The Witcher Trailer by Netflix – I React™ after Reading 2 Books

some of you might be wondering why I have been silent about the new Witcher trailer from Netflix I mean the thing got 15 million views in a week well to be honest after making these two videos over the past few months I didn't think I have much more to add so I decided to wait until I finish the last wish book first because perhaps then I would have more to say and our voice have him to besides I generally want to go through all the books as fast as possible so I opted to switch to an audiobook format about two thirds into the last wish and I actually finished it and the sword of Destiny book already so now that I've read and listened to the first two parts of the series let's see what I have to say about this trailer oh and before I proceed a little disclaimer here any complaints that I may have about the trailer should be treated as minor to medium size that most after all we got to see the final product before we can review it properly so yeah let's just get going remembering stories I really like the color and the look of his hair certainly better than some of the pictures they've been releasing prior to this trailer also the tip of his sword seems a little dull don't witches the true mother say okay here goes the medallion in my previous video I said it looks kind of cheap to me and plenty of people corrected me saying that it is very true to the books well they do indeed state that the medallion is round with a wolf's head on it which is what this is but I still hold on to my opinion that it looks a bit like a cheap cosplay item and less like a mystical artifact which is able to detect the presence of magic and monsters and whatnot also does this scene take place after the butchering of clavicle that would be nice how's the original sorcerers of the country okay I'm not sure what this is when I watched it for the first time before I even started the sword of Destiny which is the second book I wondered whether these were elves because they start talking about elves as soon as the scene begins how these are the original sorcerers of the country however after reading the book this could be the broken forest and these women could be the dryads that inhabit it in which case well they don't look like anything I imagined honestly a bit too plain perhaps I pictured the dryads as more magical and mysterious and and these look like ordinary humans also is this earthly their leader it can't be her right she had silver hair and so on so perhaps this isn't Brock alone after all or maybe ciri visits it once again later I don't know as for ciri herself well other than potentially looking a little older than I imagined assuming this is the scene I'm thinking of from the books she looks good I actually like young ciri as described in them more than the series we see in the third game on top of that I like the actors they chose so I'm having high hopes when humans have no idea who this is could it be fringe illah the guys next to her look like they could be Neal guardians and since she's also no guardian when humans or monsters arrived this has got to be pre transformation yennefer and somebody else perhaps that sorceress what was her name the one who wrote the poison source anyway if memory serves me right those events do not take place in the first two books so I don't have much to say about this house totally wrong clip else talks you must have to come chaos into magic how is this sword making this sound when simply traveling three air and that is a piece of armor I like humans is the most dangerous thing in this world without control chaos will kill you chaos is the most dangerous thing in the world but without control chaos will kill you that's a weird sentence why put a bot in there if chaos is the most dangerous thing surely it's no surprise that it will kill you without control I am probably wrong and there's our dear darling Tris I'm not going to repeat myself from that one video but in addition I think I can point to the fact that from what I've read so far albeit Tris is pretty much not in the first two books but as far as I understand she should have an overall less mature look to her than yennefer more teenager like if you will and if anything we seem to be getting the exact opposite affecting here but perhaps they'll make up for it with their with their acting it's all it needs to me now should we talk about Geralt while reading the books I don't recall him ever being described as particularly big or muscular the focus is usually on how fast and agile he is in fact I think there was a scene before he meets yennefer for the first time where he is described as noticeably smaller than another guy but nevertheless I think you can pull it off so far he and Cirie are shaping up to be my favourite members of the cast just gotta wait and see how they actually sound an act and all that something out there at times in this trailer the eyes of characters looked somewhat unnatural this child this is the look of a man who's not ready to have children Jennifer imagine the most powerful woman do you have what it takes this has got to be the fall of sintra – no guard so I guess that flag was so burning was Centurion also knew of guards armor this weapon right here is fake it seems too small in my opinion to be a proper poleaxe if that's what it is and it seems to defy the laws of physics gone out right destiny just because you're terrified of it it's coming Jennifer does look better with a healthy dose of makeup he holds the sword with the edge pointing downwards then flips it back up but then it's pointing down again and the medallion is upside down as well and also is this the butchering of blood leaking again it may be no matter what you choose we'll come out oh this has to be the radix a full horn sequence from the second book which means hold on I thought this was Siri because of the way it's edited but I suppose it's probably her mom knocking everyone away I wonder who this poor guy is and who's this one in the background also this is made to look like the same scene but it clearly isn't it's raining where yennefer is unless they're trying to recreate that scene from the last Jedi you know between kylo Ren and anyway here's a question what sign is he using the finger position reminds me mostly of Quinn but the rest of the movement seems more fitting for an art or an igni or could he be casting yen on somebody again could he be casting Quinn on somebody else Gerald looks good though and right after I said he looks good here's another case of oversaturated yellow in this shot I talked about this in my previous video Garrett's hair suddenly appears much blonder than usual also it looks like somebody forgot to put some skill points into heightens tolerance seriously though this is probably my least favorite bit from the trailer it may look better in the actual film but in this particular shot I'm not a big fan of the way Garrett looks like I think it's kind of ridiculous and so we're done I hope this video wasn't a waste of your time and if you don't mind please share your own thoughts about it down below thank you very much for watching and for your support and until the next one stay tuned and be good

46 thoughts on “The Witcher Trailer by Netflix – I React™ after Reading 2 Books

  1. Very good video! I agree with every point you did. I’m waiting for the series because even though not everything is perfectly adapted, the teaser shows that they try to be as close to the source material as they can, but unfortunetly they should remain in the boundries of the american expectations.

  2. I know the series is based on the books, but you can't completely ignore games… For example, characters that are not described properly in the books could look like those in games

  3. One of the scenes is exactly the same as in the intro cutscene in The Witcher 1 and also the armor that Geralt uses is the inspired by the Raven Armor from the first game and in the intro cinematic in the first game in the scene where Geralt was swinging his chain it is identical to the scene that was in the trailer the only difference i noticed is that instead of the armor seen in the cinematic in the first game it is the Raven Armor so i think that the series is gonna very good and inspired mostly by the books and a bit by the games

  4. LGBT trailer. Dryads black and spears? Is Triss the youngest red-haired old mulatto on the show? NETFLIKS sales perverts

  5. After reading comments i recalled that triss had red hair haha but im so scared of yen personality, will they fk this up? But i love our gorilla witcher ;D smashing monsters left and right using bare hands.

  6. The problem after reading books is that everyone see certain characters differently and when they do not match in the show to their pre image in head of the reader, then the reader wont be satisfied. Im not sure i like ANY of female cast ( maybe yen is ok?) but thats maybe because game did such a great job on creating characters that its hard to get used to netflix ones.( triss still looks very bad for me T.T shes supposed to be teen 16-18)

  7. Kurwa macie to jest polski film jebani amerykańskie złodzieje wszystko zepsujom i ukradnom jebane amerykańskie złodziejskie ścierwa.

  8. most of sorceresses used to look like 16 year girls. BUM triss. i dont recall any amazons in witcher. And triss, cmon she looks just bad

  9. People of North ..lets go cry in the corner ..the dryards r so very magical that they almost look human😐😂…n they should face Merigold's fire storm for taking away her flowy chestnut hair with slight golden shin

  10. Whitewashing: no no no it's a crime
    Blackwashing: Yes Yes OH YESSS, who cares about respecting the cultural background of the given fantasy world?

  11. Come on don't be so judgmental. Beside triss not being as hot as everyone would like,the rest seems very well executed. If you start pointing out every single mistake or error,you'll never be able to see any other movie,fiction,serie,anything…not one.

  12. My reaction to this trailer was actually disappointment. It doesn't feel witchery at some moments and it doesn't feel slavic at all. It's a shame because The Witcher series made by Sapkowski was based on Slavic mitology. This netflix series was a chance for Slavic mitology to truly get into the mass culture and as a Pole this saddens me greatly. And btw That's Triss rly? They have to be team yen af.

  13. I believe the part where Yen is screaming with her arms out-stretched might be when she is trying to tame the Gin. Where Geralt and Yen first meet and Geralt makes his 3rd wish that both he and Yen would be together. At least, what I got when reading the first book.

  14. 'Triss looks like Maya Rudolph in a bad wig. Terrible casting but they were going for "diversity" in the casting, not "authenticity". I would rather they made the show like the CGI "A night to remember" trailer where he fights the bruxa. That way we could have had Doug Cockell return as Geralt and the monsters would not look cheesy, but I like Cavill's Look. Im just worried hes going to be a secondary character in his own show, and before anyone says "he's a secondary character in the books essentially", yes in the series thats somewhat true but not in the short stories of which this season is supposed to be taking its inspiration. And I dont mind the look of the eyes in the last shot(the hair was a bit off) but he is definitely said to have strange looks depending on what potions he drinks.

  15. the reason why ciri is so salty in the TW3 is because she has that scar, she gets that from a guy that slaughters
    all her little criminal friends one of which she was in love with, he then ties her to a post while he saw's their heads off,
    in front of her. i'm guessing that wont be in the series either.

  16. You pointed a lot that i missed in the trailer, thanks for that. So yeah.. im usually a "wait till i see it" kinda guy but this is not looking good (the characters not the trailer itself). Ive read the books and played witcher 2 and 3 so the characters are ingrained in my mind and so i do have a problem when they race swap the characters. Fringilla is the worst swap but triss is no better because she dont even look like a red head! I wonder if its the lighting? Yen got race swapped too but at least she looks like the closest thing to a character that was race swapped for her to fit. I knew they were changing characters but this seems worse than i thought. Lets hope its so good that it makes up for it, kinda doubt it tho.. bcuz id have to forget ahout the characters that have already been established to enjoy it completely

  17. It's gonna be hard to watch that show and don't smash the dislike button in the series qualification option………….. just simply didn't like the character blackwashing Hirshish (or whatever her name is) did

    Sapkowski should have sold the rights to HBO or Amazon instead of Netflix, they´re ruined his work

  18. people are too hung up with the looks of certain characters.
    For me its more important that they get the personalities of the characters right and tell a good story.

  19. I won’t watch the series 100% due to the casting. Fringilla is supposed to be an absolute dime (hot enough to make Geralt forget Yen even exists for a while) but instead they mis-cast whoever was trying to get the foglet role in her place. Triss looks like a washed up 50yr old trying to look younger than she actually is. And you nailed it with the Triss and yen comparison at the start of your video. I don’t plan on watching Netflix’s “The Witcher: The Wild Hunt for Diversity”. This could have been the easiest cash grab ever if done right! At least we still have James Bond who will always be a suave handsome ladies man… oh wait…

  20. I’m sorry, Letalis, I went into the video thinking “maybe I’ll agree with something here.”
    No. 1000x no
    It seems they’re trying too hard to be edgy, and it shows. Ludicrous.
    Dryads should be green, right? I don’t recall Ciri going back to Brokilon- she’s supposed to be 8-9 during the time (unless they’re going post blood of elves)
    Ah, a GoT screengrab. Good job, Netflix. And the dialogue? Did a kid write the script?
    Triss? Geralt? (Fuck, Fringilla too!) Going back on what the book defined?Where’s my clip of hitler slamming the table shouting nein?
    Those eyes are ridiculous- it’s not an anime
    Nilfgaard armor- coleus Sanctus, much?
    Good job on the choreography and continuity.I’m waiting for that throne room scene from last Jedi.
    Geralt looks ridiculous. Legolas orbthe prince from Hellboy 2; no. That armor is just as ridiculous as the nilfgaard armor.

    Reinforcing my belief that it’s s flop waiting to happen. Avid fan of the Witcher, this is… extremely disappointing. Don’t know what I was expecting, because it’s NETFLIX

  21. Hi you have should see Polish version of The witcher TV series from 2002 you can find it in youtube with english sub but the clips that Netflix show are from The witcher movie when you can see Ciri Mama and Papa 😛 but im sure that you have seen that movie ( btw movie is with english sub as well turn them on in settings ) have fun yo

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