Three Unconventional Sports Novels

hello book people PT here today I want to talk about three unconventional sports books now I'm not talking about your your Friday Night Lights kind of books your books that are that follow a team of conventional sports figures as they strive for the championship or something I'm talking about three books that in three different ways are kind of unconventional in the way they look at sports the first one is a series of novels by scott sigler their the Galactic Football League novels is the series the first one is the rookie and these are great books especially if you are a the football fan I think even if you're not you'd probably enjoy them but it's kind of cool it takes place in a almost Star Wars Ian type of future with a lot of different alien creatures and it's their playing American football like we we think of today but they're playing it with all these different alien races playing and the different alien races because of their physiologies are better at different positions so you have like one alien race that's looks ridiculously fast that are the receivers and the defensive backs and stuff like that they have like a huge alien race that our alignment a lot of fun it's a why a series really really fun though to kind of watch the main character is this guy Quentin Barnes who is comes from like a isolated like human planet where is kind of like racist species its species list I guess against a lot of the other alien races when the book start he's really sheltered and always been taught that the like these other alien races are kind of like a subhuman and not to be respected and so like part of the story is him growing and learning more about these other alien cultures and also just playing football so it's like a ridiculously fun science fiction football series scott sigler is also pretty famous for putting out his books in podcast form so you can I I'm not sure what he has up right now it kind of varies what he has up but at least stuff for a while you could listen to these for free as podcasts so maybe check that out but also the books are excellent so that's my first pick the rookie I scott sigler next up I have deer meat by Megan Abbott this is a story about a team of cheerleaders in high school and it kind of follows them through their cheerleading a season but what makes it unconventional is that's really kind of a thriller and it takes the competitiveness of the cheering competitive cheerleading kind of thing and takes it well beyond d cheerleading a read on into the everyday life the story is this this squad of cheerleaders in this high school gets a new young kind of hip new cheerleading coach and she's really cool and they love hanging out with her and then uh things to get they get a little too involved in her life may be and then some thriller e things start to happen I won't give away too much there but I will say that this book has kind of been compared at times to like a Mean Girls meets bring it on and I think that's a that's certainly an aspect of it but then there's also this thriller thing that takes it kind of takes the books for me to the next level so it's kind of interesting taking a serious look at this this cheerleading culture of the sport of cheerleading and marrying that to to this kind of thrill nourish suspense kind of thing and it works really well i really enjoyed this book so that's a dear me by Megan Abbott the third and final sort of unconventional sports book I want to talk about is actually a comic collection it's a collection of three kind of stand-alone graphic novels that are tied together and is essex county by jeff lemire so you might know jeff lemire from you know sweet tooth or descender or his recent work at Marvel animal man he's done all kinds of great stuff valiant this was before he he did any of that stuff this was as earlier work essex county is basically this this these three stories hope everyone's okay essex county has kind of these three stories that are tied together that i'll take place in this essex county this small County in in kind of rural Canada it's based on the area that Jeff Lemire grew up in and all the stories while all the stories aren't aren't directly about hockey one of the stories is more directly about hockey than the others hockey has an important role to play in all of them and it's really interesting look at the way that kind of in this particular town hockey and is really tied into the rest of the culture of the town diese graphic novels are really moving and really great and i highly recommend them you know it's not the usual thing we think up from jeff lemire now but it's really a heartfelt story if I'm very moving one so that is essex county i think you can pick it up in one paperback volume for like twenty bucks or something that's pretty thick those three graphic novels so that's that's my three unconventional cast sports books we have the rookie best got sigler dare me by Megan Abbott and essex county by jeff lemire i'd love to hear if you have any kind of unconventional sports books to recommend because I like sports about like reading so it's a fun combination let me know in the comments thanks so much for watching I'll be back with another video tomorrow bye

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