what we all think about.

  13. guess the plan was that boys go to altisiia and empire start the attack there
    then evreyone moves to insomnia and it gets destrpyed, intresting i must say.

  14. 1) The Regalia can now go off-road
    2) Luna and Regis's stories are highly likely to be expanded in DLC this year.
    3) That entire sequence in Altissia is pre-rendered and none of it was meant to be playable. What we have in the game is how it was meant to be.
    4) They've been adding a lot of cutscenes to try and strengthen the bond between Luna and Noctis. It's not much, but they clearly seem to care about expanding it.

  15. spoilers

    As low-impact as Luna's death was because we didn't know ANYTHING about her even after an anime, a movie, and a game, it's downright stupidity that they would even consider removing any of her cutscenes. At least if I had known that she was treated poorly (when up until Altissia it looked like everyone loved her) I would have had a personal motivation to see her.

  16. Or: How to fuck up the best Final Fantasy Square Enix could have made and release a shitty Clusterfuck.

  17. Legit, please e-mail SE and tell them to add these scenes back in. They listen, trust me. I just shed a tear for the Regis scene. I also suggested an episode/more cutscenes with Regis. Regis is Tabata's favorite character, but only he holds the cutscenes. Looking back, I couldn't help myself, but contribute toward a more complete experience….

  18. Final Fantsy XV could be easily one of the better FF games in the entire franchise, but they fucked up the whole history.

  19. Even tho non of these sceneries made it to the game FFxv is still amazing game that i love and adore so damn much

  20. This Final Fantasy did to me what Suicide Squad did in the exact same way; a lot of hype and intriguing trailers, but disappointing performance that lacked everything that was promised before.

  21. Wait a sec, in Luna X Noct backstory, it was actually a scene in versus XIII and it should be Noct X Stella instead

  22. most of these cut content was from tetsuya when he was workign on it but SE made him give it to tabata and he fucked it up SE wanted tetsuya to work on KH3. i wouldn't minded waiting longer for kh3 if tetsuya could had made 15 way better then what tabata did. tabata games he made were pretty much all handheld so yeah teh story wasn't that good didnt capture emotions at all with noct i mean he finds out his dad dies and a few minutes later hes jokign with his friends driving. same with luna death plus alot of chapters were fucking boring as hell.

  23. God it still pisses me off watching those old trailers. They're so good they still give me chills, and yet almost nothing from them made it into the game. FFXV must have the worst development cycle of all time.

  24. WHOA WTF why does the cut altissa fight look so pretty and better graphics and amazing, THE LEVIATHAN FIGHT LOOKED EPIC YET IT WAS CUT WHY, also we never get to fight in insomnia in the morning and I've always wanted that, ugh now I can see why a lot of people were disappointed, they should've worked on this a few more years and finished it, WITH these features that was supposed to be added, it was supposed to look more pretty too

  25. I enjoyed the game but I was so disappointed when the fight started in Altissia, the whole time I was waiting for the scenes I saw on the trailer. Then went to Levaithan all fucking op, I wanna like the game but it felt like I missed so much stuff. I wouldn't have mind seeing the trailers again in the game, more fucking Lunafreya. Not even a flashback on Ardyn's past when he did a reveal. The past kings of Lucis, empires campaign and things that lead to the death of Shiva's physical body. Why did the empire starter conquering other kingdoms. Story of Ravus, they fuckin showed him with Ardyn next thing you know you're fighting him as a demon. Fucking Square Enix management, you guys have all the time to make clothing line perfume and fucking cup noodles. Where's the war of the Astrals?

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