Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldn't Read Alone

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldn't Read Alone

  1. My ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK is called Stalking Jack the Ripper. I also absolutely love the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. I highly reccomend it to those who love a mixture of non-fiction science and romance stories.

  2. ok I don't know why cursed books videos usually have Tomino's Hell / my favorite urban legend when it's a cursed poem not a cursed book

  3. Black Stone Chronicles by John Saul I had nightmares for a year or longer I fill for sure it's cursed

  4. I have a joke a good friend told me

    So three people died and came to hell. One was a president another one was a businessman and a teacher

    So the president asked if he could call his country to check if everyone was okay. He had to pay 15,000 for a call. So he paid and called his country

    Then the businessman asked for a call and he had to pay 5,000. He called to check his family and everything was fine.

    Then the teacher asked to call the school. She called for free. Then the president and businessman asked
    “ why did she get a free phone call” and someone answered “ because the calls from hell to hell are free. “

  5. Rebecca makes these scary videos not too scary but not too happy.Its a perfect middle spot where I don’t get so scared I can’t sleep but it’s still scary

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