Three Days Grace – Infra-Red (Official Lyric Video)

44 thoughts on “Three Days Grace – Infra-Red (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Mat and Adam are both godlike but can we all agree that whoever says to turn down any TDG song deserves to be imprisoned?

  2. I’d like to think that when he says the lyric “I see you”, he means more than just sight ❤️

  3. Wow i va never listen to this song. I skiped it al the time…. but this lyric.. awsome i will listen to this forever

  4. What the hell is this? What the hell is going on with this band? This does not even sound like the original Three Days Grace that I knew seven years ago thanks to their three first albums. I don't wanna mean that this sounds like sh*t, but dude, miss the good TDG…

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  6. I pretty much like all of their songs except this one. I guess that i feel that it is too basic. I dont really care for any song that reapeats phrases back to back anyway.
    On a positive note, i really like both singers. They are similar yet so different that its wierd. Awesome band.

  7. Glad to see 3dg survive and evolve very amazing. Nice careers i appreciate. Tell adam i miss him and the new guy is cool too.

  8. its better with adam

    still good tho. I feel like this is what it would be like if Linkin park got a new lead screamer

  9. What they have done with this song…. the lyrics… the music…. MOVED ME!!! This song is on my TOP 100 of all time!!! amazing!!!!

  10. My brother enjoys the song, then i showed him the video without and he's like : "Youre not showing me the same video!"

  11. I am the only one that sounds like my darkest days, matt does not force his voice as much as in other songs, I miss also my darkest days

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