1. But not all is bad.
    This novel gave me an insight about how the lowest class of women thinks.
    It may give a good advice about how not to approach women like Haru

  2. the heroine is a bitch and a wretched loser
    chiba is a loser too in my eyes, he wont survive in the real world. But he will survive in another world thanks to his supernatural powers of cheating

  3. Ehh, hopefully she runs into, "in the name of the thot patrol I sentence you to death", guy.

    Is her growth in power and ability to take on the world thanks to sex work really about ultra-virulent STDs?

  4. Am I the only one who heard the description and guess that she will probably sleep with the demon lord and essentially take his place?

  5. Be careful when crossing the street, if you get hit by a vehicle you might end up crippled, dead or worse; sucking dick in another world.

  6. "throughout the story her character development expand."

    well i'm certain that's not the only thing about her that expanded.

  7. there already was a female isekai several its just that there shojo's nobody talks about them because of how boring they are

  8. By the power of wholesomeness and god i shall send thee from whence it came!(no pun intended) BEGONE THOT!

  9. I'm so late to this… I thought the LN was interesting, especially considering most other isekais are just carbon copies of one another.

    But wanted to point out that isekai has been a genre longer than most people realize, and that only the more recent ones really focused on male mcs. Back in the 90's and early 2000's, there were plenty of "isekai" anime that featured a female mc. In fact, most of them during that time had a female mc. Inuyasha, Fushigi Yugi, Escaflowne, etc.

  10. if you want a better female protagonist light novel, try "Ive been killing slimes for 300 years" its a light twist on it where the lead is given an easy life after dying… and unless somebody kills her, she basically wont die of old age…

  11. sorry tu break your bubble, but a sex worker in a another work will die due isekai aids, and others STD, i mean for sure she has some kind of ability to "heal" herself, so those disease are not a problem
    it's an isekai after all…

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