THINK LIKE A FREAK AUDIOBOOK, new from the authors of Freakonomics

hey audible customers i'm stephen dubner I hope you enjoy listening to the audio version of think like a freak as much as I enjoyed recording it thank you so what does it actually mean to think like a freak how could thinking like a freak help you win the World Cup how did thinking like a freak help a scrawny Japanese college student become the world hot dog eating champion i'm steve levin i'm stephen dubner we are the authors of freakonomics and superfreakonomics and now we've got a third book coming out it's called think like a freak we will help you retrain your brain to think about solving problems in an entirely different way it means learning how to say the three hardest words in the English language I don't know it means finding ways to persuade people who do not want to be persuaded sometimes it means thinking like a child it means embracing the upside of quitting I think it's time for golf think like a freak people

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