Top 10 Best Light Novel Anime

let's compare everybody to my top ten best light novel anime adaptation well that's light novel turning doing it's confusing huh anyway my name is misty slash kinnexa and if you don't know what a light novel is it's like a manga but with less picture and more text like like that Thanks future misty you always have my back unless you haven't put the picture than your fucking bitch and I sleep with your wife anyhow just so you know I'm upset I'm not happy with this ranking in the slightest there's too many awesome light novel and a top ten hardly feature a handful of the best when there's clearly more franchise who would deserve the spotlight so yes this video sucks and I won't hold it against you if you dislike it but let's not going with this backward ass attitude get psyched up because these show are the hottest bitch in town and you should consider yourself lucky if you've seen any of them number 10 me Kagura gakuen kuma Kyoko I'm starting with this one is it the best no probably not is it taking a spot of a more deserving show yeah absolutely but I still want to talk about it because because it's a gimmicky fun show that just entertained me on explicably the characters are just average the comedy is not a new but something compel me to keep watching it must be that lesbian sexual tension vibe anyway the story is about aruna a girl who attend the maquette go to school where you need to choose a school club everyone has powers and you end up fighting different Club for some ex machina reason I like it I just do Lukas Tycho's and Mikoto set semester with a hemolysis Oda technically we got stolen I got a okay sighs next solo que canoe Tippecanoe Broncos ko Kuna theories Lankan go Joey no Co even shows okay antimacassar kiddo a national solution I live in Atlanta mwah go fight tomorrow night number nine Messiaen no friend herb world look I hear you there's currently only two episodes as I'm talking about this but this show made such a solid impression on me that I'm putting in here come at me bro if you watch it in six month and it stacks my bad call it a guilty pleasure of mine the show is nailing everything there's just enough action to keep you hook interesting characters and stunning visuals even the fanservice is original this time there's no one ballasting the girl she does it by herself also limbo if you like useless trivia this show is awesome at dishing out those and as far as 2016 goes my is bay of the year so far it might still not be your cup tea but all I'm saying is keep an eye out for that one you have that patient is really solid so far okay on Mustang you try another simcha okay sticker number eight but I could i casino cavalry recognize another one who came out in 2015 I didn't expect much of it SIA thought myself yeah just another bland harem tab show with empty characters and probably zero to no plot at all um story plot not boo plot in this case there's always plenty of blue blob don't worry maybe it's because I didn't have such expectation for the enemy when it came out then I enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope he has concealed mysteries about magic Knights who attended a school with some flair for the submission of a character as far as generate light novel goes this is as vanilla as you can get imagine a ho yeah Giri Lisa Stella Sangha Amiga yeah get a stocky cancer a ho Toyota number seven gay jet I can achieve Nita Kakuta ket well at this point you're probably looking at this list thinking it's all going to be light novel from the last year but this is the final one in this timeframe Gate left a severe impression on me with its first season last summer I specify because once again this is a show that's currently airing well the second season is it's supposed to tally up 24 episodes in the end and the story is about a former military officer who gets recruited back into service when a weird gate appears in Tokyo and connects to a different world which invades earth if you like fantasy and military it's like key lime pie you don't like pie a fine blueberry muffin don't like muffin either strawberry sex I'm running out of fruit picking algae from Yoga they're gonna get into their sarkodie wasallam yuzu soda Najibullah moccasin number six the ambition of oda nobunaga the ambition of Oda Nobu not a revolutionary anime but you have to take it for what it is the story brings you she had to a 17 year old student all the way back in town featuring pitbull so usually how do who couldn't get a girl can't rise lock with Odin ona one of the major samurai Lord which for the sake fanservice turned all the prime Lords into girls because fuck true history give me today's right he on that it's a rom-com with a background setting in the past if you enjoy samurais you most likely will be pleased with this one so the characters are fun so you get your money worth for sure Hey kou Zhu Zhu Yuanda tada stated Agatha no Maria miracle yeah pizza Oh oh my gosh so now whatever choke on you oh my god skeeters ahkamaat scale all the way no Minamoto dakara gaga Massimo oh my god Antonio Jose Cano come in Hana kanga now Hawaii or any more cognac secured motorist pterosaur number 5 spice and wolf spice and wolf is the pedicle of what I would consider the ultimate light novel the anime is super faithful to the story except for one detail what was it again oh yes this bitch never got closure so if you want to start something that pretty much gonna force you into reading the story on paper after that this is your gal if you hate reading man you're gonna get sour with this one it's truly a masterpiece of dialog and character development but if you can't stand slow pace anime snore the whole story is about a fox deity who travels with a merchant it's about economy is that selling it to you it's really really good – Ned oh just demented it's not kyboots castle Oh yogi goes oh no can't go hand it cocks you must number for a certain magical index or a certain scientific railgun this franchise is a split story one side follows a bunch of characters and the other one is focused on a different crew in the same universe this enemy got an overwhelming great reception all across the board but it never continued past that point because well neither did the light novel if you can enjoy a story that can bring you a wide variety of emotion you should check this series out it's coated with awesome battles character really interesting in a premise that can't really get you invested in a nutshell it's basically magic versus science I'm told you know it's not really go dangle – no it's – mother Sarah she move on you as a take on a classic Romero crew Kade oh sorry okok a nice Romani Cora Tarek America Raza sorry Johnny do you not area number three tralala tralala is an animated constantly get new season so if you like to involve yourself in a plot that has a lot to offer check it out mister is about Mikado a guy who moved from the countryside to ikebukuro district in Tokyo kind of renowned for its street gang still eventually some supernatural events starts – in full and Mikado gets like into a giant mess if you know my buddy Joey the anime man that I lie is one of his all-time favorite story so you better like it if you don't want to be a filthy casual plebs I'm not the one saying and I think it's fun if you watch sorta online instead but don't say those were to him it says sir tea so Timmy yeah it's no cologne Yahtzee you wonder nice tears in Bochum alone you hide attacking a victim number two the monogatari franchise this one is number two only because number one sold more copies keep in mind it's not a show for everyone there's always a lot of information dished out in a blink of an eye you need to solid appreciation for dialogue in a really advanced knowledge of the Japanese culture to barely scratch the surface of the jokes it's a true challenge for any Japanese I'll out there if you think you're up to the task I recommend you start with Becky monogatari otherwise it's cool don't force yourself if you're not ready be ashamed to miss out on what a true masterpiece this is simply because you don't get the chokes oh you don't get what I mean alright well here's an example of what you would see in the show one girl has her brother nee-chan tow afro high three which means hey have you been taking a battery Galera Lee but the funny thing is and hold your chute because this is why it's hilarious that sentence can also be interpreted like this a chant Oh a photo either a same word but different intonation but this one means want to take a bat with your sister which obviously put the character in precarious situation and dad's funny your shit tsubasa as Amita Yuna Oh doctor my tokus n09 De Luca so you know Kakui honest Kati dhenukasura Keiko Zico Toyota's Marie de kado Tuscany Cotabato head finally number one my teen romantic comedy snafu yeah I shit you not this light novel is the one that sells the most in Japan indeed a patient is pretty sweet too I mean just like any of the other ones that updation are always man compared to the orginal but this one managed to keep the bar quite high if you're looking for a story he can relate with a character the best it's this show sure at the end of the day it's still around come in high school and if you've seen one you've seen a tazón but if you can't get enough or you've never seen one I can't think of any show that does cool romantic comedy better than this one well maybe lovely complex but I'm really biased when it comes to that one and it's not a light novel so it doesn't count I'm sorry I get really passionate about this that's a good cookie oh my gosh come on so god aurilla straw you heard a mother ganache a MA oh my god Scott the cook Jean and ocotilla what so tell me did I forget anymore kick-ass light novel like I don't know no game no life site canna highschool DxD T regular at magic high school well I'll make sure to lose them in the comment section I don't really read much of them so I'm not afraid to say that's not my forte but I'm really considering looking them up what's your favorite light novel let me know also if you're interested in different da plays that I did they're all just as 50s this one you can check out my last week video here it's always good place to find a new show to watch or you can always check out the new series that I started it's called fortune cookies the enemy fortune cookie please click one now my table is not know yo good learn the mic off set it up

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  1. My favorite light novels at this moment are as follows: (1) Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (3) I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level (4) In Another World With My Smartphone (5) Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?… I did read Spice and Wolf up to Volume 19… I have also started reading "The Devil Is a Part-Timer!", which is fun as well…

  2. I didn't know Durarara was based on a LN. Usually the girl to boy ratio is way higher, and borderline ecchi/harem. Index/Railgun is that way, but still makes up for that shit in cool characters, unlike Chaos series which had nothing good aside from it's consepts

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