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  1. So you can’t find tool songs basically anywhere anymore, and my dad has this cd and he said I’d inherit it, and ngl I’m a teeny bit hyped for my dad’s death.

    Jk for real tho I want that cd

  2. … life would be……..if I weren't……in this life, in their world.  all but….a perfect circle

  3. My neighbors must love tool, because every time I turn tool on they start pounding really hard on my door. It's hard to hear them though.

  4. Wagon Bumping with the North at the Donner Party, the Irony of Equality and What Us North Guys Really Meant:
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  5. i go mad when my phone in my pocket accidentally closes or skips to another song.. fuck youtube i wish it was on spotify

  6. I guess you really have to be living through something to sometimes fully comprehend a song. This is gold.

  7. Only just discovered tool wow. Listened to a perfect circle before but never heard tool so glad that's changed

  8. Sounds like those broken relationships were the two are addict one to the other in a toxic way and they can't just end it. It could also indicate the relationship between a man and his dogmas, afraid of being really free and his need to have a guidance to live by blindly.

  9. Here from a playlist that says this song is in 5/4 but it just sounds like a rhythmically weird 6/8, am I crazy?

  10. Everyone's life is like a jigsaw puzzle in the beginning. It might be hard to solve but every pieces fit to complete the puzzle called life. The singer/writer knows for a fact that the pieces fit because once he had the "perfect" life he wanted and he watched it get ruined. Over time, his life went from bad to worse and "fundamental" differences were created.

    Only when two people have pure intentions and no ulterior motive against each other, then a loving relationship starts to bud. This "loving" relationship maybe be between parent-child, among friends, between lovers. Just as a loving parent wants nothing from their child, true friendship, true love needs no reason..

    Any relationship shall have bad and trying days which will test our communication. The same spark that was the reason for the start of a relationship will be the reason for the deterioration of a relationship. Disagreements will arise when the two person's view don't reach a common ending and thus crippling their communication.

    The singer once again emphasises the fact that the "puzzles" fit because he watched them tumble down. The breaking of a relationship is no one's fault in reality but we want to point the finger at the other person and blame. If we do this, the temple(relationship) that we created will topple over and in order to make it alright again, we have to rediscover our communication.

    The singer/writer finds the inspiration and beauty even in the lack of agreement or harmony between people or things, and thus the song is born.

    One of the reasons a relationship breaks down is because one yearns to possess (something, especially something belonging to another). James has his fair share of experience and has thought enough to state confidently the detrimental effects of second guessing in a relationship. Second guessing arises when there is doubt and this will surely crumble a relationship unless we improve and strengthen our communication.

    Cold silence has the tendency to gradually destroy relationships due to being lackadaisical. Any sense of compassion in relationship disappears due to "cold silence" between "supposed "lovers or brothers.

    In the end, he emphasises greatly the fact that LIFE IS LIKE A PUZZLE, AND THE PIECES FIT TO BEAUTIFUL AND MEANINGFUL.
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  11. People say this song has such a confusing melody but i hear the beautiful harmony and clear rhytm in it. It stuck in my head.

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