hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to content I am old I'm pushing 30 which is not so old in real world years but in internet years I'm ancient I should have died a long time ago probably from heart failure and because I'm old I'm scared of everything particularly children what are they what are they like what are they doing and particularly what the fuck is tick-tock I don't get it man if I'm being honest with you it seems to be some sort of app where you record yourself lip-synching to a song or a pre-existing video and that's it that's the whole thing and I've been getting a lot of requests lately to do a tick-tock reaction video where I make fun of all the literal children or adults with social learning disabilities and that doesn't sound like a very fun time to me these people are just having fun and I couldn't care less what they're doing but the idea of tick tock is fascinating and I've seen a lot of asked of movie based stuff on there some of it a little intense but ultimately enjoyable I appreciate the people of putting effort in and having fun with something I've made so I thought that today instead of bullying complete and utter strangers I'd bully myself and Elliott and Eddie so today my friends we're gonna be making some tic TOCs except we're not gonna call them tic TOCs because i actually don't like the company that much the app and the people using it they're fine but the company keeps using audio from my videos in their adverts which should be illegal if it isn't already so I'm going to make my own app called dick cock that's funny [Applause] but I have no idea what we're doing we're making big dog big cocks okay Leslie oh he wants to be the cake who wants to be the cake cutter and who wants to be the children I'll be the cake you're the cake I guess I'll be the children all right I think that was really really good I think the my performance is gonna win me a fucking Oscar I need help with the words okay I mean just learn it and then you'll get it Oh missing all right that's the one tick-tock down I mean yeah go you knows that was actually really good and bad now it looks like the baby is also being shot I uh I thought you said like if he was just gonna be in Shiva the baby is not getting shot got your nose look out he's got a nose I like dancing I like trains I haven't worn this wig do I not go away no you go wear a helmet because that's a boy thing boy didn't you kiss girls oh yeah boys boys boys love hats I'm a boy now right here we go I'm filming the wrong way good star I'm filming the camera I like trains this is going well lads hey man look at my new dog oh yeah that's pretty cool ah there's no dog there oh my boy you really are whoa hey man look at my new dog oh yeah that's pretty cool ah there's no dog there I'm here I'm queer I mean I'm just here I'm not gay okay that's fine I'm filming the camera again I got starve I'm here wait I know how to do it be shirtless this time you left you know in this hall oh you know I wasn't in the show no there you prick I'm here I'm queer I mean I'm just here I'm not gay okay that's fine where is your girlfriend Tom where is your girlfriend she's at work oh please where is your girlfriend Tom where is your girlfriend she's at work Oh get up Elliot meet your adoring audience oh good so I for the next MCM for a cosplay of the Turner cardboard sellotape to their face in the hole I'm so sorry I'm so I'm so fucking sorry for about to do so there's a meme on tick-tock that I've noticed that's something like it's syncing to some awful song that's all about why good girls like bad guys and the basic premise is that you start off like a fucking nude and then you like revealed that you're actually cool and a bad boy you like block the lens and then it sort of field and you're like all dressed up yeah we're good I'll go first to lead the way I'm a good Christian boy what a good boys what a good what a good boys do we found a flower crown that'll fucking do it so I good girls like bad guys I had this question for a real long time I've been a bad boy but it's plain to see so either good girls fall in love with me you sure can tempt you to be a bad boy Elliot well that's your loss bitch but that's right content t-shirts are available at TomSka shop calm well as we always hang it's a far as we always say here my channel go fuck yourself


  1. When my friends sing the Muffin Song and when I ask them who made it on YT… there answer: got it from Tik Tok…


  2. I do have tic Tok.
    don't really use it, except to watch a few different people on there.
    I had noticed they had some of your stuff on there, and had actually been wondering if they had gotten your permission for that.

  3. tic tok. why did you do it, this is how youtubers get addicted to it. I'm serious have you seen how youtubers say "this is stupid" and then be posting more on there that they do on youtube

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