Top 10 Classical Music Composers

they lived to create music welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten composers for this list we're sticking to composers from the Baroque classical and Romantic periods and excluding 20th century classical composers number 10 Antonio Vivaldi Baroque though he was a priest a master of violin and an opera impresario Vivaldi is known as one of the Baroque eras greatest composers blending harmony melody and instrumental parts the red priests lively and imaginative musical compositions were even fit for European monarchs while the virtuoso violinist also wrote and produced operas it was his groundbreaking the Four Seasons that set the standard for concertos number nine franz schubert romantic he may not have lived to see his 32nd birthday but Schubert's technical skills and experimental side were more than aptly displayed in his six hundred plus leader or art songs chamber works operas and more by setting Vilhelm Mueller's poems to music Schubert laid the blueprint for song cycles meanwhile the melodies harmonies contrasting moods and orchestration of his symphonies made him one of the four most romantic composers 8 johannes brahms romantic always a perfectionist Brahms rewrote several of his works after mastering the baroque and classical writing techniques of counterpoint and development aside from his chamber orchestral and vocal compositions the highly skilled pianist found recognition for his choral work and the smaller scale Hungarian dances thanks to his purist yet innovative musical approach the romantic composers many piano concertos string quartets and symphonies are still performed today number seven georg friedrich händel baroque his cantatas and Italian operas garnered him international fame and a gig as King George the first official music maker but after producing the orchestral movement water music Handel made his name by writing the first english-language oratorio Esther and the popular choral work Messiah add his anthems concertos orchestral writings and theatrical works and it's easy to see why Honda is considered one of the blokes best number six pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky romantic preoccupied with how listeners experienced his compositions Tchaikovsky filled his music with heavy orchestration varied emotional ranges contrasting timbre tones and eighteenth-century pastiche style the first internationally-recognized Russian composer also combined Western European techniques with his native approach in addition to symphonies concertos operas and his Romeo and Juliet masterpiece his ballets remain popular thanks to their full melodies and carefully crafted dance music number 5 Frederic shall pay romantic though he moved to Paris the introverted romantic composer is one of Poland's most respected figures the piano child prodigy turned patriotic pole mostly wrote highly detailed and technically challenging piano works he was also known for writing the first instrumental ballads and transforming etudes from teaching material to concert pieces with his sense of melody and emotion shall paint expanded his genres of Nocturne the Viennese Waltz and polish mazurkas number four week art vogner romantic he forever changed German operas with his use of light motifs melody rhythm harmony and orchestration by writing the libretto and the musical score he United multiple art forms in his music dramas most notably in his epic Ring cycle though vogner authored some highly controversial writings he also wrote one of history's finest operas and paved the way for 20th century classical music with Tristan and Isolda number three Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart classical mozart embodied musical elegance grace and passion already playing keyboard violin and composing songs by age 5 he later defined piano concertos with his complex orchestration by refining the scope and techniques of Baroque composers Mozart also wrote exquisitely balanced symphonies operas sonatas and chamber music the musical clarity and transparency of his compositions positioned him as one of the most significant classical composers of all time number two Ludwig von Beethoven classical romantic though he studied with Haydn and was influenced by Mozart the virtuoso pianist and incomparable composer epitomized classical music with his ambitious and heroic symphonies concertos and sonatas however it was his more inventive profound and personal works crafted amid his increasing deafness that set the stage for Romanticism Beethoven's 9th has been hailed as one of history's finest musical works and remains one of the world's most recognisable symphonies number one johann sebastian bach baroque while Mozart's and Beethoven's rankings are arguably interchangeable there's little doubt as to the identity of history's greatest composer believing musics purpose was the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul bah creatively fused other European styles with his German approach his deep beautiful and technically complex works for organ violin cello and flute were colored with motifs and his own contrapuntal style with music in his blood the original father of harmony was destined to become a highly proficient multi-instrumentalist and brilliant baroque composer today his mass in B minor is considered one of history's greatest musical compositions do you agree or disagree with our list who is your favorite composer of all time be sure to subscribe to for more entertaining top 10s

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  1. I believe that Andres Segovia adapted many pieces to the modern guitar. As a matter of fact, he was undoubtedly the greatest guitarist of all time. Add in that most of his career was in the 20th century — a lot of the worst trends happened then — and you have to give him a nod, even though I don’t know if he wrote any original music himself. But it seems to me that Mozart was probably not only the greatest composer but probably the greatest musician ever. It just seemed effortless to him, and if I could go back in time and see anyone live, Mozart would be at the top of my list.

  2. I'd have liked to see Haydn in there somewhere. Not sure where. Possibly replacing Wagner? I'd bump Vivaldi up too, but that's just personal preference. Nice job.

  3. Honestly I have studied many of these guys. The Ear shows Mozart is truly the greatest of all these men. He started writing music in full symphony’s before 6 years of age. Master composers of our era say there is a extra touch a extra technicality in Mozart’s writings that make him different. Let’s face it Beethoven would not be above Mozart if it was for his 9th symphony. Bach is maybe the greatest but he lived much longer than Mozart. And Mozart under much more stress. It’s very close.

  4. My personal top 10
    10. Haydn
    9. Franz schubert
    7.5. LISZT
    7.5. Chopin
    6. Handel
    5. P. I Tchaikovsky
    2.5. L. V BEETHOVEN
    2.5. W. A MOZART
    1. J. S BACH

  5. Bach

    No particular order. These composers have to be the Top 10 if you want to include every era.

  6. It’s not top 10 composers, it’s top 10 composers watchmojo are familiar with, why do you think they excluded composers from the 20th Century? It’s like making top 10 video games of all time without the games from the last 5 years.

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