Tiggs Da Author – Georgia (Official Video)

21 thoughts on “Tiggs Da Author – Georgia (Official Video)

  1. Tiggs has just lost it completely with his new stuff… shame. This is fantastic. Run, From The Jazz, Rainbow Lover, all bangers. Bring back the old Tiggs! Such an underrated artist back then.

  2. J'étais au volant d'une voiture de gendarmerie, dans un bled perdu de la France, quand j'ai entendu cette chanson à la radio… la douceur et la tranquillité m'ont alors envahi et ma journée a été meilleure. Merci.
    I was driving a gendarmerie car, in a lost town of France, when I heard this song on the radio … softness and tranquility invaded me and made my day better. Thank you.

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