Top 10 Books of 2012.

hi today we won't talk to you about my 10 favorite books that I read in 2012 in 2012 I read a lot of really good books that I also read a lot of books that I wasn't a fan of I rated all of these books on Goodreads but the books I'm going to share with you did not all necessarily get 5 stars these are basically the books that I would give to people if they were to ask me for recommendations this is also in no particular order by the way number one is Scott Pilgrim I bought and rent the first one last year but this year I got the rest of the series from the library and I had a really great time reading it there's a reason that people recommend this book to people want to start out reading graphic novels I really like the drawing style it's very creative and witty and I would definitely recommend it to everyone number two is perhaps a bit predictable but it is they Fault in Our Stars by John Green I love this book for several reasons number one I wrote my master's thesis on this I translated a chapter from The Fault in Our Stars other reasons include the fact that my last name is in it in part and that part of it is set in Amsterdam I like it so much that I actually own two copies and I'm about to get a third one because I'm going to john green's event in Swindon number three is possibly my number one favorite that ever this year and actually only finished it last week it is the Virgin Suicides I haven't had time to record a review of this yet so that will be coming up soon all I can say for now is that it blew my mind feel like this could probably end up in my top 10 of books ever number four is the day of the Triffids by John Wyndham I've talked about this quite a lot it is an apocalyptic book that I read for my apocalyptic fiction class it was quite a big surprise because I'd never heard about it before but I can definitely recommend this if you like apocalyptic fiction number five is three men in a boat by Jerome K Jerome it was kind of my first experience with British humour and literature the only other similar thing I'd read was The Importance of Being Earnest this book really surprised me I enjoyed it quite a lot and it made me laugh out loud which definitely makes it deserve a spot on the top ten of 2012 number six is never let me go I'd seen the movie before I read the book and I kind of regret doing that because I feel like I would have even liked the book more if I hadn't seen the movie yet but nonetheless this was amazing I really enjoyed the way that childhood memories were described there were things that I don't really remember for my own childhood but I'm sure that happened anyway so I was really impressed with the way that those things were described in this book number seven is Stephen Fry in America which was one of my only non-fiction books this year I read the paperback which has pictures in the middle but I found out that Cayley actually owns the beautiful hardcover Edition which is nice and shiny and as all the pictures next to those stories I wasn't really aware of Stephen Fry before this year and then I started watching Qi and I got really into it and I decided to read one of his books I really liked America I would like to travel more in America and this is a great opportunity to both read about Stephen Fry and about America I liked it so much that it also gave it as a birthday present to someone number eight and nine are both the young adult books number eight is a million Suns by Beth Revis and I got this one for my birthday in January it's a sequel to across the universe which I really enjoyed and fortunately a million Suns did not disappoint usually I just like sequels and I always hate the third part so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the third one which I think might be coming up this month I also get this book to someone as a Christmas present it don't have number nine here right now because I gave it to my brother to read but it is divergent by Veronica Roth I felt like I'd read divergent last year but I looked at my list and apparently I read it for the first time this year if you like dystopian young adult fiction and you haven't read this one yet definitely try it out and number ten is also one that I don't have here right now but it is hark a vagrant by Kate Beaton which is a great graphic novel slash compilation of cartoons based on literature and history Kate Beaton has a website where she posts her cartoons and a lot of these cartoons were compiled into a book felt Harkov a current and it is pretty amazing and I actually can't wait to reread it this year I hope you enjoyed this top ten of my favorite books of 2012 in the comments you can let me know what your favorite books from 2012 are I have made video reviews for most of the books that I mentioned in this video so I will link all of those in the description and I'll talk to you guys later Dewey

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  1. "Stephen Fry in America" is only set in the USA and America is a whole continent, not only the countries above Mexico. You can't say you "Love America" when you only have visited the United States and/or Canada.

  2. Just the fact that a big part op The Fault In Our Stars takes place in the Netherlands is pretty awesome, proud to be Dutch.

  3. if you liked divergent you should read insurgent and allegiant. best books ever. they belong to the divergent series from veronica roth 🙂

  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I love British humor and had not heard of Three Men in a Boat. I'll be checking it out!

  5. Your thoughts are great. May I offer a kind comment? Slow down! Both your words, and when you wave the book around. You might want to think about that.

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  7. A book that the end of.a series was A Memory of Light Book 14 of The Wheel of Time. I am not sure if you are into fantasy but I really enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to reread the series. BTW almost done the A Fault in Our Stars and it is increadible.

  8. I love how your bookshelf looks like, very colour coordinated..and you read really cool books, oh and I like your accent too x

  9. few movies ever live up to the books if you like to read stop by my channel and read a few lines from the old rider or when dragons wake  ps i subbed please sub back 

  10. Aww the fault in our stars it's my fave book of all time I love it it made me cry so much!! I hope the movie is amazing like the book as it's out in June 2014

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