Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Year One Content Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

48 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Year One Content Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. please add summer clothes for the summer and on the 4th of July have fireworks going off all over the place.for Halloween add monster masks

  2. Great!
    I played TD1 and loved it and TD2 is even better.
    Dont't throw the idea of an companion app for "offline stash management" totally into the bin.

    And if, then make the UI 'shield agent style' 😉

  3. Even casuals are hopping on the Division bandwagon now. The game is great, still playing whenever I get the chance, good job Ubisoft. So glad good games still exist.

  4. I love the first division game playd all dlc content. Looking for the samme for seconed so far so good!

  5. I think I missed something…Does that DLC also open up no open world areas, or are they kinda linear?

  6. Ubisoft is the only publisher out of the giants of the gaming industry that actually learnt from their mistakes and are building upon it

  7. Wtf is the point in buying the year 1 pass then? If it's all just gonna be free?? Did I waste 46 dollars?

  8. Can we get a flashlight mod, that has 5% accuracy as free content, or just a Flashlight without the 5% accuracy.. please UBISOFT

  9. I really wasnt feelin this game when I first started, but after getting to lvl 13 I'm starting to really dig it

  10. Im proud off Ubisoft right now, they did good for the pass few years and Divisions 2 is simply amazing, if you liked Destiny 1 and dislike destiny 2, or you like shoot and loot game done right, with nice gameplay mechanic and beautiful scenery? This game is for you

  11. Division 1's endgame was heavily PvP based due to the dark zone. Does anyone know if Division 2's endgame will be the same? im very interested in this game but Dark Zone endgame was cancer some times

  12. Devs: Well done! You’ve brought the “games as a service” model a major step forward. This may sound harsh, but the phrase used to make me cringe and be largely just a revenue stream with little value to the player. Now I see it’s potential. I hope you all make plenty of profit off this, that it is a viable business model, you certainly have won a fan for life in me.

  13. I'm not the biggest fan of Ubisoft (Division 2 is a great game though) but I will say they do live services the right way.

  14. People act like Division 1 never happened and tries to compare Division 2 to Anthem. Yes, we get it, Anthem sucks, so did Division 1 till they decided to improve it. Get over yourselves, you're not being edgy by hating on Anthem.

  15. So it isn’t worth getting any of the other editions? Because content is free. So for the people that got the other editions did they waist their money?

  16. Awesome! But pls fix that graphical issues on consoles first!

    It's a nice game, but it hurts to the the textures are pippin in

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