This Book Will Change Your Life

How many books do you need
to read to achieve your dream life? Two or three to get your life organized,
a couple of more to get that fit body, another stack for building your career,
5 more for your perfect relationship, another 10 or 20? What if there was a single book that
held all the answers you needed to achieve your dream life? This book exists, but you can’t buy it
on your Kindle and Amazon would not be able to deliver it. You have to write it yourself. Imagine putting all your dreams
inside this book, your dream car, your ideal and fit healthy body,
all the exotic destinations you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list. The name of this mystery book is Lifebook. Meet Jon, an entrepreneur and
an artist, the creator of Lifebook. One of Jon’s goals that he included
in his Lifebook was to hack aging. This is Jon when he was 29. And this is him when he is 49. Take a look at Missy, Jon’s wife. Jon and Missy are parents and
grandparents, and they reinvented the idea of parenting and schooling. Their kids did not go to
regular school, and as a family, they’ve traveled half of the world. Jon believes, “My children will learn
more from the bazaars of Egypt than the American public school system.” When Vishen was writing his Lifebook,
one of his goals was to change the environments that surrounded him. Here’s the Mindvalley office
back in 2005 to 2006. And today Mindvalley has an award-winning
office with an amazing design. When Ericka, another Lifebook alumni,
was writing her Lifebook back in 2017, she set an intention to take her
nephew to travel around the world. A year later, they traveled for 6 months
visiting more than 12 countries in 2 different continents. And here’s Gaby who, just as Jon,
challenged her subconscious belief that everybody has to look and feel
old just because of their age. Ten months after writing her Lifebook,
she’s completely changed her diet and exercise routine. “Now at the age of 51,
I have the body that I had back when I was 17.” When you put your dreams into
your Lifebook, “It’s no longer an ‘if,’ it’s just a ‘when’ this will happen.” Now it’s time to write your story. Sign up for a free masterclass with Jon
and Missy Butcher and learn more about how to write the story that will turn
your life into a masterpiece.

17 thoughts on “This Book Will Change Your Life

  1. Sounds like something you'd be interested in? Are there any other kinds of books that have changed your life that you'd like to share with us?

    Learn more about designing the life of your dreams today with the FREE masterclass here👉

  2. Whether you read 1 or 100 how much it changed you and affected is important like I got confidence and patience by watching Tobey MaGuire's spiderman when ever I feel low it gives me confidence

  3. No 1 book will change your life. Knowledge is gained through filtering the knowledge you need.

    Don't chase quick fixes but start to love the process!

  4. Yeah 😍😍😍even I'm writing my life book for more the month, it's very deep and using lot of physocology, science, spiritually and many other things encoded it, I'm curious to read the life😍😍😍 book

  5. Do we have to write it like a story or just bulletins? A reply from anyone will really be appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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