good my dear friend welcome to my youtube channel today I'm going to discuss a very important topic that is called it timeline of English literature so dear friend please subscribe my channel and make me thanks so let's instead today's topic but the English the history of English literature started 1415 and it is the beginning period of English literature so put in 15 200 sections 50 that is called it the Old English pure or the English actual period in this period the actual start of the English literature began though there is no any use document about this fact but there are few document about this so 100 1660 to 1500 middle english period this period also become the period of Chaucer and Trust are in this period yourself wrote all of his work so 100 1500 to 1660 the redness of period or early modern period the recipe ode is also divided into four person four parts 15 to 1603 Elizabethan period 1603 to 1625 Jacobean edge 1625 to 1649 Caroline age and 1649 to 1600 common on Commonwealth field so then 1662 1685 neoclassical period neoclassical period is also divided into three period one is restoration then in august Ronettes and third is age of sensibility so 1660 to 1700 restoration edge 7000 to 1745 our Stone Age and 1745 to 1785 age of sensibility 1785 to 1832 that is called romantic beards and then 1832 to 1901 the Victorian age because is also divided into three two parts one is called it the PA flight and second is called it aestheticism and decadence 18 put in to 1816 today highlight age of persona is a period of right and 1818 to 9000 one state racism and decadence then modern age 1901 to 1945 the modern age 19 model is also divided into two period 1901 to 1914 the Adagio Alfred and 1914 to 1939 Georgie and period and then post more opposed to our period 1945 Bruce 1917 that is called the post-war period and 1917 so in 1917 to the present is called a post modern age this also is also this

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