Theater Talk: "The Book of Mormon" with co-writers Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Robert Lopez

28 thoughts on “Theater Talk: "The Book of Mormon" with co-writers Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Robert Lopez

  1. I hadn't heard of Robert Lopez before this, but it seems that he is an intelligent person with a lot of passion for what he does. Very respectable.

  2. The funny thing to me about Mormons is that most of the time I would have considered it a silly religion, but once I started teaching elementary school and working with children that I kind of realized that the whole sending children off on a mission is actually a really good idea for their own development. I may think that the entire religion is BS, but there's also a part of me that can't help but acknowledge that it can turn children into strong adults.

  3. These folks have not read the BOM,lol They do really care about the book, or the Lord, just publicity and making money, lol. These folk profess to be atheists, but deep down I am sure they believe in something and that this life is the time to prepare to meet God.

  4. I seriously hope the male host lost his job as a host after this. What a complete dickhead. Needlessly rude, and comes off so ignorant. How about a bit of respect for the creators of one of the most successful television shows, and now musicals?

  5. Remember the South Park episode where Jarrod from subway wins biggest Douche in the universe? Well, the host of this show now holds that award

  6. i'm a minute in and i'm honestly trying to figure out of this video is some sort of sketch. if this is real, this is the least self-aware thing i've seen in a while. the intro is .. let's just say silly. the name of the channel looks like "cunty 75". and the host opens the interview by bragging about how he called the show being a success. this is going to be an interesting 25 minutes

  7. “The spelling bee musical” you act this pretentious and can’t even name 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by name? How far up your ass do you have to be?

  8. I'm not one of Mormons and not going to join them, but I don't think the musical to be offensive toward the LDS Church. I think it may arise many people's interest in Mormonism, instead. As it did with me.

  9. just saw the book of mormon in Melbourne, Australia 2 days ago, loved it! It would be great if they ever turn it into a movie

  10. Trey Matt and Robert were so awesome and chill, but what on earth was up with those interviewers?
    The woman interrupted them multiple times just to bash Mormons or try to make one of the guests bash Mormons, and the guys kept trying to patronize them and he wouldn't stop banging on about how he's soooo good at picking which musicals are good or not.

  11. In less than a minute, I already hate this male host. I wonder if he has any bruises on his back for how much he pats it.

  12. Wow, Susan Haskins is laughably unprofessional. Doesn't even know the difference between Mormons and cults that haven't had anything to do with the LDS church in decades. It's fine to dislike something, but educate yourself first please. It's ironic that Matt and Trey are the ones who wrote an "offensive" (debatable) musical about Mormonism but Susan is the one person on this stage who appears to be bigoted against Mormons.

  13. it's funny that the interviewer explains the importance of the love story to trey immediately after trey explains that to him like trey hadn't said a word.

  14. The woman interviewer is so unbelievably frustrating. They were all having a dialogue about how fascinating the Mormon religion is and how much there is to learn about it and she has the nerve to say, "Let's not get carried away." The only one getting carried away is you. Matt and Trey said several times, even in this specific interview, that they are not making fun of Mormonism. They are making fun of people. All people. Wish she would just keep those narrow minded thoughts to herself. No need to bring them out in an interview like this. So unprofessional.

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