The Worst Content on Facebook

so for a while now this blokes been popping up in my facebook feed every now and then he's called Rick Lex and apparently he's a magician or something and since so many people my facebook was showing this guy's content I was like oh this guy's videos must be fairly decent I was so fucking wrong even for Facebook content this is fucking terrible and that's really saying something anyway in today's video we'll be looking at Rick's page you know watching a couple of his videos see yeah let's get into this right so as I said this guy's called Rick Beck's operational most of you have seen at least one of his videos since a fair few of them have over 50 fucking million views and basically what he does are these tricks if you can really cool them that where it guesses your age or guesses what you're thinking or something along them lines so you may be thinking lucky now this guy can read minds that's mad no no he really can't so just to show you what sort of videos are made Rick makes we're gonna watch one of his newest videos titles warning this might creep you out the video starts off with him doing some random magic trick or something I've no idea what this has to do the rest of the video all right Rick yeah I don't know what that thing is so I will show you some pictures of things that I do know and then I will read your mind yeah I'm sure you will I'm gonna give you three seconds to think of any one of the objects that you see here think of one of these objects now spoon in a couple seconds I'm going to ask you to count up how many letters your object has so for example if you have picked the mountain then you would spell out in your head at M oh you and L right Rick we get it we know how to count most of us don't need an in-depth tutorial on how to count the objects hype it was the spoon so that's five and now use your number to pick out an emotion that you see here or I saw them amazed apparently I know it sounds weird but trying to actually feel that emotion because I'm gonna try to reach out into your brain and feel what you are feeling but I don't even need to pretend I'm actually amazed at the fact that people watch and fucking believe this shit like if you look in the comments it's full of people to actually think he's read their mind it is fucking incredible if I can somehow get your emotion then I'm just app that you share this video okay yeah that's a fair trade I guess you're feeling I'm me fucking incredible how the fuck did you know I picked an image with five letters it's not as if twelve the 15 images on the screen have five letters and it's also not as if the images that didn't have five letters we're here – nor made a lot smaller than those with five fucking fantastic stuff Rick you're a true magician now as I said before I see this guy's videos getting shared on my Facebook all the time and not to be rude or anything but the people I see showing these videos are never the brightest lie I don't think I've seen someone with more than two GCSE share one of these videos now if you remember less than a minute ago myself from Rick made an agreement I share his video if he gets my number right or whatever now I'm sorry Rick I'm gonna have to break our agreement mainly because I want my friends and family thinking that I'm a fucking idiot well they probably already do to be honest but still I'm sorry Rick I'm not gonna be sharing your video no you're never gonna guess the amount of people that actually fucking shared this video a thousand five thousand ten thousand no over 500 fucking thousands this video has been out less than a week and it's already have thirty five million views at over 500 K shares who are the five hundred thousand people actually sharing this shit policy isn't really that bad of a thing for me at least because it shows that there are over five hundred thousand people that enjoy terrible content so any of them 500 thousand people come on over to the meme ulis channel you'll feel proper at home anyway afore we watch another one of these mind-reading videos yeah this one's a similar concept to the last one except this time you've got to think of a US state and then you've got to think of the last letter of that stage so like Rick's given a couple of examples here so for New York it would be K and for Utah would be hate CLS just think of a US state and think of the loss there in its name once you have your letter in mind go ahead and hit the like button to lock in your answer once you know your letter right now push that like button oh yeah that's this is a fucking crucial step I mean this whole trick will just fail if you don't smash like this is the most important step throughout the entire video none of it would be possible without the like button none of it god I didn't do it don't fucking rush me mate I like to take my time when smashing the like button fuck Adele but you gotta give me a pushy I mean he's really serious about you pushing light if you don't push like I'm Rick sees you on the street you're a fucking dead man and you'll notice all the letters are different colors some are red some are white some are blue and you just find your letter now I can already tell from this at the end of the video he's gonna say Reds there are very few states that don't enter the letters that are read the after that he pretty much just makes you to share it again share this video I'm sorry Rick but I just can't do that your color is red that's fucking genius mate yeah after that it's the end of the video this video somehow got 57 million views just what the fuck no Murray doesn't only do them videos where he knows what you're thinking about user does hypnotism videos so we're gonna watch this one called Rick likes hypnotize as you and gets inside your heads and front like Rick I don't want you inside my throat thanks mate you agreed to be hypnotized then right now reach forward and push the like button okay now that's a crucial step in being hypnotized I mean you go to any hypnotism show they always bring out a like button on stage and you gotta smash it if you don't do that then you just want to be hypnotized simple as imagine if there is a glass of water sitting right in front of you I want you to grab this water pour half of it into your mouth and swallow half the water a big gulp down but now I'm gonna take away your ability to swallow now you can't swallow well Rick mate I just tried that and I didn't lose my ability to swallow I'm sorry to tell you and here's the crazy thing as soon as you shared the video you will be able to swallow again and to those poor people that are unable to swallow you hold them up fucking ransom they have to share your video before being able to swallow again that's just fucking cruel no seriously who believes this shit like the ones where he reads your mind maybe but this one share the video and you can swallow again just know who fucking believes this okay so anyway guys that's the end of today's video as always please don't send hay over to Rick cracks you know I may not enjoys content you may not enjoys content but that doesn't mean you should send hay over to emcee anyway guys I hope you enjoyed today's video if you did be sure to subscribe and smash that mal fuckin like button you

27 thoughts on “The Worst Content on Facebook

  1. I literally have a glass of water in front of me so I used it for this and guess what:
    It worked anyway. Not sure what this guy expected to happen.

  2. The reason you cant swallow is that you have no air in your mouth and your mouth is tightly pressed together so if you want to swallow again just put a bit of air in your mouth

  3. When Rick lax said to imagine a cup of water and drink 12 there was a cup of yogurt

    I could have drank yogurt

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