Tim McGraw Shares His Fitness Journey In New Book ‘Grit And Grace’ | TODAY

20 thoughts on “Tim McGraw Shares His Fitness Journey In New Book ‘Grit And Grace’ | TODAY

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  2. An inspiration. He is obviously much healthier and it shows in more than just his physique. He is right- when you go on a journey of health, it's about so much more than just weight. No one can really know this until they have experienced it for themselves. Best wishes for him and his.

  3. Tim u r super cool, when are you coming to san Diego? and book signing, number one fan, please send me your book Tim, I suffer from schitzofrenia and bipolar disorder Tim, and when I see you talking about positive things in life, I feel that I want to do possitive and creative things, may the Lord bless you and your family always. Tim don't forget to send me this great book. blessings.

  4. Hey Today …tell Tim that glock19 says…Trump 2020🇺🇸 cause i know him and his oh so wonderful wife are Trump haters…i used to be a big fan but they can kiss my grits and gravy. Wonder🤔 if NBC is a Trump hater….pretty sure they are.

  5. He looks great. Great shape good looking the whole thing, what 5 percent body fat I am guessing .

    What he isn't telling you is that money buys lots of things like chefs, knowledge on fitness and from trainers, massages, chiropractors and I can go on and on……so what I am saying and already said was money has LOTS to do with it and normal people do not have the extra gain and just the money that he has.

    Good job though he looks great

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