Top 10 Classic English Language Authors

possibly act commit known users come name and address yes course ab dr. bloom hair dental surgeon it takes a lot of talent to write something worth reading it's a surefire sign of genius if your work is being read for years to come I'm sorry to disappoint mr. Crawford's but I do not have a ready opinion I suspect you're almost entirely composed of radio opinions not shared welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten classic english-language authors I would like you to drop this in the midst of the filthiest manure for this list we've ranked the best and most prolific novel writing authors whose works were initially published in English that means writers like Homer are out as he wrote in ancient Greek Edgar Allen Poe is out as he was more known for his short stories and Shakespeare is out as he wrote primarily poetry and for the stage number 10 James Joyce oh why can't you go and kiss a man with him marrying him first I wish some manner that would take me sometimes when he's there kiss me in his arms we head to the Emerald Isle first and to the fine city of Dublin in particular James Joyce is widely recognized as one of the most influential modernist writers of all time my client is an infant a poor foreign immigrant who started scratch as a stowaway and is now trying to turn an honest penny a key figure within the avant-garde scene that was erupting in Europe around the 1920s Joyce is known for his short story collection Dubliners and the novel's a portrait of the artist as a young man and Finnegan's Wake he died when he was only seventeen isn't it a terrible thing to die so young as that however Ulysses is Joyce's masterpiece well is that golden Kurt sinestro crueler one a dense epic stream of consciousness account of one day in the life of protagonist Leopold Bloom it's filled with parallels to Homer's Odyssey but is a literary legend in its own right all the time without me and ever shall be world without end number 9 Jane Austen no this is my fault to prevent it all this many by being open my sisters if Joyce led the modernists then Jane Austen stood out a century earlier among the romantics Austen's is a reputation that has grown and grown with the passing of time during her own lifetime Austen was well received by critics but there was nothing like the Jay Knight fan culture that exists today my behavior at Norland was very wrong but I convinced myself that you felt any friendship and that it was my heart alone that I was risking with four novels published before she died Sense and Sensibility Pride and Prejudice Mansfield Park and Emma Austen's depictions of landed gentry and lovestruck ladies will live on for years more to come but there are two things I want very much to know one is how much money your uncle laid down to bring this about on the other how am I ever to repay him number eight William Faulkner even though I had laid down my life he would save me the first american writer to make our list William Faulkner cerebral complex work is strongly identified with the American South what happens if we stop walking why do you mean what happens well do you run away Pinzon what we stop though well what do you say you me go my trailer right here sit down relax and Epico a Mississippi man himself he created yot Napa Tawfik County as a place in which the action for novels like the sound and the fury and As I Lay Dying could unfold maybe it'll be better for you it's quiet down there without all of the bother so what you think I am ha ha ha not be better for you dog better better a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner this versatile writer is perhaps most known for his attention to detail especially to diction accent and cadence in the modernist world minimalism was rife but for Faulkner the richness of the text was key yes Jason you raised me bad me you put the books in my hands and all the other things you're congratulating yourself about but oh my friend you're not done with me yet not by a long shot Jason number seven Kurt Vonnegut an American writer of a slightly later generation now but one whose works are considered classics all the same Omaha Pilgrim you killed me pilgrim you son of a bitch you call my mom and dad in Pittsburgh see you tell him I died and that you killed me Kurt Vonnegut was working in a post World War two environment during which all eyes were set on the future and many were at least a little bit scared about what they saw mr. pillar we have visited 31 inhabited planets in the universe we have studied reports on a hundred more and only on earth is there any talk of free will cat's cradle is a notable example of Vonnegut dismantling the newfound technological age but he knew not to forget the past as well the semi-autobiographical war laden slaughterhouse-five is arguably the standout work in this icon of countercultures body of work how does it end well we're experimenting with new fuels a tralfamadorian test pilot panics presses the wrong button and the whole universe disappears but you have to stop them if you know this can't you keep the pilot from pressing he has always pressed it number 6 Virginia Woolf the more we consider matter the less able we are to grasp it our analysis is destructive from to the lighthouse to mrs. Dalloway from Orlando to a Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf stood at the forefront of fiction writing from the end of the 1920s onward the times in hope my verse shall stand praising I was a central figure within the world-famous Bloomsbury group of intellectuals and artists Wolfe worked out of London and helped shape modern ideas on feminism and sexuality st. this no difference at all just a different six her own severe depression and mental health problems eventually led to a tragic suicide in 1941 but Wolf's writing will remain relevant for and read by generation after generation I don't know what I feel I know that I loved her once and that it stayed with me all my life and colored everything number five Ernest Hemingway stand up now and go and we both go stand up Maria remember you're me too you're older we'll ever be of me now a leader of the Lost Generation Ernest Hemingway has to be considered one of America's greatest writers with a farewell to arms for Whom the Bell Tolls and the Old Man and the sea he created a fervent following and earned himself a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and a Nobel Prize in 1950 for a self fashioned man's man he was proof that literature wasn't just for pacifists and sensitive types however like Wolfe he also had problems within his own head and committed suicide in 1961 a great talent gone too soon and the boat began to move slowly off toward the northwest the old man leaned back against the pool the fish moves steadily and they travel slowly on the calm water number four Mark Twain hey what are you doing here you wouldn't tell me if I was to tell you all right I run off Jim I had to hook I had two dubbed by William Faulkner as the father of American literature this guy certainly sets some standard for North American writers and I've got only one person to think and that's you hook you know why I'm doing it don't you I don't know why you're doing it but still in all you doing it I don't figure that even an abolitionist could do a better job than you doing hook don't you call me that you ain't no free state yet best known for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and subsequently of Huckleberry Finn Twain moved between genres and subjects throughout his career now listen all of you unless the king and I and the rest of these prisoners are free to media me I shall blot out the Sun and it will never shine again a lover of Science and Technology he helped develop sci-fi with a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court he was a friend to presidents and royalty as well as a historian an eccentric eclectic man his life and death coincided with rare sightings of Halley's Comet his wit and character were appropriately out-of-this-world gosh I was always told that abolitionists folks were low down dirty sort of folk no no I wish you could meet you I'm number three John Steinbeck what do you want with a dead mouse anyway I would dissipating it with the fingers while he was walking along yeah well you ain't pet no mice when you walk with me with a bibliography that includes 16 novels one of the most impressive things about John Steinbeck is that the vast majority of those novels could be considered classics this man was both pioneering and prolific I'm right here to tell you mister there ain't nobody gonna push me off my land my grandpa took up this land 70 years ago my call was born here we was all born on it and some of us was killed on it he is probably most known for the Pulitzer prize-winning The Grapes of Wrath which is sold an astounding 14 million copies but anybody who's ever studied English in high school is likely to have come across his characters George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men I'll remember about the rabbits George Oh feeling it can't remember it then rabbit a simple story that still affects us in our adulthoods we always hope the ending will have changed and IV note no fights ain't gonna be nobody me you number two George Orwell from the age of big brother from the age of the thought police from a dead man greetings many writers have become successful by including a little social commentary in their work but putting the world to rights has never been executed quite as expertly as when this man put pen to paper I don't care what you do but – it's uh – to attend Julia not to me with 1984 and Animal Farm in particular George Orwell became one of the world's most influential writers so important is he the word Orwellian was invented to describe anything that bore a likeness to his work all hands are criminals and no head will be fed what any animal seen giving food to and will be punished by dad big brother may be watching us but we are watching Orwell's prophecies come true every day house is surrounded this Pinos will say goodbye may as well say goodbye before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions but of course you don't need to take my word for dogs for at lunch today I'm going to introduce you to one of New York's most distinguished businessman a mr. Eyre Walsh ah my good friend her husband's disappeared he's embarrassing with the scullery maid is it November yes Holmes because there's a conflict in every human heart between the rational and irrational between good and evil it does not always cry when the knife pierced the heart of the portrait an extraordinary thing happened then on page 89 I'd rather push a guy out the window or chop his head off with an X then sock him in the jaw I hate fist fights what scares me most is the other guy's face number one Charles Dickens you do not know the way to like the strong chain you may yourself it was positive and as long as seven Christmas Eves ago when you will a light on its center could there ever be another at the top of this particular reading list the far better thing I do and I have ever done Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities is one of the best-selling novels of all time with an estimated 200 million copies sold but it's a tale that takes its place in among an extensive collection of important writings a Christmas carol continues to inspire readers today great expectations never disappoints the Old Curiosity Shop always intrigues and characters such as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield will never be forgotten I have absolute horse or a dog to deal with what do you think I do I don't know I beat him Dickens was the greatest writer of the Victorian period and of any period and a Tiny Tim who lived and got well again he became a second father do you agree with our list which author do you like to read what is your opinion of me anyhow for more well written top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to there's something going on out there in the West and I'd like to try and learn what it is if you feel you got the room funnier

41 thoughts on “Top 10 Classic English Language Authors

  1. Dickens is unquestionably the greatest writer in the English language. The impact he has had on the culture of the English speaking world to this day is profound.

  2. For those of you who want the list but don't necessarily want to see the whole video, here's the list with thw honorable mentions:

    #10 James Joyce
    #9 Jane Austen
    #8 William Faulkner
    #7 Kurt Vonnegut
    #6 Virginia Woolf
    #5 Ernest Hemingway
    #4 Mark Twain
    #3 John Steinbeck
    #2 George Orwell
    #1 Charles Dickens

    Honorable Mentions: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Conrad, Oscar Wilde, J. D. Salinger.

  3. You put nine people ahead of Joyce. Morons. James Joyce is the greatest writer of any century. Sorry if you don't understand him.

  4. I think they should have included John Milton for his Paradise Lost, unless they don't count it for some odd reason.

  5. Every watchmojo video script sounds like a book report written by a high school student who has no love for literature.

  6. You missed Geroge Eliot, the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy, Elizabeth Gaskell, Toni Morrison, John Updike, Sir Walter Scott, Anthony Trollope, Herman Melville, William Makepeace Thackeray, Henry James, EM Forster, and Kazuo Ishiguro.

    I still don't get why this is called a list of "English language authors" when it only includes novelists? Sad that figures like Shakespeare (who in many ways defined the English language), Chaucer, Milton, the Romantic, Victorian and Modernist poets didn't even get acknowledged.

    And since this list is called "classic," shouldn't the selection be more classic rather than popular? Many are just popular American high school reads- and there are just many other better works of Literature from Britain (as well as world Anglophone) and from before 20th century!

  7. Joseph Conrad did not write anything called "Apocalypse Now." If all he gets is an honorable mention, you could at least have attributed one of his books' titles to him!

  8. Tolkien should really be in the honorable mentions and mabye a top 10 writers or authors of all time,
    not just english language or international.

  9. Stupid list, made by ignorants.. "Author" means whatever it is… Including poetry and plays. Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer and Poe should've been included!

  10. Charlotte Bronte instead of Orwell, 1984 is not classic while Jane Erye does!

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