Tired Pony – Dead American Writers (full audio)

12 thoughts on “Tired Pony – Dead American Writers (full audio)

  1. @FriedChickenofDeath6 ok the songs nearly as good as your username.I heard Tired Pony on the radio at work and thought thats good to chill with a ice cold lager when i get home,so i did. Thanks for the reply chickenofdeath.

  2. @rikyization My God! I was trying to remember where I heard this special kind music! Thanks! Great influence from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!

  3. I am completly confused right now. Did Snow Patrol change their name to Tired Pony or is he in another band. Can someone please explain 😛

  4. I am utterly in love with this. The choruses are killing me, though! Can anyone tell what those lyrics might be? 🙁

  5. Love this track. Heard it for the first time on Radio 1 today and am glad to have found this version on youtube. Thanks!!!

  6. is this the full audio, sheepy? it cuts off odd. (dreamallthisagain here)
    thanks SO much for the uploads though. the website rarely works for me ><

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