To Kill a Mockingbird, Part I – Crash Course Literature 210

40 thoughts on “To Kill a Mockingbird, Part I – Crash Course Literature 210

  1. I hated it in high school, I still hate it today. I do understand the importance of the book, doesn't make it any more fun for me to read it. It was torture, still is. But don't worry, there are other classics that I equally hate despite recognizing the social critiques and importance. I hated Emma less than this, I hated the Brazilian classic O Cortiço more.

  2. "The hero of this story is a rich, white dude"
    No! There's a scene of the book that I love so much where Atticus tells his children that they are also a poor family and that his poor neighbor would pay him within his means (by offering food and such.) I think that's important.

  3. 1:49 I've been saying for years anyone who would listen, that Tequila Mockingbird would be a great name for a drink.

  4. I've watched crash course this long and…..I didn't realize that's JOHN GREEN?!? The john green?!?!??

  5. I, like some people only actually read part one, and came here to look for a brief summary…..
    THIS SUCKS, it gave so many spoilers and it literally says in the tittle part one so I firkin expected PART ONE ….
    So ummm if you didn’t want spoilers don’t watch this video past 4:30….
    that was my little rant, y’all can go back to casually reading comments now 😉 🙃

  6. Ah the days when a story about racial discrimination didn't feel like it was loaded with so much political baggage. You don't have to be leftist to believe all men are equal.

  7. In my OPINION To Kill A Mockingbird is not a great book. The main plot doesn't really start until over halfway through the book. The only real character development is in Jem and the ending, while charming, wraps up the story too quickly. No wonder Harper Lee never wrote another book.

  8. Those poor books the CrashCourse Literature team sawed apart to make into the door of the Secret Compartment! AAAAARRRRRGH!!!

  9. plz speak slow..
    It is being messed up my mind ..
    u r too fast to make us understand the story..😏😏🙄

  10. Terrible and boring book I’m just watching this cuz I have to read a lot for school but I don’t wanna read

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