The Writer Speaks: Carl Reiner

17 thoughts on “The Writer Speaks: Carl Reiner

  1. one of best single episodes in the history of TV…….Laura Petrie tells the world Alan Brady is bald….Carl is out of this world spectacular…..

  2. what a moron saying america is being destgroyed by hatred and etc. my life hasn't changed carl nor has yours. stop fucking reading the newspapers and listening to newscasts and all is well. u fucking imbacile

  3. Like how he described the role of the designated typist. You can see how he worked that into the Alan Brady writer's room. It was usually Sally.

  4. The answer to the question: "what does a really smart and talented Jew sound like. when doing a caricature of himself while on a lot of coke and meth, who speaks in one single run-on sentence?"

  5. Piling onto an actual situation, adding to original ideas, starting with imagination, fitting in with your peers, fighting for Your product, having a good support system, choosing the right characters. Remaining fluid in all situations. Traits of a good writer, director as explained by Mr. Carl Reiner.

  6. Kindly, does a writer present his evolving. The hows. The steps. Pure gold for any current writers. Tune into this resource for continued motivation, inspiration.

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