Top 10 Books To Read Before You Die

from a dead man greetings it is a truth universally acknowledged that some books will change your life slaughterhouse-five isn't that an awful name oh yeah that's a great book welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks of the top ten books to read before you die for this list we're looking at books that may heavily influence your perspective and outlook on life on yourself and on the people around you we're looking exclusively at novels today so we won't be including novellas like the petite crise or lengthy poems like The Odyssey I concur joy me Odysseus a mortal man of flesh and blood and golden line number 10 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck there ain't nobody gonna push me off my lane this classic novel focuses on a family whose farm is seized by the bank during the Great Depression a fate that befell countless people during that time unemployed destitute and hoping only for an opportunity to work to pay for food and a roof over their heads the Joad family follows empty rumors of jobs across the country slowly starving to death maybe twenty days work and maybe no days we got it when we get it Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck is renowned for capturing the terrible realities of the Great Depression and he does a heart-rending job exploring the hardships desperate dreams and unwavering love of the 1930s as well as shining light on the social and economic injustice that still exists today in many parts of the world wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat I'll be there wherever there's a cop beating up a guy I'll be there number nine slaughterhouse five or the Children's Crusade a duty dance with death Kurt Vonnegut pilly goodtime tripping again I can always tell you know when you've been time trippy Kurt Vonnegut semi-autobiographical satire is not what you'd expect for a World War two novel protagonist Billy Pilgrim is unstuck in time and his story bounces between the atrocities of war and his later life as a veteran not to mention the time he spends as a prisoner on planet Tralfamadore after being abducted by aliens welcome to the planet Tralfamadore mr. pilgrim in spite of the wacky adventure and deceptively like tone the book is drenched in the sorrow and trauma that Vonnegut experienced firsthand in The Dresden bombing during the Second World War it looked like the end of the world what looked like the end of the world mr. pilgrim Dresden after the bombing from its dry humor to its lights of whimsy to its crazy story line slaughterhouse-five will change the way you think about both war and humanity we just got a baby boy beautiful number eight Great Expectations Charles Dickens – you're not once won't give you bound you got wings on your boy you've got wheels on you as the title suggests you can pick up this book with very high expectations and you won't be disappointed Charles Dickens classic buildings were man about a young boy named pip is emotional and exciting and includes escaped convicts gothic scenery and ghosts like old ladies take my hand what was me when a mysterious benefactor unexpectedly grants him a fortune pip goes from being a poor country orphan to a rich heir in England from there the book shows how his newfound wealth influences his frame of mind not to mention his relationship with his family and friends goodnight swim you need to be so conscientious never team your glass crystal room should never touch your nose – it all comes together into a complex exploration of class presumption and charity was like that old woman in great expectations that Miss Havisham and her rotting wedding dress and her torn veil taking it out on the world because she'd been given the go-by number 7 1984 George Orwell – our leader that's our eternal allies in said in a totalitarian society with constant government surveillance the novel that coined the term big brother remains the ultimate dystopia 1984 twists with spies fear and mass manipulation while protagonist Winston desperately tries to find a way to remain an individual without being caught by the thought police in a world where even your thoughts are monitored and where you are obliged to love Big Brother and to believe that two plus two equals five individuality is rare and precious but is it worth the risk freedom line is the freedom to say to us – it goes wrong the novel is particularly relevant today where there are cameras everywhere 607 9 Smith W yes you bend over you're not trying it's a book that will mess with your mind in the best possible way and make you question everything you know you should try reading Orwell's 1984 I have it's a great book really awakened me in high school I think kids should be forced to read it me too number six Harry Potter series JK Rowling you're a wizard Harry I'm a lot a wizard this is the series that defined a generation for ten years children and adults alike waited with bated breath for the next installment of this fantasy series so that they could find out what would befall Harry and his friends and their fight against you-know-who we can expect great things from you after all He Who Must Not Be Named did great things Harry may only be 11 in the first book but this is definitely not just a series for children from the complex characters to the imaginative world and it's sparkling humor Harry Potter will continue to throw readers of all ages I'm a massive Harry Potter fan what yes you'll tear through this series faster than Hermione can read Hogwarts and history I bet abashed in couples history number 5 The Catcher in the Rye JD Salinger it's called Catcher in the Rye and it has some very risque parts all right The Catcher in the Rye has achieved almost legendary status since it was first published in the mid 20th century not least because John Lennon's murderer was carrying a copy of the novel in his pocket it's certainly a dark book but a dark book well worth reading and worth rereading if you only skim through it in high school teenage Holden Caulfield supreme unreliable narrator and antihero struggles with ideas of innocence and experience as he deals with adolescents his distant parents and the death of his brother all told from inside a rest home young Hank Lee the whiz kid who shot Reagan at his press secretary said if you want my defense all you have to do is read Catcher in the Rye with a protagonist that's both incredibly jaded and beautifully naive in his desire to protect children from the depressing reality of the world and from the corrupt manipulative phony adults the novel's impact on pop culture is undeniable ever since I read Catcher in the Rye been having these blackouts crazy thoughts of wanting to kill the phonies number four weathering Heights Emily Bronte incision prepare yourself for romance with a capital R including obsession revenge and elements of the supernatural through the loops of the double frame and several unreliable narrators this nonlinear story weaves its way across the stormy treacherous moors of England it also sees ghosts and memories of childhood trauma haunt two generations while the cruel Heathcliff seeks revenge on everyone who wronged him and separated him from his soulmate Cathy maybe I am Heathcliff he's always always in my mind notice a pleasure anymore remember was a pleasure to myself Cathy is dead by the time the story begins but her spirit still wanders the Moors tapping at windows and asking to come inside this brilliant novel rest somewhere between doomed love story and psychological horror complete with an incredibly vivid atmosphere and the ultimate Byronic hero I read Wuthering Heights every Christmas it's my favorite book number three Moby Dick or the Whale Herman Melville my toy to the white one of the most important books of the 19th century Moby Dick tells The Adventures of wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage on the whaling ship commanded by Captain Ahab Ahab is on an insane quest for revenge against a whale of all creatures for hates sake I Spit my last breath at day in his poetic almost biblical tale of madness and vengeance Melville tackles the relationship between humans and the natural world the first line call me Ishmael is one of the most famous openings ever written and the rest of the book deserves just as much attention call me Ishmael number two Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen and may I introduce mr. Darcy of Pemberley and Gotha the story of Elizabeth Bennet mr. Darcy is a classic for a reason Pride and Prejudice isn't just a brilliant romance it's also equal parts comedy in scathing social satire I thought the poetry was the food of love of a fine stat rabbit may but if it is only a vague inclination and prevents one puss on it look at it stone dead so what do you recommend everyone is heard of mr. Darcy perhaps the most famous romantic hero of all time but the other characters are just as compelling from strong willed Lizzie and her four sisters to the grotesque Lady Catherine and the arrogant mr. Collins as the title suggests the book is a complex exploration of different kinds of Pride and Prejudice and would you consider pride a fault or a virtue that I couldn't say such as the ways in which they are imbued in Western culture and the ways in which that can be overcome Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice she was too proud oh I thought you hated Pride and Prejudice so was she to prejudice in mr. Darcy is too proud I before we unveil our topic here are a few honorable mentions gender treachery I like girls Christ they could have sent you to the colonies and it send you to the colonies if your ovaries is still jumping what you don't understand is that it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees you have it backwards it's better to live on your feet than to die on your knees okay listen up whoever holds the conch gets to speak that's the rule is this like assembly sir yeah except anybody who wants to speak gets to do you remember what you asked me the other day if every two books a burm remember hmm that's not a red one when people have the freedom to choose that she was wrong every single number one to kill a mockingbird Harper Lee there's a sin to kill a mockingbird what well I reckon because mockingbirds don't do anything but make music for us to enjoy said in the southern United States Pulitzer prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird is narrated by a character named Scout there was no hurry for there was nowhere to go nothing to buy no money to buy it with although Maycomb County had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself as she tries to navigate childhood she watches her father a lawyer defending a black man tried desperately to use his own power as a white man to bring change to their racist town name Oh God do your duty this book sheds devastating light on a white male power structure that still rules and many if not all parts of the world its persistent social relevance complex characters and excellent prose are just a few of the reasons you should definitely give it a read I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the third time my friends make fun of me I think I'm not only girl in the whole school who doesn't like the Twilight books do you agree with our list I've told you everything already what is it you want me to know what's your favorite book for more literary top 10s published daily be sure to subscribe to ms mojo once you've got hold of your room I want you to mount it I'm grip it tight you don't want to be sliding up the end you

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Books To Read Before You Die

  1. A book people should read is Whisper. It grabbed my heart, broke it, and put it back together. It opened my eyes to a lot.

  2. My 16-year-old daughter is a voracious reader, and will read just about anything, from the Lord of the Rings, to "Maus", to the Bible. She just finished "Pride & Prejudice" last week…and found it deathly dull. She also hated "Lord of the Flies". However, she loved "Of Mice & Men", "Great Expectations", and "The Outsiders", which is painfully missing from this list.

  3. Where's JRR Tolkien?! His books defined the genre! Harry Potter is fun and enjoyable, but sticks out like a sore thumb in this list of classics.

  4. I am sorry but I read the little prince a month ago and it was the saddest children's book I've read

  5. What is wrong with you? Wuthering Heights but no Jane Eyre??? And Harry Potter but no Lord of the Rings? No Les Miserables or Anna Karenina? That's a big NOPE! Although I agree To Kill a Mocking Bird deserves to be number 1.

  6. 1) The Bothers Karamazov, 2) Nostromo, 3) Middlemarch, 4) Ulysses, 5) Absalom, Absalom, 6) The Red and the Black, 7) Don Quixote, 8) Women Love, 9) Dr Faustus 10) Moby Dick

  7. i feel like maybe the help should have been on the list or an honourable mention. but they are really good books on the list.

  8. Harry Potter teaches you.
    Harry Potter teaches you love.
    Harry Potter teaches you friendship.
    Harry Potter teaches you difference between evil and good.
    Harry Potter teaches you what leads us to choose evil and why being good is better.
    Harry Potter teaches you a tale of success (of JK Rowling)
    Harry Potter entertains you.

    And you illitrates fuckin say that it shouldn't be on this list.

  9. Here is why I think everyone is overreacting about harry potter being on this list and some other things that i want to point out
    1.) shouldn't be looking down on harry potter because it may be a fantasy or a "childrens" book because it has many life lessons in it and things harry has to over come
    2.) Should be acknowledging the fact that it is so very well made and has a great plot
    3.) Realising that not all books that are beautifully written and should be read don't have to be old as f*ck
    4.) not everyone will share your opinion
    5.) most importantly this is a watchmojo video when have these videos eve been right about something

  10. What about the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit written by J.R.R Tolkien? Exceptional pieces of prose that should have been included on this list, seeing that the Harry Potter series made it.

  11. J K Rowling isn't just the poor man's George MacDonald, she's the bankrupt man's George MacDonald, rotting away in the Marshalsea debtor's prison for life…which reminds me, why isn't Little Dorrit on this list either? A plague on all your Harry Plotter houses.

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