don't tell anyone okay I need to keep this a secret if anyone found out I got secret access to a Minecraft version I'm not supposed to have oh now I'm just kids but jig is up what's going on guys it's me log that zip Tyler yeah do they have something really fun and exciting to show you I reached out to some people over at Microsoft and they let me have special access to a version of Minecraft most of you have probably never actually got to try before it comes with special mobs and items and I can't wait to show you more I present my craft education edition here we are in the Minecraft menu and as you can see right here and Enderman stole my homework oh it's a true shame I am creator 5 they actually gave me special login email access to an account you're only supposed to have education addition if you're a teacher or you're a student at a school that features Minecraft education edition but here I am in my office mmm I feel nice in here and we get to check out the game first look and I want to show you guys the difference is between minecraft education edition and plain old minecraft Java addition even differences between the other additions such as Pocket Edition Windows 10 and etc now in terms of settings not much has changed on this front so we don't wanna really go through that but what we have here is a little tutorial world as well as an education edition map that I've kind of set up to show you the differences between the versions so that's what we're going to be checking out right now and I'm in my look at my credo Feeny so these are the different things that have been added in education edition namely check out the spawn egg it's a spawn mpca in addition we have some building blocks allow border and deny some new decorative signs the slate the poster and naturally the board and of course a camera and a portfolio are we looking at all of them right now and if you are curious about Minecraft education this you can find out more information about in the description of this video it may be in your interest to ask your parents to follow up with your teachers or your principal to see if you can bring it to your school now when paid by Microsoft or anything to make this video I just thought it'd be a fun video to make I wish minecraft was at my school when I was in it all the same we have here doctor hello doctor what do you have to say to us you can trust me son look at my name doctor well it is convincing we're here at law does it break down the cool features of Minecraft education edition that you can't get anywhere else unless that changes the future in which case who asks you anywho go meet some locals interesting doctor now this is one of the NPCs that you can get by using in a spawn NPC egg it actually works quite similar to previous spawning you right-click and you'll get yourself a new NPC now from here you can actually change the name of the NPC in this case we've changed it to that pretty good name and not only that but you can actually change the text dialogue that the NPC would be saying is also hello world I am NPC Buddha and I love my craft I have I craft and you can even add a URL down here this amazing asset for teachers to kind of direct their students throughout the area now according to the doctor you'll get rid of that guy you get left cleared by giving them the doctor wants us to meet some people so we got some people over here this guy looks interesting hello there wheat master I'm tardy wheat master know what what's your story man my name is wheat master I am the master of wheat you can tell because I stand by it in my free time could you feel like doing are you either corrupted we'll all right wait Master I'm sorry I'll make sure to stay away from your crops guys got issues oh is this Oh an innocent girl okay well hello there innocent girl what do you have to say your are negative the well for good luck you can use mine it's in the house nearby oh well that sounds nice I've I could use some luck after wheat mash you kind of scared me man this house oh man it's completely covered in sand what is going on here what it are we in the right house skulls on the ground it's basically a dungeon oh okay gold nugget alright well fair enough I guess we'll uh go ahead and thank you innocent girl I sincerely appreciate you've uh you've done me a great favor oh man thanks so much innocent girl you're a lifesaver alrighty then you go I can almost hear my luck now should be here any minute Oh what the heck right maybe it's best we moved on to the next set of exclusives from education edition as you can see over here in the distance we've got some signs that differ from the ones you're used to seeing in regular minecraft actually hold on it looks like someone was riding on them how weird they usually actually hold on a second anyways they come in three different sizes and the but you know what okay we're just going to move on man this place is creeping me out at least I now I'm just teasin three of the new items are the slate the poster and the board these are three different signs that you can write on and add to your Minecraft world now it's really fun you can literally just type it in and it will actually appear live as you're typing it hello there I see reading me well now you can't I can't I can't type as fast as I speed all the same though you got three different sizes a one by one a one by two and then what's this big ol right here oh I can't fit it yo he's huge it's like a straight old whiteboard and again you can see it instantly yes excellent and you can place it as you see hair on either the floor or against a wall and it will work just fine like those speaking of walls what you see right here are three additional types of building blocks that education edition features as well they are the allowed block the deny block and the border block now these are mostly used in multiplayer situations with education edition involving teacher and their students essentially the allowed block allows you to set an area for builders to actually build within the world the teacher can set world builders as opposed to regular old beyond that just got a deal with all the cool people getting created but except for van and you'll be able to build over areas that have the allow block now the deny block works exactly the same way but opposite anything place above a deny block you'll be denied from being able to create or delete now obviously you see me being able to do it but that's because I am the operator I'm an Opie on this world and is a single player one as well these are more for multiplayer experiences now what we have right here is the border block this is a way to keep your students / and slash enemies slash whomever located within this area now again because I'm an operator I can fly right over this but normally if you are a plain old student or a non-op trying to go over this will actually push you back to where you were previously and not only that but you can actually put borders underground and they will work to keep players from passing both above and below the fence so even if this is underground if we try to go over it as a non off we would not be able to similar down here if we try to go underneath it we also would not be able to I can't really show this off in the single-player experience but unless you know how they work now yeah now one of the final major differences between education Edition and the other editions of Minecraft is this baby right here now what is it you say huh well let's go ahead and get our picture snapped and you can get a better understanding of what you just witnessed would job it's literally a camera we got a camera we can search her right here camera yes this is an item for education edition only and it's used in conjunction with another special item known as the portfolio to log your experiences around your Minecraft world now I believe we should document this amazing landscaping job we did to improve this village it looks really good and I feel like adding it to my portfolio so what I'm going to do is add a series of cameras all over the place and we're going to just try our best to get as many of these pictures snapped as possible the way it actually activate is by right-clicking it and then the camera head will follow you around as you start to right-click the rest these things look at look at this and you can see me moving you'll be kidding me it's taking them live it actually will rotate as you're moving around and it will get moved into the portfolio the moment the picture is taken so watch question you press you and you'll see they actually start to follow me no it's just what yeah as a great fault you love that now unfortunately you can't make them you can't remotely activate it we can't use redstone to activate them from a distance so there are a couple limitations but ain't no thing it's going to get me on my dancing gay look at this the best thing now the portfolio again as I said it stores your pictures instantly and you can cycle through them by clicking the arrows here so many different Cheers and you can even add captions this one I look hot in yeah oh yeah alternatively you can delete all the pictures by pressing the trashcan thing right here now there are a few other differences between education Edition and your typical versions of Minecraft however most of them are minimal so we did cover the big features the big difference is between our versions right here so what we're going to do now is switch over to tutorial world that is available for education edition if you happen to have access to it that kind of outlines what a teacher might see playing Minecraft for the very first time but speaking of first let me take a selfie ah doctor you're never looking the right way now we're gonna check out something exciting a tutorial world that actually comes with education edition we're loaded up right now and you will see what a teacher might if they decided to get education Edition for their classroom Oh a tour guide here a tour guide ready to jump into a Minecraft world we've created this world specifically so you can learn the controls you'll need to play minecraft in this stage you'll learn to move around swim climb jump and play sit destroy blocks as you navigate the world yo Billy hey what am i granitic Asian edition this tutorial teach you controls crafting and morally to your journey begin by pressing W to move forward oh ho I changed my control it's not W I press v I might never pan needy blue okay so this was just a part where it looks like it kind of explains to you how you might move around could you imagine a teacher doesn't know how to like it gets stuck right uh now what do I do it doesn't know with it man I couldn't even imagine minecraft being taught in a classroom to be haunted a press spacebar to jump can buy it with W to jump full right now can you get through this maze a watch me I'm a genius I'm amazed expert especially because it's that's not maze it's just this needed back cover it ah speaking of ass yeah I am I'm a break this I want this mine now hey hey hey okay good yeah all right Zoey were to got you tour guide need to look around and mine crab you could do Wow could you imagine the teacher may made it all the way through this way without even touching the camera come on come on hey hey okay I'm sorry let's go move on huh what do we ever be a tour guide open this door you'll need a hit the lever don't mind if I we're gonna do it now that's fine my graph locks and we've destroyed by using left click hold down left click to break on through now I don't think one thing I don't like about the windows 10 additional education in all these it highlights the blocks instead of a black outline that's fine at all but it still highlights it even when I hide everything try to make nice seamless videos when is highlighted Rui Rui Rui Bryce what do we have here swimming in minecraft is similar to walking use wise and you must look around Spencer I'll bring to the surface man I'm so good at this did you see that I just went so fast at this point you should have six or more dirt blocks in inventory let them out of your screen and unless you see their block as well when your right hand by using right click experiment because experiment like they couldn't figure out just a right click to come on you'll be kidding me hold down W to climate look man this thing is really just a hand holding thing and to stage one say she was crafting ooh now get a harvest okay let's do it I'm gonna grab me a couple pieces of wood now with no achievements in the education edition I didn't see anything pop up welcome to stage two well don't mind if I stage do actually we should just wait for the tour you know this guy looks cool we should wait for the tour guide to figure out what to say in my graph you can have two plays where you can hold your inventory the hotbar and you ever try by pressing e you can think about the crafting menu is an input-output table placing the right item the right place you give it that's great to exit so this shows me that I can turn these into these yeah that's good and we could turn those into the man what if I never played minecraft before yeah we got it already now I'm gonna make some what sticks I mean I'm a pickaxe as well okay interesting mmm not bad well we're actually short one of these so I'm going to take that hit nice and we'll make our own pickaxe now huh mmm like our own pickaxe and then we can mine away now I believe we just mined through oh man good I'm Christmas Steve oh I'm holiday Steve much better okay end of stage to exit here or move on to stage three and what is this you're almost there just get across this ravine good luck oh man I don't know about this guy's this it whoa biggest app whoa hey I need to go over there ASAP that looks great oh here we found now I assume I might need to grab something cool hmm okay we'll grab a couple I will see what else we have going on here now looks like another NPC over there maybe they got something to share with me hmm now if I could just but look look wow I wish my teacher played this huh what do we have here welcome to stage two the open world you can craft tools using materials other than wood Oh get stone here nice in fact what's down there a few torches I'm like ooh we got some torches we got some coal always going to be a good time friends let's see what lies in here the darkest to the world that is so dark in here actually no what's the same if you fall in the water yeah okay so the none of them there that's too important it looks like I'm curious about this though what we what what's the red stone for farm these teachers you had a farm what do we have here destroy the fence when you're ready to venture into this cave what's gonna whole area for me to explore and everything huh but what is this it's the red stone hanging out okay and so what do we have over here even more sign what could it be that's what I say I said okay let's see we have ourselves welcome stage for education edition features ooh see this is basically what we just cover over here we got cameras we got you see we did it all baby we're ahead of the game portfolios allowed nine blocks it's all done all said and done baby but what's in the chest goodies the better to kill these people with this period so my friends that is where me and the doctor are going to leave you today for our brief look at minecraft education edition all right I get a doctor you've already said that she whizzed if you want to see and find out more information about minecraft education Edition for yourself you can find out resources in the description of this video and again if you don't have minecraft at your school yet it may be in your interest to try and bring some attention to your teachers principal your parents whoever is involved in your life about minecraft at school why wouldn't you want to play video games at school it's a no-brainer I hope you enjoyed this video either way my friends if you did please do drop a like rating on it means so much diapers for free and of course subscribe so you can see more amazing sneak looks at minecraft features when they become available and when I get special access to the map to off it when it does it's cute I'll say my friends that's where I leave you have a good one we'll see late


  1. Guys he did not text micro soft you can get that in Mincraft siplely look up to a dif world and go to your settings and press egucashon thing

  2. Ok I mean I have a school account bc I’m still a student but I can get this stuff with addons if they are in addons

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