Tool – Lateralus (HD Lyrics)

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  1. The lyrics video for Tool – The Patient has just been uploaded on my channel 😀

    Check it out:

  2. The fibonacci syllabilisation… And the spiral that connects our human nature to our divinity… Wow

  3. If you are enjoying this music while simultaneously safely using psychedelic substances, I highly recommend writing down your revelations.

  4. This ones easy. Thinking it over, analyzing, connect the body to the mind fortifying my intuition creating opportunities to feel my will and feed this moment

  5. The highlight of this song for me is the mention of infancy. Infants can only see black and white. Yellow happens to be the universal colour of not happiness but consciousness. You see this in use of post it notes and the simpsons. It’s a memorable color that is one of the first we come to see as children. In the eyes of a child a smiley face or yellow glow of the sun will be their first happy memory. As they grow reach and awe begin. The mind evolves and the child is able to express and desire. Dance and learn. Imagine if we all lived in this raw existence of childhood. Be on the same level and happy. Pure joy, mused by everything and bewildering human.

    Or eat candy while you headband to this track. It’s all good 🙂

  6. Lateralus by Tool has got to be one of the most fascinating and riveting immersive and all consuming masterpieces ever created by a band! The very fact that it is one of the best human examples of the golden ratio should deserve it a place amongst the works of art by some of the old masters such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo! Despite the fact that I find Maynards live performances highly irritating because he continues to lurk in the shadows instead of facing the crowds I will continue to love Tool til the end of my days, they have a very special place in my heart and this is by far one of my favourite songs of all time! Thank you for sharing this brilliant video with all the lyrics. I will say though at 7:34 it is not "I move myself between the sounds" but rather "I lose myself between the sounds"
    I guess you could interpret either as correct or similar because you could be moving when you are losing yourself? 😉 but just for pedantics: if you listen closely at 7:34 Maynard does sing "I Lose myself" not I move myself.

  7. Hello, here's a guy who never comments. I came here cause I was surfing songs to practice my singing, so I just stayed for a minute at songs like One – Metallica, Chop Suey – SOAD etc. And I was planning to do the same here… Needless to say I ended up forgetting about my singing and started shouting the whole thing, while headbanging and crying, fingerdrumming painfully against my table, pulling my hair and hitting my chest, I was completely possessed by the spirit of Lateralus. That is, what Lateralus is.

  8. Maynard must have risked taking a lot of acid–it isn't poetry;it is Shamanism on the level for a change…But don't play games with madness–it has a tendency to bite…be careful you might not come back…come back for our benefit…Thank you Maynard and bless you…

  9. people say music changes meaning for them… I dunno what that is… I hear it & it fits. Nothing changes, only perception.

  10. Tool has expressed the tenants of ancient wisdom long gone.
    It is concise and great. Won't find this in any media or schools.
    This is the 'truth'. 🙂

  11. This video background dèjá ve memories from my childhood like pretty color's no I'm not high I just love color's all kind pink black purple is my favorite color

  12. Your reality "Bends" with each separate significant infinite possibility. Remember The Jonestown massacre in Guyana? Think about it. Jimmy Carters wife and Jerry Brown should recall it quite well…… Don't get lost in the details. The devil is in the details.

  13. Yo no entendía cómo la gente decía "esto es droga auditiva", pero resulta que si te comes unos hongos, y escuchaste este albúm viajando, cuando lo escuches por el resto de tu vida te va a volver esa sensación en el pecho.

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