hey guys today I'm gonna be sharing with you things that you should never ever ever say to authors never ever ever I've been lucky enough to go to quite a few author events and so I thought it would be helpful to share some things that you should never ever say to an author now this video isn't meant to be super serious or anything and I'm obviously gonna be overdramatic and throw some sass in there because that's my jam and I imagine most people know not to say these kinds of things to authors because hey go common courtesy is a thing that exists but if not then hopefully you do get something out of this video today but either way here are some things and questions that I feel should never be asked or said to an author why did you have to give your characters such weird names I mean maybe I reworked this question a little bit and be like wow your characters have such unique names how did you come up with them I found several typos in your book you should really work on that they might have just missed the typo because hey we're all human we all make mistakes everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days why did you in this series that way I feel like you could have ended the series way better than that please back up a few steps and reevaluate your life choices just don't go there that does not make the author feel good wow you look nothing like your author picture in fact you look worse authors get critiqued enough on their work we don't need to be critiquing their image as well I tried googling your house address but I couldn't find it hi hello there's a thing called privacy your book cover is really ugly newsflash authors normally have no control over what their book covers look like how much money do you make being an author I know you might be curious what an author makes but it's really none of your business if this character and this character don't end up together I will kill you don't even go there with the death threats okay did you use a ghostwriter this is actually so insulting please don't ever ask an author this question can I be the character in your next book I hate to break it to you but they're probably gonna say no so those are some questions and some things that I feel people should never ask or say to an author you guys should let me know down below if you have anything else to add to this list also let me know down below if you guys have ever had any awkward author confrontations because I've had several I'm just really awkward when it comes to talking to people that I really admire so let me know down below if you've had any awkward author interactions because I love hearing about those kinds of interactions also if you like this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up I post videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so click Subscribe if you want to be notified but when I post new videos thanks for watching guys and I will see you soon with a new video Bachchu hey guys well that was really close Reverend Gary Gary Gary Gary but if not good enough that but why did you end a series that way like that but gave a dare


  1. Once I met an author and I wanted my new book form him to be signed and I just gave him the book in bag. I never did that before so I didn’t really had an idea what to do. He didn’t make a big deal of it because more people did that.

  2. I don't have a place for you in the book… But you can be a background in the film adaption, and I can kill you off there.

  3. I think Tui T. Sutherland and Soman Chainani have at least some involvement in the (original) covers for their books. I assume Authors can probably make suggestions, or even bring out their own ideas themselves, but maybe most Authors just don't care. I mean they do, but most probably just let the cover artist do most the work, and give the okay if they like it.

  4. ME: I'm making your book into a movie.
    AUTHOR: Oh. I didn't know that.
    ME: Oh, I haven't bought the rights yet, but I'm working on it.

  5. As a writer who hopes to be published in the next 3 years, if anyone asked my any of those, I would pull a Snape.

  6. When I met Victoria Aveyard she was waaaay shorter than I expected her to be… but I didn't say that bc it's rude to just go "oh you're shorter that I expected"

  7. You should never say to any author that you only liked certain books written by them. Even if you have a few books you don’t partially like by that author. It is rude to say it.

  8. I met an author of a book and when I showed my friends the book they were like, "you're a christian going to be reading a book like that you need to re-evaluate your life choices" i was seething becauee this was my first ever signed copy of a book and Ii was like 'ugh did you have a cup of coffee with an author giving you writing advice who is a PHD in philosophy?"

  9. One time in class, when I was writing my second book, the person sitting in front of me asked what it was about so far when they could clearly see I’d only written one word

  10. "Can I have a free copy of your book? Are you going to download it for free on Amazon?" And, then they're shocked and a little insulted when you say no. This may come as a surprise to some people, but writers ACTUALLY do consider their writing to be a career and do want to make money with their books. In conjunction with this, you shouldn't say, — "What do you do for a living?" [As if being an author was a hobby.] Ugh… I've been asked these things quite a few times.

  11. I once spent HOURS waiting to talk to this author and when I finally made it she was being so freaking nice to me and I seriously got SPEECHLESS I just stud there staring at her and when she asked if I wanted to take a picture I couldn't talk so I just nodded 🙈🙈

  12. #4😂. My mom said Siobhan Vivian looked like Pam from True Blood in her author meet and greet picture. Lol. I didnt tell her but my mom kept telling me to tell siobhan😂😂

  13. I met Veronica Roth at bookcon and I went to the signing and when I went up to the booth I said that she was the reason I started reading and stood there smiling kind of creepily like an idiot😥😥😥

  14. When I met Maggie Stiefvater she asked if I'd read the Raven Cycle (which I was having her sign), so I told her yes (I have), and she asked me which one was my favorite and I immediately forgot the titles of every single one of them and had to look down at the books on the table like a tool.

  15. As a writer, I can confirm that saying any of these to me will probably get me a character based off of you.

    Except I will make that character so hateable that everyone will cry tears of joy when the character faces a brutal, slow, painful death.

  16. "You know I could totally write a book. IF I had the time."
    "I have the best story idea! You write it and we share the profits?"
    "Can you make a character in your book who is exactly like me? They have to be… has a mile long list"
    "Is your book any good?"
    "I'd love to be an author and not work all day!"
    I have so many lol xx

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