Tool – The Pot (Lyrics)

30 thoughts on “Tool – The Pot (Lyrics)

  1. Maynard can be an egotistical, self centered douche sometimes…but the music he makes is some of the best in rock/metal in my opinion.

  2. This weekend they play in Madrid and I'm going to see them for the first time in my life (They had come very few times to Spain) I don't know how I will react when they come on stage, it's like a dream come true

  3. Maynard sucks with all this hiding around and all this fucking shit he's watch too many movies but for the band Tool the best out there they need another singer another singer that wants to stand out front and not be this kind of fucking Paradox bulshit things ain't what they seem to be fuck that talking weird motherfuker the band rocks no doubt about it bottom line Lollapalooza fucking great that's when to fucking hit it big that's when Maynard would be right out front backing his band no shirt on crunched over and ripping it Orlando fuckin'-a but now where is he we're in some kind of fucking bear suit behind the fucking curtains come on man the job tool band. But Hellsing for pucifer right out front don't get me wrong pucifer is the shit not use right out front there come on Maynard quit being a dillhole

  4. A message for certain persons that make up the "Powers that be" currently running things, those that want to point fingers and care more about pushing their hate, prejudice and bigotry and such on others. Go f**k yourselves.

  5. I've been so carried away with the music that I never noticed some of Manyard's vocal work…then when I finally noticed, it made the music that much cooler

  6. My favorite band if all time….you feel.the music through your soul….the words are like reading from some sort of spiritual text…. amazing…'s genius

  7. If you speed it up at about 1.25, the bass line sounds like something from an early 2000's 3D Sonic game

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