Tom Misch x Novelist – Day 2 (5 Day Mischon)

23 thoughts on “Tom Misch x Novelist – Day 2 (5 Day Mischon)

  1. disappointed in the new album. haven’t really listened to it at all. but this track is sooo good !

  2. anyone else realise this video is the same length of the song? almost like this is meant to be the music video

  3. Just saw one of your lads Loyle in Melborune, can't wait to see you in the flesh Mischy boy <3 incredible stuff

  4. It's so nice to see you come so far! Keep up the great work, will always support you and your talent! Thumbs up from Spain!

  5. Definitely my favourite track of this project, had this on repeat whilst writing two papers and the lyrics couldn't be more appropriate – "there's more than words and syllables"

  6. Love your work Tom – still thinking about your concert at the Cape Town Jazz Fest. This is another great track and collab btw.

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