The Writer's Journey and Mythic Structure with Christopher Vogler

13 thoughts on “The Writer's Journey and Mythic Structure with Christopher Vogler

  1. Joseph Campbell is an amazing wizard guided me through lots of journeys as i try writing. Thank you for your simple translation of "the hero's Journey" I'll defiantly pick up the book when i get a chance!

  2. Hi, im a big fan of Robert McKee's work, i've been to his seminar "Story" in France, it was sensational and gave me a big boost on my screenwritting approach, i heard Chritopher Vogler was coming to Paris this year to do a seminar aswell based on the "Writer's Journey" and i was wondering what was the difference with McKee's methodology, does he teach something really different from McKee's? does anybody did his seminar once? And is it really complementary…? Thx

  3. My copy of THE WRITERS GUIDE TO THE MYTHIC HERO has been used to the point of extinction. I dare NOT purchase another for fear of losing all that I’ve highlighted in this one. When writing I watch the page count, make sure the 30/60/30 mirrors the “12 stages.” It’s not easy but worth the effort/tears/smiles. At the 1997 Maui Screenwriters Convention, it was my privilege to be taught by Christopher Vogler. To all writers, I swear by this book alone! ~ Janet Thompson Deaver

  4. @JesusSucksHorseCock I read Inside Story and Story, the one from McKee, but I think I prefer John Truby and Christopher Vogler. Their aproche is more practical.

  5. Here's a link to the audiobook with Mr. Vogler and Michael Hauge speaking about the THE HERO'S 2 JOURNEYS (internal and external):

    Good shit.

  6. As a writer of nearly 30 years, I've found that there's no one who does a better job of elaborating the fundamentals of story than Joseph Campbell. And there's no one that does a better job of simplifying and turning Campbell into a practical how-to guide than Robert McKee ("Story") and Chris Vogler ("Writer's Journey"). Don't waste your time wondering and wandering through your bookstore for the "right" writer's guide. Vogler and McKee are THE must-haves.

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