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hi my name is Cory Tedrow I'm a senior solutions specialist with avid and I'm going to be talking to you today about some of the tools that you can use to speed up your editing inside the media composer timeline the project we're working with today is several interviews that we did with different avid editors about the tools that they like to use when they work in media composer the first section we're gonna be looking at is one where doc Krotz are an editor probably best known for Glee and Sons of Anarchy doc is talking about how editors go about learning new tools so let's have a listen everyone has their own way of working and oftentimes I think it takes so I like that piece but we could get to it a little quicker if we removed that um that we hear there so since we're working with audio I'm gonna switch my timeline over to my audio edit view and this is a customized view that I've created and you can see I have nice big waveforms so I can see the audio everyone has their own way of working and often time and now we can see exactly where the UM is that we need to remove so first I'm going to add an edit on the video and the audio tracks and then we're going to move the blue position indicator to the other side of the UM that we need to remove now I don't need to mark it in or out what I can do is use a tool called top and that is going to do just that it's going to remove the top of that section that I was in taking it right back to the top of that cut and now you'll see that very quickly we've removed the UM everyone has their own way of working and oftentimes I think it takes someone else in addition to the top function we also have tail which as you can imagine is the opposite that will remove the tail of any section between the blue bar and the next edit so again very quick way to tighten things up moving down along we have the next editor we spoke to with Stuart bass known for Arrested Development in the office and in this section he's talking about footage so let's have a listen searching through material and you know looking for takes most of your time is make sure that I'm I'm just what so this is a great piece where he's talking about dealing with lots of footage but I'd like him to get to the point a little quicker so I want to remove on the end of that first section and we're gonna do this by basically creating a nail cut and we're doing pretty easily we're gonna mark it in just on the audio and then we're going to use something called extend edit and this is going to basically extend the audio clip at the end there back to that endpoint searching through material actually these days with the directors just left the camera so much better that's now tightened up a quick way to do an Al Kut now if we take a look at the b-roll that we're covering with there it's not a lot of them activity in and it's not very interesting so I think I want to swap that out so I have another shot here that we're gonna use to replace it with a little more emotional and more color now in order to do this you know typically you'd have to mark it in and out and basically you know cut that over but we're going to use a tool called replace edit and that's gonna allow me to do just that now the nice thing about replace edit is it lets you do it based on simply the position of the blue position indicator bar so here I simply patch my track and the blue position indicator on the source monitor is going to replace the edit on the record monitor for the purpose of demonstration I've been using the mouse to execute all of these commands however all of them can be found in the command palette and can easily be mapped to a keyboard you can find replace edit and top and tail under the Edit tab and extend can be found under the trim tab and that is how you can use top and tail extend edit and replace edit to speed up your editing inside of Avenue [Applause] you

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  1. Tail & Top perfect tool – I've binded to the 3 and 4 keys – works brilliant to me., but you need to beware you can get out of sync with your tracks off – it's good tool when you cut and re-order direct sounds without proper shots over it. Extend Edit looks like a regular option 🙂 I use it since I started editing.

  2. Interesting topic but you made a basic mistake – when you topped the first "erm" at 1'38" all your interview footage (v1, a1, a2) shifted up the timeline by that amount, but everything else stayed put. Time sensitive cutaways/b-roll on v2 (or above) have fallen out of sync relative to the interview footage (same with any important music edits and graphics overlays etc.). If you don't catch this error straight away you'll spend a long time fixing things later. I use top tail all the time but you have to be more careful – I usually use them in conjunction with sync lock buttons. I've still not found a practical example of the extend edit function (I used to use this in FCP, but it feels a little clunky in avid) – how was it useful there? You seem to already know what dialog you were about to reveal but usually that's not the case

  3. My name is Spring P. Tate, and I'm a Entertainment Art student studying Film at College for Creative Studies. I am learning Avid Media Composer Ultimate on my laptop, using the book Avid Media Composer 6: Part 1-Editing Essentials. Its because our school no longer teaching Avid Media Composer CS6 anymore. The teacher's had a hard time teaching students, and the student's had a hard time learning it. But as of 2017 they discontinued the program on our computers. They told me the licensing was too expensive. But I am a fighter. I know for a fact that Avid is Industry standard, period!
    I know I have to know Avid to work with the professionals relating to editing major films.
    What advice can you offer me or any help of ANY KIND…… could you do for me to learn everything I need to know about Avid Media Composer.

    I just ordered the book a few years ago, but with this new Avid Media Composer Ultimate I now have on my laptop, I can get to work.
    The problem I'm having is the when it comes to working with BINS… it asked me to look at BIN VIEW MENU, but the icons at the bottom are different than the book. The icons I see doesn't show a triangle pointing down for me to click on to display the menu to click on TEXT, FRAME, and SCRIPT. When you click on the two column roll icon image, it displays as the TEXT itself, and the icon next to it displays as the FRAME icon, than next to it is the script icon.

    Just between me and you that can be confusing, when you read and look at the images next to the direction to know act to do next. It doesn't show the way it supposed to be seen in the bins.

    When it says a icon is on the right side, its really on the left side.

    And vise versa ..But I'm not giving up. I am a HomeHelp provider for my mom, who has early symptoms of demential, and Sun-Down Syndrome, who just turn 90 years old last week, and I'm taking care of her by myself. But you know what, I'm not complaining, simply put God says, 'You take care of the people you love, and God will take care of you. And thats all I need to focus on. And on top of that my moms in good health, THANK GOD..!

    But I also want to have a career to be proud of and have the financial stability to have a family of my own some day.

    There's only one professor at my school knows Avid like the back of my hand. But school is out and for the summer my goal is to at least understand and know the simple basics of learning Avid and to edit my my films on Avid for now on until I graduate. I will be the only one at my school learning Avid Media Composer. But I just don't want to be one of my classmates out there, still looking for a job. I want companies to see what I've done with Avid relating to editing my films and know I am worth investing in.

    Just now a friend of minds walked in the room at school, where I sometimes come to look up info like yours here on Avid on youtube. And when he read what I was typing he just said, 'asked the lady is it possible would she would like to be a mentor to you in learning about Avid. As well as preparing oneself for the film industry. So I'm thinking…WOW..COOL..

    So the question is does the icons I talked about are fine as long as I see the actual icon to work on. Also is there a possible chance that you could be a mentor to me in learning about Avid, and learning from one of the best regarding editing films for the film industry.

    If you would like to help a future film maker, actor, writer, producer and director. I would really appreciate ALL…..the help I can get. I can share my work with you of what I've done so far at my school. And get help from someone like you with hands on experience from the industry whose worked with many great editors can help me improve my work.

    What you shown in this youtube clip I was inspired to simply wanting to know more…
    If you can help, you can email me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,

  4. Thank you for that! Im working now in a TV News Channel but im having some kind of speed problems with the journalists. I come from Trailers and Documental where you have more extended and creative time. What woud be your advice to boost up my editing time? BR

  5. Thanks for posting. The video you are cutting, with the editors being interviewed, looks interesting- where can I view it?

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