so it's our great privilege to invite to have Tim Weitz come and speak before us hello thank you very much it is an honor to be here I'm glad that I was able to make it in spite of the weather it has been an incredibly difficult week for me in terms of travel I started out in Fargo and I was headed to which is funny enough right actually Grand Forks but then flew out of Fargo to go to to go to Columbia Missouri got diverted ended up in Kansas City they lost my bags all of this weather related then I was headed here last night everything was delayed coming out of Salt Lake wasn't sure if I was going to make it I thought perhaps there was a conspiracy that perhaps Donald Trump had bought up all the weather and he was going to rename it it will no longer be called weather it will just be called Trump now but apparently the fates were on our side and I was able to make it in last night and I'm glad to be able to share some thoughts with you don't have a lot of time so I will jump right into it and dispense with all the perfunctory thank-yous but just know that I am indeed thanking everyone who made it possible for me to come I want to start off by saying that if you do not remember another thing that I say today and I hope that you will it's only 30 minutes it really shouldn't be that tough to recall but if you remember nothing else remember this and I think it is a maxim that we can live by whenever we look out and see inequalities in our society whether they are economic educational disparities and housing disparities and wealth and income disparities in the justice system the maxim is this there are no accidents only precedence and what I mean by that is that when we see inequities in our society we sometimes assume that something has gone wrong that the system is broken down and we can't figure out what it is that's created them but remember there are no acts it's only precedence that is to say things that preceded what we can witness with our own eyes today and if we know what those things are then we can move forward with intentionality to create real equity if we are unclear about what those precedents are we will continue to spin our wheels to no effect so here you are educators folks who work in the field of Education so critical to the development of the next generation of leaders in this country and you know I hope and if you don't you're about to that the system of which you were a part has a precedent of having been set up not for equality not for justice but for inequity on purpose this is not meant as a conspiracy theory it is what sociologists call functionalism that is to say systems look the way they look because they work for the people who count and have the power they don't work for others but the others don't have the power to change them this is not accident this is precedent if you understand that then you have the option to become not just a teacher not just a staff member in a school trying to do right by children you have the option to become a revolutionary up ending that system but you got to understand where that system came from so let's take it back aways let's look at the evidence to suggest that these inequities are deliberate that you face the attack on teachers the d professionalization of education the attempt to privatize it and to move away from public education as an institution it all has a long history it was never intended schooling in this country to bring about equity we know that Thomas Jefferson told us as much see here's a man who for whatever reason is still revered as an educational philosophy icon he founded the University of Virginia for goodness sake don't you know he loved him some learning and yet what Thomas Jefferson said his own words were that we ought to have three years of compulsory schooling so that we can his words not mine rake a few geniuses from the rubbish in other words the purpose of schooling was not to be the great equalizer which is what we like to call it today for reasons I cannot fathom because it doesn't do that and it never has done that but Thomas Jefferson was telling us over 200 years ago that that was not its purpose the purpose of schooling was to rake a few geniuses from the rubbish the implicit assumption being most people are rubbish and they will work for the elite it wasn't education as an equalizer it was education as an unequal Iser fast-forward over a hundred years later Woodrow Wilson also thought of as this amazing educational theorist of the early 20th century before he was president of the United States as you know he was president of Princeton and during that time as he was fashioning his educational philosophies and spreading them to others in the profession he said that what we really needed was one group of individuals to prepare themselves for the receipt of a liberal education that being the term that they used to use for college and another group much larger he said by necessity in every society that would forgo the privilege of a liberal or college education and prepare themselves for the performance of certain difficult manual tasks in other words updating Jefferson but not by much the goal of Education not equity not equality but inequity and inequality on purpose some getting education some not the ones who don't will work for those who do again not an accident a precedence fast forward to the late 90s and I'm sitting around on a Sunday afternoon watching one of the talk shows and who happens to be a guest that day but William Bennett who you will recall was both the director of the Department of Education and the drug czar both of which jobs he did so splendidly and he's being interviewed and they asked him what's the biggest problem in education today and he had a lot of things from which he could have chosen yes I mean he could have chosen underfunding he could have chosen run away cost of college education a lack of adequate preparation for teachers because they don't get the support they need to be able to do their job he could have talked about academic tracking overuse of standardized tests on unstandardized students he could have talked about any of those things but he talked about none of them when they asked him what's the biggest problem in education today he looked right in the camera and without irony or any sense of misgiving updating the words of Thomas Jefferson updating the words of Woodrow Wilson said the following he said the biggest problem with education today is that too many people are going to college and I was waiting cuz you know sometimes when you speak your voice catches and you've got something else but you sort of choke on the words and it's like the verbal equivalent of an internal ellipsis when you write it out it's like a dot dot dot I thought maybe there was a dot dot dot coming like maybe he was going to say too many people are going to college excuse me who can't afford to go like that that would have been fine but he had nothing else that was it there was no comma at the end of the phrase it was a period and I thought well my goodness what does he mean and then I started to think about it and what he meant was the same thing Woodrow Wilson meant the same thing Thomas Jefferson meant that certain people ought not prepared themselves for college but for the performance of certain difficult manual tasks that the rest of us apparently are too good to do it was the logic of the slaveholder the logic that says if they all learn to read who's going to pick this cotton and in an updated sense if they all learn to read who's gonna pick that produce if they all learn to read if they all go to college who's gonna clean the hotel rooms where I slept tonight and all of this week who's gonna empty the bedpans and the hospitals because we have decided that that work is to be done by those who redeem less important and pay them accordingly as opposed to the pharmaceutical sales rep who lives three doors down from me or the derivatives traders on Wall Street who if they don't show up to work for a month you know what life will go on but if the guys that pick up my garbage don't show up for three weeks we have epidemics on our block and if the teachers and the educators of this country don't show up for three months the whole society falls apart but we understand that we've created a system that is not about education for liberation it is about education for job training and only within an economic order that prioritizes the needs of the haves over they have not so we have a choice to make whether we're gonna ratify the system the way Bill Bennett sees it the way Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson saw it which is as a system to produce inequality and to slot people in to a system that is preordained to benefit some and not the rest or whether we are going to view education as liberation because those are the only two choices one will either liberate young people in an educational system that is turned upside down and changed for the benefit of all educators and the educated or we will continue to perpetuate this inequality that was created very much on purpose and we can see it all over the country I grew up in Nashville Tennessee in the high school that I attended in the last 20 to 25 years or so has transformed into what they now like to call a Career Academy now what is this Career Academy exactly it is a Career Academy it is actually referred to as a healthcare industry Career Academy now there is nothing wrong by the way with preparing folks for good and decent jobs with which they can support a family but notice they're not trying to prepare people to be doctors and nurses they're trying to prepare people to work in a privatized healthcare industry that puts profit above the health of this country's people they are preparing them for the perpetuation of a system that isn't about justice that's education as job training not education as liberation that's not education that is engaged in the development of critical thinking citizens of the world it is about meeting the needs of the hospital Corporation of America whose headquarters are about three miles away from that high school and they need pencil pushers and they need insurance adjusters and they need price adjusters and they need people with MBA so try to figure out how to cut health care cost so that's what they want to educate these young people for and the teachers who were caught up in that system have so little power to fight back against it as you well know that you end up becoming part of a machine that you don't control let alone own and those young people certainly don't control it so we have made a choice in this society at least some have those at the top the elite have made a choice just as they've chosen to create an economy we're almost all the jobs or all the income increase in the last nine or ten years has gone to the top 1% the vast majority of it to the top one-tenth of 1% the bottom 90% of seeing their wages drop new jobs paying 23% less on average than the jobs that were lost during the recession so when we say we are preparing people for career ready education we are talking about careers in an economy that is rooted in inequity and injustice we can do better than that and we must do better than that and we must reclaim the purpose of education as liberation as a revolutionary act but yet all around the country we also see folks trying to do that see there are signs on the horizon that there are folks who were woken to this they realized what the real situation is and what it entails you got these young people and their teachers and their staff members who have been fighting for that AUSA studies out in Tucson this amazing Mexican American Studies program that the state of Arizona shut down because they said it was teaching hatred to talk to Chicano and Chicana children about the history of their region as if a they didn't know that their land got taken and as if be knowing the truth would somehow turn them against America turn them against white folks it would so racial division see how that works the history of land theft isn't what created division the history of racism isn't what created the division talking about the history of racism is what created the division that's like blaming your speedometer for the speeding ticket that you just got this morning but that program was working see it was about education as liberation we know it was working because the students who went through the program they could control and do a study where they looked at the Latino kids in particular right who went through lots of studies and compared them to the Latino and Latina kids in the system who didn't enroll in lots of studies and see what the outcomes were what were they you've seen some of this data I'm sure the students who went through the program were going on to college at a rate of over 70% and the kids from the same demographic and cultural grouping who worked going through the program only we're going to college at a rate of 17% say they didn't get rid of this program because it wasn't working they got rid of this program because it was no accidents just precedence but at least we know that work is being done and that fight continues it continues all over the country continues in places like Seattle where brave teachers are standing up and saying just as they did a couple of years ago we're not going to teach these absurd tests to these children we're not going to subject them to this ridiculous standardization regime and you can punish us if you want but now you can't fire us all and when they stood in solidarity at Garfield and other schools and made that point by God guess who backed down it wasn't them you see that tells you what solid eristic action can get us those who were committed to education as liberation can make that difference but there's always pushback right because when you try to educate for liberation those who benefit from the system as it is or mightily concerned there was a teacher outside of Denver a couple years ago Cherry Creek right suburban area outside of Denver read this story about him he's a white guide and teaching math he's teaching students of color and he noticed that the black kids in his class right they just weren't doing as well but he knew they were capable he knew they were bright he refused to believe what the system was telling him that they couldn't be taught they didn't want to learn so he went into the class one day and he goes up to the chalkboard or the whiteboard whatever they use now I don't know haven't been in a classroom in a minute Wright went up to the board starts writing all these numbers on the board right he doesn't say anything to the kids and now they're getting restless right students are sitting there thinking was this gonna be on the test what is this right right which is what every fifteen-year-old thirteen-year-old wants to know and it's all these numbers stuff they've never seen before tables data charts graphs right it takes him like 10 15 minutes to finish writing it when he's over he turns around they say what is that he points to the board he says this right here is evidence that someone is trying to kill you and the kids win wait what what do you mean somebody's trying to kill us and he goes over and starts explaining what the numbers mean he says this right here is the data on wealth disparity in the Greater Denver area this right here are the incarceration rate differences between white folks and folks of color this right here are the income gaps the unemployment gaps the data on racial profiling and police stops in other words he was demonstrating to the algebra of inequality the calculus of oppression and all of a sudden these young people had a fire lit under them because why the teacher had made math and numbers data relevant to their everyday life education as liberation not as job preparation so these young people all the sudden went from getting FS and DS to getting A's and B's they created a mentoring group for younger kids of color to explain to them the social significance of math it wasn't that that teacher told those young black folks anything they didn't know they already knew they'd been the victims of that racial profiling their families had been the victims of the housing inequity but they had never had a person in a position of authority least of all the white man in a position of authority looked him dead in the eye and tell them that thing you think is happening yeah that's happening partner you're not hallucinating so now what are we gonna do about it see when you ratify the truth of young people when you try it when you ratify the truth that they and their families know and you make the learning relevant to their everyday routine they will amaze you with what they can do but this system doesn't want us to do that which is why that teacher then had to go in front of the school board and explain himself and they told them you can't you can't you can't you can't tell the children that somebody's trying to kill them he said why not well you just we have other ways of reaching them and he said really because I've been doing this job for an awful lot of years and I haven't found another one this one worked education for liberation I was speaking at a conference in Minnesota a couple years back and it was a conference for schools that had been specifically and it was a charter thing and I'm very you know hmm right but these particular charter operators had this sort of social justice oriented mission I said you know what if they're gonna have these things I'm gonna go talk to them it'd be stupid not to right so I go up there and these particular schools were serving a population was about one-third unhoused homeless folk right and almost all poor not all of color but disproportionately so including some poor white folks and I went in and I'm and I'm the last Speaker of the day and I'm watching the other speakers that they brought in and these other speakers or sort of given the old you know pull your pants up or get your together routine right basically lecturing the kids like us old folks sometimes or want to do right stop listening to that music you know it's like the old man in Dennis the Menace whatever his name was and get off my lawn whatever right and they're all sort of doing that routine you know it's sort of that sort of that boot camp get it together you you can be anything you want if you just get it together and so all these kids I mean you know third of them don't have a place to live and here's people telling them you could be anything if you just work hard which is another way of saying in effect there must be something wrong with you because you ain't making it right now think about the message that we send when we offer that line to them supposedly to incentivize hard work but really what it does is make them reflect on their current condition and figure out that they must be damaged so I get up and these young folks have got their heads on the table all right they're not listening they got the headphones on they're totally checked out and I'm thinking what in the name of God is this 42 year or whatever I was at the time middle-aged white man from Nashville gonna tell these folks so I got up and I said I just want to start off by apologizing to you on behalf of this country they have not authorized me to apologize but I'm going to do it because we lied to you when we told you that you could be anything you wanted if you just work hard enough I know it's a lie because right now black folk with a college degree are still twice as likely to be unemployed compared to white folks with one Latino folk with a degree are still 60% more likely than white folks with a degree to be unemployed asian-american folk with a degree 25% more likely than white folk with a degree to be unemployed our indigenous brothers and sisters three-quarters more likely so we lied to you and all of a sudden these young folks who've been checked out right their heads come up off the desk the headphones come off and they look at each other and I can read lips right this one dude looks at his buddy and he's like pardon the expression but he says what is this and as in good not as in bad folk so just got to keep up with the lingo you know right what is this and the other guy goes I don't know but he takes out a piece of paper and now he's writing down notes right because all this and again it's not because I'm such a genius and I told them something they didn't know but they never had somebody in a position of authority look them in the eye and tell them they are not the ones who have lost their mind that the system has lost its mind and that we have to upturn the system in order to get back to justice education as liberation that's the choice that we have before us we have to view our jobs as educators whether it's in the classroom whether it's counselors at a school whether it's various types of administrators and classified staff whether it's people like me who just travel around and speak to young people we're all educators in one way or the other even in our own homes with our own children you see we have to explain to them how we got to this place because you know the one thing that we're all raised with in this society and it's the most dangerous thing is that ideology I just mentioned that notion of meritocracy rugged individualism right because if you're raised to believe that wherever you end up is all about your own effort and then you look around and you see the inequities that exist it almost becomes rational doesn't it to default to the position that says well there must be something wrong with those brown and black children and there must be something wrong with those poor children regardless of race and there must be something wrong with women relative to men because they occupied the bottom of the ladder economically as well disproportionately in other words racism and classism and sexism end up being almost rational in a society where you're taught to believe that wherever you end up is all about you right so if we don't explain the complexity of that ideology we don't interrogate it because we know it's not real we've all had helped some of that help was color coded some of that was class-based some of that was gender based some of that was about being straight or cisgender some of that was just about love there are no rugged individuals and will destroy this society if we continue to teach that there are there's no such thing first of all as an individual in the history of the human species individuals don't live in isolation we've always been so beings communal beings if you ever meet someone who's a rugged individual you need to run like hell from that thing because they will be dangerous they'll be feral like a wild animal be like somebody raised on an island by a porpoise they will not have language they will probably try and eat you because no one would have taught them of the taboo of such a thing see there are no individuals we've all had help we've all had luck right we've all had people that have come into our lives as mentors or as teachers and made us the people who we are today but unless we carry that story forward these young people who we educate grow up thinking there's something wrong with them right thinking that the reason that they're struggling is there's something wrong with them or wrong with their families and then sometimes you know even when we mean well as educators I know there's a lot of rhetoric within the schooling world that people say things like you know you gotta gotta stay in school so that you can get out of your neighbourhood of your community right so you can get out think about the message we send when we say that what are we saying when we say the purpose of Education is so you can get out we're saying everything you come from is wrong everyone you come from is wrong and flawed and damaged your mama your dad your Tia all of them flawed you need to get away from them as quickly as you can and never look back that's how people internalize their own sense of self-hatred in this country we have to be honest we have to tell the truth and we have to decide that the education of young people is a revolutionary act it is not what we do for the likes of the hospital Corporation of America or Walmart right it is not for Walmart that we educate our young children there's nothing wrong with working there but there is something wrong with the system that pays the workers at Walmart so little that they have to turn to us the taxpayers to subsidize their low wages with SNAP benefits because the company one of the wealthiest in the history of the world doesn't want to pay them enough think about the irony this incredibly wealthy company whose six principal heirs have the same amount of net worth as the bottom forty percent of the American population let me repeat six people with the same net worth as the bottom 127 million Americans paying their workers so little that they have to turn to us as taxpayers to give them food stamps to supplement their incomes which are already so low and then where do those workers redeem their food stamps pray tell at Walmart thirteen and a half billion dollars a year worth of snap redemption that's our problem is an educational and an economic system predicated on inequity if we want that system to change we have to educate for a different purpose and we have to demand not only that our children understand the importance of education as a Liberatore and a revolutionary act but that our teachers and our staff and everyone who walks into a school knows that that's the work that this is revolutionary activity it is not Career Training it is not making people ready for careers though it may have that salutary benefit it is about teaching folks how to think and how to change the society in front of them because if we do not do that we end up on this path that we see ourselves on now in terms of not only education but economics and everything else sometimes I asked folks if you wanted to create a system that was racist institutionally but you couldn't let on that that's what you were doing if you had to create policies and practices and procedures that would have the effect of generating racial injustice but you had to be slick about it because it's not legal so you got to be careful you can't get caught what would you do what policies would you create you know what policies folks come up with all the ones we actually have in place right now whether it's the way that we fund our schools whether it's the way that we use standardized tests on unstandardized children and then call that justice whether it's the way that we seek to privatize institutions whether it's the unequal academic tracking unequal discipline all these things that happen in schools every day are the very things you would do if you were trying to create a racist and unjust system so what does that tell us we have a system to take apart we cannot just tinker around the edges we can not just get a little more funding for this program or a little more funding for that program or a cut here or in addition there though we need those things what we must also do is create or go back to not create go back to that paradigm of Education that always manifested within communities of color particularly black communities under segregation Theresa Perry talks about it in her work she talks about education and the black experience being freedom for literacy and literacy for freedom right that the purpose of being educated was to get free and marginalized populations have always known that right because if you're from a marginalized population you don't have the luxury of thinking the purpose of education is just so you can make a lot of money and get a good job because you can't take for granted that you're gonna make a lot of money or get a good job so it has to be about communal uplift but what we did in this country when we integrated schools we didn't integrate philosophies of schooling that is the next step integrating that individualistic philosophy which the dominant group rocks really easily and it makes sense for us with a more Liberatore communal understanding if we change the paradigm if we change the narrative if we change the stories that we tell about the very purpose for which education is constructed then we can create a new society we can create a new country and we can generate the kind of leadership that we will need in the classroom and out of the classroom throughout the 21st century thank you all so very much for being here I appreciate your time and attention thank you yeah so I've been told that a I finished early which I've never done in history so I'm told that we can do some questions and I'm glad to do that if there are some I also want to announce and this is I don't want to do this but I have to do this do it you do it it's gonna seem less hacky yeah so Tim you've got books to sell I do amazing and my understanding is that they're outside they are okay and once we're done here I will totally take your money and sell you wanna alright perfect so there's going to be a crush of people wanting to buy your books and let's take questions great thank you so I'm having a hard time seeing because the lights are like right in my eyes but oh you're at the mic right excellent excellent we'll start there and then if anybody will start here and then we'll come back there yes go ahead hi wow thank you so much 21:21 City College of San Francisco my question is what do you think about influence of eugenics on our understanding of the racial issues and if we believe that people of color has lower IQ by their genes inheritance so that means we just have to drop our hands and do nothing about that so there's a lot of critics who I should criticize the theory but we still have the oldest research try to prove that it's true right what do you think well I think this is also how understanding history and understanding precedent is very important you know sometimes we act amazed when someone comes up with those theories about race and IQ or class and IQ there was all this uproar when the bell curve was released in 94 as there should have been but it's not as if there wasn't a precedent for that the idea that there are certain species subspecies of mankind that are superior and others that are inferior has a long pedigree during that same period that Woodrow Wilson was pontificating about education as an equalizer some of the leading academics and thinkers in this country were in fact actively engaged not only in theorizing eugenic theories but in actually sterilizing tens of thousands over the course of the 20th century women of color disproportionately indigenous peoples and African American women and poor white women as well under that theory in fact Adolf Hitler took many of his eugenic policies and notions of racial hygiene from American academics and thinkers so we are the seedbed of that kind of thinking and it comes back around every few generations right and I think part of resisting and equality is that we've got to push back on those narratives very hard those of us who were white in particular have to challenge our brothers and sisters and colleagues and family members who are the ones who so readily fall into those ways of thinking and all of us have got to do a better job talking about that history cuz if we understand that history if we understand the purpose for which that history was created standardized tests right were initially created as a way to prove the inferiority of Jews and Italians let alone people of color just working-class folks from Europe as well that was their purpose if we understand that they were created for that purpose if we understand that eugenics and racial supremacy has been interwoven with not just our schooling but our politics and economy since the very beginning then we have a very different way of understanding what we see right now otherwise we get shocked by it and can't believe somebody would still think like this but they've always thought like that because it serves the interest of those at the top to say that those at the bottom are there because of something wrong with them and thus we needn't do anything about it back in the back first because I saw you first and I'll come here and then I'll go back there so looking for two three I'm gonna make a request now for the third time if we could turn down those lights I don't know who's responsible but we cannot see up here very well you can see so third times still no lights going down okay not all the way down like that you know but down enough yeah so they're not like that number four will get a Ford then two then three yes thank you very much about Joe Barry also from aft 2121 at City College San Francisco first I want to thank you I followed your work and your writing from years and I appreciate the fact that somebody who's gotten a little older a little gray in their beard has not mellowed I appreciate that I want to thank you for that yeah and I want to ask you to to tell a little story that I know you know I've heard you tell it before about the origins of the of the racial system of the white supremacy in the in the 1600s sure if you tell that story a little bit as an American history teacher and a labor history teacher I know that even most teachers even most teachers in that room in this room may not know that story right well I'll tell the very brief version of it because I know we don't have a lot of time when we look around and we see today in our politics a rich white man telling working-class white people that their problem is brown people we need to understand the historical pedigree of that that is symbolic of the entire history of race and class politics in America the history of rich white people telling working class and poor white people that their problem are black and brown people so beginning in the 1600s that is what happens prior to about 1670 or so there was no such thing as the white race at least not recognized as such called as such that is not what people of European descent were when they were in Europe and they were English they were Irish they were Scottish they were whatever would they were they were not white only in the colonies do we become white and for a very specific reason because in those early years of the colonial period where you had white indentured servants one level above enslaved themselves and you had African ascended folks some of them enslaved for life others indentured servants also in the earliest years of the colonies those people would often see their interest as being common they all realized that they were being screwed over by the same landowners the same elite they fermented various rebellions like Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia others as well and as a result the elite in the colonies realized that they had to figure out a way to get the other folks from Europe on their team so they created this mentality that said you're now a member of the white race you're on our team you're you're wearing our uniform now you're at the end of the bench you may not get in the game but you're on our team you see so then they putting white folks now called on the slave patrols right didn't really give them any land or any real power except the power to control people of color which is why folks of color say and they are right that modern policing traces to the system of slave patrols in slavery and we have to be clear on that because that's the history right so whiteness was created to divide and conquer to create the notion that even though you might not have much at least you're not black at least you're not indigenous at least you're not Mexican at least you're not Chinese working on the railroads to build the Transcontinental economy you may not have much but at least you have as w eb de bois said the psychological wage of whiteness and it's a trick that was played during the civil war era on my people in the south right rich folk landowners in the south telling poor white folks who didn't own anything that they got to go out and fight to preserve the rich man's property in human beings fascinating why would you do that why would i go fight for your property well because you told me that if i don't these slaves are gonna take my job no fool they got your job that's the point if you got to charge a dollar a day and you can make them work for free cuz you own them guess who got the gig jack not you so in fact the system of enslavement was in the long run against the class interest of working-class white folks but they got suckered same thing happened in the union movement yet white labor union folks who didn't want black and brown bodies in their union because it would reduce the professionalism of the craft no fool it'll double the size of your union and then when you go out on strike then when you go out on strike they can't replace your happy ass with the brown folk that you didn't want next to you in the first place because when they do replace you with them then you will blame them not the elite see how that works it's a trick and it has worked for hundreds of years it is working on some folk right now and it is our job to resist that with every fiber of our being number two right here I'm mark Griffin from BCC e61 i2 from Berkeley I wanted you to speak a little bit more on a system but you just spoke a lot to snow but I really am in a situation that my school district where it is all about systematically pushing kids from not having any self-esteem at all to pushing them even further down in the grave so now they're going we got we call closing the achievement gap is when you're kicking out black and brown kids that is not what we are about I think we're all here to educate kids that's what we're here for right okay so we're sitting in the situation where us is classified they're trying to educate our kids well balance not just about arithmetic inand ABCs it's about balance at home what about whether a parent is going to take care of a child we're supposed to be teaming up with a parent that's not happening that we have to envision the role of Education as more than this very limited frame that it currently is where it's this subject and that subject and X number of credits in this and X number of credits and that the state may tell you that that's the job the federal government may tell us that that's the job your local community your local school board your local policymakers may but I'm here to tell you and it's the same thing that's happening right now in Tucson ever since a lot of studies was eliminated those folks are on the one hand trying to get that program back because they want to educate in a balanced and real way and teach the young people what they need to know about the systems that affect their lives but even as they are fighting for its restoration they also realize that while the program is not fully restored they've got to be teaching young people that on the weekends in their homes in their basement at the park at the community center at the church at the mosque there's no way that the school system can tell you what you can and cannot tell children they may limit what you can do between eight and three but by god on the weekend they are yours and you can begin to talk to them about liberation and you can begin to talk to them about seeing education in a broader way and that's what we're gonna have to start doing as parents as educators and as concerned citizens and so I suggest to you don't don't you know it's frustrating it's frustrating to continue to feel as though you're beating head against the wall and you're not getting the kind of support that you need from those who make the laws and control the budgets to do all of the work that you need to do but I'm here to tell you some of that narrative that we share with young people it doesn't take that much time and it doesn't take that much money when that teacher in Cherry Creek did what he did with those young students in his math class that was just one day and he lit a fire under them because he made school relevant to them I have a friend who started teaching several years ago and she was I grew up with her and we're both from Nashville and she writes to me on Facebook she's like 40 years old at that point she's just getting ready to start teaching she had just gotten her teacher certification from Hunter in New York City and she was getting ready to be turned loose on the New York City public school system Wright says she writes me at she says what do I need to know I was like whoa where are you gonna be teaching now before I tell you the answer she gave me let me explain this is a blonde blue-eyed former cheerleader and this is not meant pejoratively I'm just telling you this so that you understand when I tell you where they're sending her it ain't that so I say where are they sending you and she says the South Bronx and I said what neighborhood and she said Mott Haven okay well Mott Haven is the second poorest community in this country behind Pine Ridge Reservation median income of households the year that my friend was going to start teaching 7,500 per year per household in income and here's this nice white lady getting ready to roll up in Mott Haven to teach eighth grade you know this is worse than Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds like this is way worse right so she said what do I need to know I said well here's what you need to know first of all eighth grade is like the worst time to be alive on the planet by the way anyone in here that teaches seventh and eighth grade god bless because that's the hardest damn thing in the world right so I said here's what you got to do you can't just go in and teach what's in that curriculum you got to go cuz eighth grades are hard time to be alive they're gonna try to eat you alive not because they're bad kids but that's what eighth graders do right so you're gonna walk in they're gonna have your number from the get you're gonna walk in there they're gonna look at you and they're gonna figure out how to make your life miserable the only thing you can do is take the power back by going in looking at them I would my name on the board turn around face the class and go I know this is some right and she said what do you mean I said literally just like make you have to be self-deprecating you got to make fun of yourself or they will do it for you because if you can signal if you can signal to them that you know I said here's what you ought to do ask those kids the first day of school ask them what do you think it says about the New York public school system that they wanted to send me a thoroughly new teacher who's never been in a classroom even one day into this neighborhood to teach you what do you think that says about how they view you and what do you think that says about how they view me because those children know the answer those children know that if the system really cared about them they dissent the most experienced teacher into that school and paid them commensurate with their skill level and they also know that if they cared about her they wouldn't send her in there cuz see that's the thing the system doesn't care if she quits or if they learn and I guarantee you Kristin this is what I told my friend if you go in there and do that for two days they will love you and you will have a bond with them that will last all year long because they will know that you are an ally in solidarity with them that's the kind of stuff we can do that doesn't take money and it doesn't take much time it takes a different mindset and we can do that last question number three and then I'm being told we got to go sorry about that yes hi I'm Sharon from BFT local 1078 I'm actually a middle school teacher and I love middle school students they're awesome but I you know every year we go through the same stressors at the beginning of the year our kids are just motivated and dynamic and we do a great job with them and then yeah May comes along and testing I want to know what you feel how we're gonna stop the machine that's running our schools with Pearson and what we should do as a district and as a state to stop that money machine from happening is opt out the option thank you yeah well I think it is and I think I think I think we have to be bold and brave enough when we feel that we have the power to do so or we feel empowered enough or brave enough to do so to resist that testing regime very much like what happened in Seattle that's happened a few other places around the country I know it's risky and I know it's frightening but if folks stand together in that if it's just one or two teachers doing it you know that's not gonna work but if it's 20 in a building if it's 15 in a building if it's everyone if it's half the teachers in a building or a third of the teachers in a system then I think the dynamic begins to change so I think we need to learn from that struggle in Seattle we also have to do a better job I think as long as this testing regime is in place and it's gonna take a lot of political work to try to undo that you can't do all of that in your own buildings and you can't do that all in your own local systems you can't even do all that at the state level that's got to be a combined effort local state and federal but I think in the meantime one of the things that we can do with our young folks is we may have to give them the test but we don't have to lead them to believe that that test means anything right one of the things that I've seen with young people is that when you tell young people when you ratify that this test is pardon the expression right the students know it they know it's ridiculous but they're being told that it means something I think part of our job is to de-stress testing by talking to them about the real inadequacy of these things as measures of human worth because if they know that we know that if they know that there are people who are asked to give these tests who think that they are as ridiculous as they the students do a couple things happen we know this from the research right when young people are more relaxed taking any kind of tests let alone a high-stakes test they tend to do better right many years ago when the Princeton Review started doing SAT prep I remember you know there they had an actual slogan they used to put it on on bus stops and on the sides of buses and in newspaper ads and the expression was the SAT is and the whole thing that the Princeton Review did and still does right is their attitude is we're not just gonna drill you on how to do well on the SAT and teach you a bunch of words and math concepts and there'll be some of that but mainly what we're teaching you is the game right that this is all a game constructed by somebody else probably someone who's never been a teacher someone who's never been a professional educator someone who doesn't know anything about real learning so we're gonna teach you how to game the game we're gonna teach you how to play the game better than the people who write the game and all of a sudden the students started doing better coming through that system then through traditional test prep because it was a system that was saying this isn't real this is all nonsense and if we look at it that way we can undo it we can unravel its logic so even though we're trying to get this testing regime nationally overturned and change in meantime we need to be making sure that our young people know that this is not a measure of who they are it's not a measure of what kind of student they are it's not a measure of what kind of human being they are and it's not a measure of what they can do to change this system themselves with our help thank you all so much for being here I appreciate it hey Tim before you go we have parting gifts

33 thoughts on “TIM WISE – MUST WATCH [email protected]# EDUCATION FOR LIBERATION

  1. Damn it tim now i gotta hand over my white privilege check Shit i was just about to vacation in aspen and drive the Ferrari back……sigh…..now i gotta fly the personal jet

  2. All wise does, despite having a large platform, is tell ppl that structural racism exists and to stop being racist.

    At least, I assume he wants ppl to stop being racist, because I’ve never heard him say it .Anyways. We need solutions not just soap boxing and preaching.

    The challenge is getting white ppl to replace a system (their system) that rewards injustice and immorality, with one that rewards justice, creates equity & equality.

  3. Christians and Jews Should Be "Locked Up and Chased out of the public square" According to Speaker, Tim Wise at Harvard Diversity Conference. Tim Wise = Traitor to America and the West.

  4. Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.

    Anyone who deny that Jesus is the Christ is a liar and an antichrist.

    Anyone who deny the Father and the Son means they have not the Father.

    22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

    1 John 2:22-23

    Jesus warned us about those like Tim Wise who will call for the mass murder of all those who believe in Jesus.

    15 I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

    2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

    3 Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

    4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

    5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

    6 If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

    7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

    8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

    9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

    10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love.

    11 These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

    12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

    15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

    16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

    17 These things I command you, that ye love one another.

    18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

    21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name's sake, because they know not him that sent me.

    22 If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.

    23 He that hateth me hateth my Father also.

    24 If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

    25 But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.

    26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

    27 And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning.

    John 15

    Just watch because Tim Wise does the will of his father the devil who was a murderer from the beginning.

  5. So he's saying the same thing the essence of what black men have been saying for all these years……. and we're all supposed to run and love him for it????

    This promotes the white savior complex!!! THIS will do nothing but promote interracial dating between us black women and white women, more and more! Which is not a good thing!!!

    I appreciate his words but these things have already been said in a certain way!

  6. This guy makes wonderful speeches full of truth! When we begin to hear words of wisdom when minorities speak them, instead of waiting until white men repeat them, THEN we'll be making true progress.

  7. Tim!!!!!
    You are Awesome, and I Love your humor.
    Thank you so much for spreading the truth of our education system.

  8. Wow a liberal jew making money by pandering to minorities and telling them that evil white devils cause all their problems, who'd a thunk such a thing was possible?

  9. Tim is "the " priviledged" piece of shit.
    He is the "denier" of rampant black crime.
    he is a liar who gets paid for telling lies to avoid truth.
    He wont take Colin Flahertys request for any proof ,of the lies he peddles
    he loves izrayl not America
    He pretends the statistics of crime are not true……a real skunk he is

  10. The"violent people" would be the French colonizers as well as French loyalist Creoles who crushed the country's economy for several centuries by never forgiving the crushing debt that France claimed Haiti"owed" them for breaking free from their colonial rule. Papa Doc and Baby Doc were dynastic dictators who stayed loyal 2 france and kept the country under their boot up until the early 1990s. Poverty in Haiti was sanctioned by Haiti's 4-centuries debt kept in place by France.

    It was exacerbated by the ethnic cleansing of Haitians from the Dominican Republic by their president Trujillo in the 1930s. Haitians who worked and lived in the Dominican Republic for centuries were suddenly pushed back into Haiti by Trujillo's Army, with no other financial support, new generation of poverty was created by this pogrom from the Dominican Republic. This is simply history.

  11. Look at these white dudes trying to get this black woman out of the way, but she doesn’t get it. Never trust white people 💯 percent about ANYTHING related to race. Now, why would this sister think that this spill was REALLY about black and brown people? BLACK people need to create their own reality in order to effect ANY vertical move for themselves. White peoples will always suck on their whiteness like a lollipop….this will NEVER change. Black people need to quit trying to integrate themselves into “whiteness.”

  12. He is sooo right, the part where he talks about reflecting on their current condition, figuring that there must be something wrong with myself. My parents did a great job, but I had a bad feeling about myself. I went to a mostly, 75% white to 25% all others, school. They were all descent, to me. I didn't have the desires or motivation, the drive that they had. Many reasons, now realized. Not that it was just because of the environment. But, a helpful push, maybe a speaker like him would have woke me up. LIES… I KNOW A SPEAKER LIKE HIM WOULD HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE. Parents worked ALL THE TIME. Had to, but they provided, NO DOUBT! Historians, Doctors & Lawyer in my family, with 2 MLB Players, to speak of! RIP Dad!

  13. – just-a PREACHIN'! LOVE IT, MR. WISE! Nothing but respect… and how could you not? The only person thst could hate on these things, while brown & black are in agreement, because he describes the way we feel, accurately, without a doubt, as evident in our comments, is a person that does not want to learn or hear or admit that the things of the past are true! They simply can not concieve of the notion that those things were bad, that they did them, or that they should help in trying to fix things. All three, would make them liars to themselves, since the last one would be like paying for something that you CLAIM you never stole… but you did. So, THAT IS WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES! You try and fix things, well you just admitted that the things YOU DID WERE BAD!

  14. All the white RACIST cowards here never point out true facts on where and what Tim is lying about…..
    Sad mad racist truth in America

  15. These people know this stuff they just don't give a fuck and never have… We continue to convince ourselves that educating these people help, Lol….LOOK AT THEIR HISTORY ON THIS PLANET, NEED I SAY MORE? THIS IS THERE CULTURE, NATURE, AND HISTORY…HATE, MURDER, RAPE, MOLESTATION, PEDOPHILIA, AND DECEPTION…. IF HEAVEN AND HELL ARE RIGHT HERE ON EARTH THEN WHOS REALLY THE DEVIL?

  16. Denial is the 51st state of the US, for to admit that, with all the advantages and privileges that whiteness affords, one has failed to measure up and achieve even minimal expectations, while a black child with the deck stacked against him/ her can achieve against all odds – is too much for the average white psyche.

  17. This was great Tim makes you see from the responses on this post who are the uneducated middle-class poor whites holding onto their whiteness as he discussed.  When you have a man like Time Wise that understands white supremacy and those that make hate field posts against Tim.  It explains why people voted for Trump and don't understand Divide and conquer they will never be rich or excepted by the top 10%.

  18. The lady with the question on eugenics was making the case that we know what the problem is. We are simply unwilling to do what needs to be done.

  19. People who work for Wal-Mart do so by choice.

    Dont like the pay? Dont stay.

    Have a plan if you plan to have.

  20. The police, the drug dogs and the metal detectors in our public school systems are not symptoms of a problem, they are the responses to the problem.

    High rates of criminality in the black community.

    The average IQ of a high school graduate is 99.

    The average IQ of a graduate with an associates degree is 103.

    American blacks have an average IQ of 85. It could be as low as 78 in the inner cities due to developmental problems brought on by incest.  High levels of promiscuity in the black community makes it difficult to keep track of who is related to whom.

    The average IQ of a prison inmate is between 80 and 90.

    We can predict the future prison population based upon 3rd grade reading levels.

    See the pattern?


    On page 63 of Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart, he displays data on the mean IQ’s of people with various education levels, as of age 25.

    IQ of a prison inmate

    Average black IQ

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