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so I'm particularly excited about this talk because it's happening inside a university and i'm up i'm about to convince you to quit it today awesome [Applause] that was it really it it's a system that i'm about to share it that i've been experimenting exploring for the past seven years and it all started from my own education now if you haven't noticed I'm Indian and just like every Indian guess what I studied engineering computer science engineering just so you get your stereotypes right right now it's really crazy growing up in India if you're growing up in India you're either becoming a doctor an engineer or a family disappointment and I decided I'm gonna do engineering and not just any engineering university I got an enroll in one of the best universities in the world in in India at that time the day I found the result my family form the result they were so happy I was getting calls from 50 different relatives congratulating me saying congratulations God we are so proud of you this just so happy for you and I for the first time I felt like wow I've made it right and a week later I received my tool for success my brand-new first ever Dell Inspiron laptop that was a game changer I played a lot of games on it and as I was entering my university at my brand-new laptop I had my newfound freedom so many new people to look forward to and a beautiful campus super excited but that excitement didn't last very long fast forward a year I couldn't even wake up in the morning I was so demotivated I couldn't walk into my classrooms I I would walk into my classroom and I would feel like I'm entering a prison the the classes were not I didn't study I didn't think I was learning something that was relevant to me the classes were not engaging the lectures were boring and every single person around me was focusing on memorizing everything and blurting it out at the end of the year in the examination everybody saw it as a means to an end as light at the end of a four-year-long tunnel which is a successful job as an engineer it didn't gel with me I couldn't do it first I felt like oh maybe I'm the weirdo in the class how many of you know some weirdos in the class there you go first I felt that that's who I was then I felt maybe I've lost my edge and maybe I'm not set for success and then I did what any other student would do I started immersing myself in cultural activities and extracurricular activities student clubs just so have something to show on my CV and I stumbled upon this organization called AIESEC have you guys heard of AIESEC how many of you fantastic AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organization that aims to develop youth leadership I joined AIESEC and that hit home for me I was I mean it was incredible like I've started doing the thing that I love I was with the people that I loved I was doing leadership training for some people I was learning like people management I was learning I was like helping underprivileged kids on some projects to fight discovered their own passion right and I had a team of 12 different people from India four of them are family disappointments by the way and I started noticing something interesting I started meeting incredible people from different education backgrounds engineers architects doctors economics students art students all of them were feeling somehow education has failed them for the first time I felt that I was not alone and the more I questioned it the more I realized that this education degree would not be of any use to me if you have your smartphone's if you Google right now University makes me if you google that right now you know the first four automatic answers anxious depress feel like a failure stupid so I started questioning why why Google by the way the tech giant right that happens who hire a lot of engineers 15% of their staff doesn't have a professional college degree why because our education system is outdated it was built in the 1900s it was built for the Industrial Age it was built for people to prepare themselves to live and have a creative life in the industrial world it's outdated now I can prove it to you how many of you have a smartphone here great how many of you had the same smartphone two years ago some older generation people welcome back if I had asked five years nobody would raise their hand if I had said ten years you'd be like what are you crazy we want the latest operating system in our mobiles in our laptops you know home appliances but the platform that impacts the entire humanity is more than 100 years old hasn't been updated we live in the information age this education old standardized education model is based on linearity conformity and batching people it's outdated I would say it's almost getting obsolete right we we live in the information it's something that you learn in the beginning of the university is obsolete by the time you graduate Peter Diamandis he said between 2016 and 2022 they will be as many technological changes as many as we had between 1900 and 2000 that's more than 2,000 percent growth and that's just the beginning of the exponential curve many of the interesting jobs today that we have didn't exist five years ago what do we do we don't live in the age of standardization we live in the age of customization let me tell you a story do you guys know this guy Kevin Systrom so this guy worked in a marketing job during the day he would work in a marketing agency and people come back home take out his computer and start with the computer start programming right and he got so good at programming he built an app called bourbon he later after a few iterations called that app Instagram at the age of 28 he sold that app for a billion dollars to Facebook Mark Zuckerberg a college dropout we live we don't live in the age of standardization we live in the age of customization and everybody can teach themselves no two people are the same how many of you have siblings how many of you have something's perfect did your parents ever come up to you and said hey come here remind me which one are you again never happens even if you're Indian doesn't happen there's half a billion people there doesn't happen no two people are the same and neither should be their education journey I had an uncle once I mean I still do I hope after I tell you this story my uncle who is also an engineer obviously his face resembles one of the biggest Bollywood actors Aamir Khan pretty cool right so I'm sitting at home with my friend and my uncle walks in and my my friend looks at him wow you look like Aamir Khan and to that he says oh no no he looks like me we all want to be unique at least the original copy and we are unique start designing your unique education and it's never been easier did you know that all the classes that MIT students are taking today you can go online and take the same classes for free not just MIT you can go on that MIT Harvard Berkeley some of the best universities in the world pick the courses you like take them you can go here to me you can go on udemy and learn basically everything from programming to photography right turn your passion into your professions you can do that most of the course is less than $200 I've purchased courses in their promotion for $15 right you can do that start educating yourself and that's the first key just the only one the next one here's how you take it to the next level how many of you know this guy Eliot biz no no one great so this guy was a young American entrepreneur living it in us starting out as a digital entrepreneur at the age of 24 he felt really lonely he didn't have he had a lot of unanswered questions what he did he picked up his phone started calling successful digital entrepreneurs in US and said hey guys I stay in Utah I'm inviting a lot of digital entrepreneurs why don't you come hang out with me and you know what I will pay for it he took $50,000 on credit card debt and invited 50 different entrepreneurs for one trip but then he was on to something next year 200 people came and they paid the year after 700 people came and they paid today he gave birth to what we call the Summit Series people like Richard Branson speak at that event today and he was voted as the coolest entrepreneur by ink magazine in 2009 right you know what he was doing he was bringing together people with similar interests similar pain points and similar lifestyles and that's the key find your tribe we are social animals we are naturally inclined to connect with people who are like a similar value similar interests similar belief system right and we thrive in that environment right that's that's the that's where you shared the latest practices that's where you learn and you teach each other you learn and grow with each other together as a tribe and it's never been easier to find your tribe if you're a programmer today you can go on top coder comm and they basically turn programming into a massive online multiplayer game yes you can they're competing they're still making money but they're learning it growing with each other with the technologies and platforms we have today there's a tribe for practically anything it doesn't matter if you're a coder or if if you're someone who just likes to get high on marijuana not kidding there's a tribe called VB high dot org that supports international travelers to find safe ways to buy marijuana all over the world don't make notes it's illegal okay so there's a try for everything on a serious note you got to find your tribe and when you find your tribe something interesting happens on May 28th 2017 I landed in Barcelona about four months ago and I joined 400 people from 50 different countries that said we will relocate to Barcelona for one month and we go deep into personal transformation we got together and we had some of the most incredible teachers in the world teaching us and having workshops every single day this is vision lakiya a founder of mine valley he's teaching us on advanced goal-setting this is Lisa Nichols the star of the documentary the secret she's been on Oprah many times she's teaching us the art of storytelling some of the most incredible speakers UK's number one hypnotherapist the guy who sold 20 million books the CMO for billion-dollar company guy who trains Hollywood Hollywood actors on fitness and the guy the monk he trained the South cast of Doctor Strange these are the kind of workshops that we were having and get this in the evenings and on the weekends we partied in the streets of Barcelona right we connected with our tribe right we had spaces to connect deeply and meaningfully with our people and we call this experiment MindValley University now what if this was part of your University would that be exciting yeah these are what I call deep immersions deep emotions are like are like you know how have you guys been to Disneyland yeah have you noticed at the end of the at the end of the big kids are really sad some are crying some parents are trying to drag them off and no daddy no you know why that happens because they just experienced a deep immersion deep emotions are powerful they are like high in highly inspiring fun exciting moments that you experience and they are deep emotions are basically when you come together with your tribe and go deep into a particular topic for a very short period of time it could be from like one day to like five days and then stir some emotions have a lot of fun and create a lot of lasting memories right and these are your conferences your events your summits your TEDx is a deep immersion you come together as a tribe right your deep emotions are extremely important and that's the third key and your deep emotions go back add into self education when I came back from Barcelona I came back with a list of seven different books three different online courses and three classes I'm taking in Kuala Lumpur right now because I got I got those think oh those ideas right add it back into myself education and this becomes the wheel of modern education self education my tribe and deep immersion and here's the thing the smartest people in the world the outliers the game changers the moonshot takers they never quit their education they simply escape the outdated education system these are your Mark Zuckerberg these are your Elon Musk these are your Richard Branson these are your mock twins these are your Einsteins and we code them we admire them we want to be like them and then we go back into our old classrooms right think about this how could university be only for four years how could learn and after four years how could learning ever end Einstein this one's the greatest minds of our time said when you stop learning you start dying it's not just an esoteric code has a physiological application has a psychological application funnily enough he's also the one who said this the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education and about time we changed that it's about time we become the Dean of our own never-ending University and that we can do with the wheel of modern education now here's the thing this is a template that you can apply in your life today like this is mine I'm a digital marketer I'm I'm learning digital marketing I have six seven books on it there's many online courses increasing learning capacity because I'm a learning freak and then I took a course on udemy that statistically increased my learning capacity by 80% you can do that it's a $20 course learn French I'm 21% fluent in French right now three years ago that thing was low in Spanish then what happened I fell in love with the French woman she's right there I changed it because I can and that's the whole idea these are all the things that helped me personally professionally or both these are my tribes these are my people these are the ones I find everywhere my deep immersions my AFS MindValley University the example that I gave you Burning Man internet summit business freedom Academy these are the environments that I learn in up until 2017 and this is the wheel of modern education and this is a template take it apply it put it in your own firm you can start anywhere right but here's my pain point if you look at most of the students today like majority of the people in the world the depression by the way student depression has increased by 37 percent in the last decade the suicide rates are increasing year after year after year and it's because of the gap that people are feeling more and more every single year right and I think we need to change that that should be our moonshot right with this wheel when you take control and sit in the driving seat of your own education it never ends your education becomes a game and your world becomes your playground and you become like that kid in Disneyland of Education who never wants to live and this sign you won't have to thank you you

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  1. What does your wheel of education look like? Which of the three parts are you most excited to dive into? Share it in a comment below.

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  2. Excelente! Proporciona ótimas reflexões sobre a obsolescência do sistema educacional tradicional e o que fazer para não se limitar a ele.

  3. That was greatly informative.But i wonder what could be the practical solution to the mentioned loopholes and long standing broken machine. So. What do we do? Especially who are on the verge going yo college.

  4. im 15 old now and im not gonna go to school after 10th
    i learn coding on my own
    i learn drawing on my own
    im going to learn so many things

  5. One of the most famous mathematicians of all time, Srinivasa Ramanujan, was an autodidact. We all have it in us to be great self-educators.

  6. Great delivery and heartfelt insights on a subject that is shoved into the background in india. Western education is accepted as the pinnacle of achievement but we have lightyears to go to perfect a universal system for aptitude discovery and creative application.. hopefully, the exponential growth in tech and the sharing of information will speed things up

  7. Education has to become own responsibility and a real self interest.
    Relying on institutions for approval doesn't hold in the long run.

  8. Modern education doesn't have to be defined in the traditional sense. More than any time in history, we have access to practically unlimited education and opportunities to learn. Thank you, Gautam, for the refresher!

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