THE VERY NOISY BEAR by Nick Bland Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children

THE VERY NOISY BEAR. By Nick Bland. In the Jungle Jangle Jungle, there was music in the air, and it landed in the ears of a very sleepy Bear. “Excuse me!” said the bear to the music-making sheep. “Your band is very noisy and it’s time
for me to sleep.” “Now that you’re awake,” said Sheep,
“perhaps you’d like to stay? Have you ever tried the jungle drums? They’re really fun to play.” Lion was on the jungle drums and Bear began
to smile. “I suppose if I could play the drums, I’d
stay a little while.” He sat upon the tiny stool. BOOM BANG BASH! BOOM went the noisy Bear. BOOM BANG – CRASH! “It’s harder than it looks,” said Lion,
“to play a jungle drum. You might prefer an instrument you only have
to strum!” Zebra had a striped guitar. She handed it to Bear. “You hold it over here,” she said, “and
strum it over there.” Bear started strumming gently, but it wasn’t
very loud. Then he strummed a little harder, so the sound
could reach the crowd. But his claws were long and curly and they
tangled in the strings. “Never mind,” said Zebra. “Guitars are tricky things.” Moose held up his trumpet. “Would you like to have to go? All you have to do,” he said, “is take
a breath and blow!” Bear took in a giant breath . . . and blew with all his might. The trumpet made a SCREECHING noise and all
the birds took flight! The elephants stampeded and all the monkeys left. SCREECH Everyone took cover . . . until Bear was out of breath. “Your lungs are awfully strong,” said Sheep. “You must be very proud. But there is another instrument that isn’t
quite as loud. Have you ever tried a microphone? It’s just a simple thing. You only have to hold it up, clear your throat and sing!” She handed Bear the microphone and counted
up to four. The band began to play a tune and Bear began
to . . . “ROAR!” “Roar!” went the noisy Bear, “Roar! Roar! Roar!” “More!” cheered the audience, “More! More! More!” The elephants were dancing and the monkeys
sand along. He roared in perfect harmony through every
single song. Then when the show was over and the moon had settled in, when everyone was fast asleep . . . . . . he tried the violin!

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