Tons of Great Educational Toys for Toddlers!

let's count the cars 1 2 3 4 5 6 in our last car number seven we have seven cars red orange yellow white green green blue and purple now that we have our car sorted let's put them in garages we have one two three for by six and seven garages that go way up high and we have one two three four five six seven cars one part for each right let's figure out where each car goes here's the number one we're just number one part o right here in the one garage how about the number two you know we're the number two goes let's see all the way up here into the number two garage next we have number three where does the number three go let's see right here now it's the number for stern where do you think the number 4 cups I'll bet it goes right up here and the number 4 garage the next three garages are way up high so we have to look up here's the number five where do you think the number five goes right up here next we have the number six where do you think the number six goes hmm did you say dear good job that's where the number six goes our last part is the number seven the number seven goes whoa way up high in the number seven garage we parked all of our cars in a garage Oh No our garages got turned around how oh no what car is inside maybe we can count and find out one two three four five six I'll bet the number-7 car is in this garage it is alright that's how we can find out what car is where how about this one one two three four five it's so number five let's try counting on this one one two three four five six it's the number six how about this one two three four it's the number four and this one one two it's the number two let's count these one two three it's the number three last one any guesses one it's the number one good job look at how tall our car tower is we're missing a car it's the number one wait for me guys wait for me oh no number one oh well better luck next time let's learn colors with ball pounding tables what color is this can you tell me which color this is do you know this color and this one green yellow red one two three four please live can you count your turn I had fun playing did you let's learn colors with this giant marble maze soon okay see Oh Thanks right Remo hey guys check it out we have to peg pounding bitches we have a big one and the small one let's play with the small one first let's count how many pegs it have 1 Q 3 and 4 and it comes with the cool little hammer watch whoa let's put them back where they belong what color is this yellow so where should the yellow peg go hmmm it should go here the yellow mark how about this color it's green let's see let's put the green one right there we have two more left we have the red one where does the red one go right there that's right and last one is the blue one and the blue one goes right there yeah we put all the colors 5 1 2 3 4 on the yellow and got stuck there it goes all right let's check out the big pounding table wow this one has a lot more pegs I'll need help counting them one two three four five six seven eight this one has eight pegs the small and only have four let's see what happens when we give my tap well when you hit the ones in front the one in the back pops up that's cool blue orange yellow light blue pink red purple and green I have an idea I wonder what happens we put cards on each of these pegs there's a green one purple red and pink now it's special whoa blue orange yellow white blue whoa well now that we play with both of them what did we learn well this one is smaller than this one and it has one two three four peg this one has one two three four five six seven eight so this one has eight peg this one has four and when we hit this one the pegs fly out when we hit this one the pegs go up and down each one is really fun which one is your favorite the big one or the small one let us know have fun onion eggplant fish cauliflower Apple peas carrot broccoli tomato chicken call orange watermelon bell pepper strawberry hot dog grapes avocado lettuce red pepper watermelon avocado lettuce Apple orange carrot bell pepper corn eggplant peas onion red pepper strawberry cauliflower tomato grapes broccoli meats fish hot dog chicken Wow

22 thoughts on “Tons of Great Educational Toys for Toddlers!

  1. My name is not Erin Angus that is my mom's name and my baby sister loves colorful things and It looked like she liked the big marble run!

  2. Great work. Your video is currently ranking #4 for the keyword: '2 year old girl toys'. If you want more details, let me know?

  3. Hi there, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much to take your time and put a lot of effort to make this educational video and love to see more if possible. It’s not just about making a colorful video it’s all about educating more people on our planet earth to have a better world and make it easier for next generation, so what you have done is something big. Thanks a million . God bless ya,

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