The Writers’ Room | Episode One

(dramatic music) (zombie growling) – Hey, Ryan? (zombie growling) – Yeah, Mark? – It’s just that zombies have
been done to death, you know? – Yeah, I guess you’re right. – Do you have anything else we could use? – I do actually! – Really? – I guess I don’t. – Anybody else have
anything they could use? Anything? No one else? (triumphal music and Keyboard typing) Come on, guys. Where is the team that I hired? You guys were so great last week. You had so much energy. It was amazing. Where did you go? – We could do a musical. – No. Noah, how many times
do I have to say this? We are not doing a musical, okay? – Okay.
– Ever. – Okay, okay. – All right. Jenny, you said you had
something the other week? – I mean, I was working on something, but I haven’t finished it. – That’s fine. Tell us, we’ll workshop
it, see what we can do. – Okay. I was thinking what is
super popular right now on the small and silver screen? Superheroes! Spider-Man, Superman, Avengers, Deadpool. They’re going off right now, and we are the only medium
that haven’t abused it yet. – [Ryan] It could work actually. – Jenny, you’re a genius. – He could be our own superhero. – The People’s Hero! – A musical hero. – No! No. – A genuine, down to earth person. – Helping solve everyday problems. – Through the power of song! – Noah, I literally just said no. Look, he could be the hero who solves all of our just little everyday needs. – Captain First World. (orchestral music) – [Becky] My cord doesn’t reach my chair! What ever will I do? – [Captain First World]
Captain First World here. I come first in your world. – [Becky] Oh Captain First
World, I knew you’d come. – [Captain First World] I’m
always first on the scene of mild-mannered inconveniences. Ah-ha! – [Becky] Oh, Captain First
World, you’ve done it again. – [Captain First World]
Becky, your problems are my number one priority. Another day, another first
world problem solved. (dramatic music) – On second thought, that’s a stupid idea. Not going with that. (orchestral music)

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